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6 Best SEO Agencies to Hire for Ranking Up in 2024

Looking to improve your organic rankings? Want to increase your site's authority? Here's a comprehensive list of the top SEO agencies available.

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell
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Updated March 8, 2024.

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With over 3.5 billion daily searches, Google is where consumers go to find products and services. That coveted first page is prime digital real estate, making it important to rank for your most relevant keywords. Top rankings mean more eyeballs, more clicks, and more conversions.

Forget old-school billboards and commercials; organic search is where it’s at. User intent has never been higher than that split second when someone enters a search query. And with voice search on the rise, SEO is how brands insert themselves into consumer conversations. If you're not an SEO expert, we suggest hiring an agency to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Our picks for the best SEO agencies

1. Common Ground Digital. - Best overall

2. Sortino Marketing. - Best for niche-focused marketing

3. Sure Oak. - Best for technical SEO solutions

4. Pearl Lemon. - Best for long-term SEO experience

5. Conversion Media. - Best for organic reach from SEO

6. KAMG. - Best for innovative SEO strategies

What is an SEO Agency? 

A search engine optimization (SEO) agency is a digital agency that's focused on optimizing the organic search rankings and getting more organic traffic for the business. An SEO agency would offer a wide range of services, including - auditing your site, developing a comprehensive SEO strategy, conducting link building, and other digital strategies.

Best overall


Common ground digital | digital marketing agency

Common Ground Digital

Search Engine Optimization | PPC | Paid Social

The team at Common Ground Digital is all about delivering results that matter. From boosting visibility to driving traffic, generating leads, and securing conversions—they're committed to providing exceptional service. With a proven track record across various sectors, they specialize in designing and implementing campaigns across both organic and paid channels, resulting in double or triple-digit growth for their clients.

Common Ground understands that digital marketing isn't just about ticking boxes, it's a pathway to real business growth. Thus, they focus on deliverables that matter, making them the agency of choice for a growth-oriented approach.

Committed to delivering impactful results

Targeted audience reach

They offer tailored solutions and strategies

There's no specific pricing information available

Best for niche-focused marketing


Sortino Marketing | Paid advertising company

Sortino Marketing

SEO Agency | PPC | CRO | SMM

With a rich history dating back to 2012, Sortino Marketing is deeply committed to online marketing and they boast a track record of successful collaborations with startups and large enterprises across various industries. They specialize in personalized performance marketing and use platforms like Google, Facebook, Native Ads, and more to ensure that the right visitors find their way to your website.

Sortino has generated millions in net profits for clients, and we're confident in their ability to replicate this success for any B2B and B2C business. Their solutions cater to both eCommerce and B2B, offering bespoke dashboards for comprehensive data visualization at every stage of our journey.

Focus on rapid, organic traffic growth

Tailored performance marketing services

Data accuracy

No clear pricing info

Best for technical SEO solutions


Sure Oak Website

Sure Oak

SEO | PPC | Content Marketing

Sure Oak is a full-service SEO firm with deep expertise in everything search-related including content. They specialize in on-page SEO, technical SEO, strategic link-building campaigns, and SEO content development.

Sure Oak provides end-to-end support, covering consultation, implementation, and reporting. Their commitment to offering free strategy sessions further emphasizes their dedication to ensuring your SEO efforts are not just successful but strategically aligned with your goals.

Strong track record

Large, diverse team of experienced professionals in the industry

Multiple marketing strategies and solutions

No clear pricing guidelines

Best for long-term SEO experience


Pearl Lemon Website

Pearl Lemon

SEO | PR | Lead Generation

Pearl Lemon, with a global team, offers round-the-clock services to drive your marketing success. Specializing in SEO and PPC across diverse industries, they promise to double your organic traffic in 180 days. Their little-known process generates an impressive 119 inbound leads per month, making them the go-to agency for efficient and impactful marketing solutions.

Their emphasis on providing valuable and legitimate work, coupled with robust reporting and transparency, is what sets this agency apart. They're a results-driven partner that will collaborate with you and build out an SEO strategy that resonates with your needs.

Large team of marketers spread across various continents

Transparent and robust reporting

Strong SEO focus

Limited information on pricing

Best for organic reach from SEO


Conversion Media Website

Conversion Media

SEO | Content Marketing

Conversion Media is a micro agency that prides itself on creating content that actually brings results. Instead of focusing on the fluff and the vanity metrics (how many likes you got) they create content that attracts qualified leads, converts them to paying customers, and helps retain them in the long term.

Conversion Media stands out by incorporating lead magnets and interactive elements in its content strategy to convert visitors into leads. Recognizing the challenges in the SEO landscape, they emphasize clean and scalable practices, making them an ideal choice for driving sustainable and profitable growth.

Strong track record

Can increase traffic by up to a million visitors monthly

Thorough marketing plans

No pricing guidelines for services

Best for innovative SEO strategies


KAMG ecommerce email marketing agency homepage


SEO | Email marketing | eCommerce marketing

KAMG approaches its work as a unique blend of art and science. Their email marketing toolbox combines top-notch copywriting and effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to turn clicks into gold. They're creative, data-driven, and all about making your business thrive.

As a client, you'll get full access to their dashboards, giving you a front-row seat to your own success story. Plus, their month-to-month contracts offer you the flexibility to adjust your marketing strategies as needed.

What's striking about KAMG is their unwavering passion for their craft, which shines through in their work. Their team brings a wide range of perspectives geared towards helping your business grow and reach its goals. And unlike agencies that may leave clients waiting for days, KAMG is known for its lightning-fast responses.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, particularly eCommerce
  • Track record - $3 million and 81,000 unique visitors generated in one year
  • Services - Email marketing, eCommerce marketing, Facebook Ads, search engine optimization (SEO)

Innovative and data-driven approach to SEO

Full transparency with real-time access to performance data

Proven track record of delivering impressive revenue bosts

Some may prefer a more traditional marketing approach than that provided by KAMG

What does an SEO agency do? 

Let's look at each aspect of SEO in greater detail. 

On-page SEO

The first thing any SEO company would do for you is optimize your website so that search engines can crawl it better. This includes improving the existing content on the site, the title tags, descriptions, and the keywords on your site's main pages. SEO experts usually use Google Analytics to analyze website traffic and other SEO tools (like Google Search Console, Moz, or Ahrefs) for keyword research.

Off-page SEO

Another vital component of any SEO strategy is what happens off the page. This includes all the external links from other websites and any press mentions your business might have. A good SEO agency would use outreach to build content collaborations and get your business mentioned by the industry's top publications.  

Technical SEO

Your organic rankings are also affected by how well your site runs. If your site is too slow or not optimized for mobile devices, you will get a high bounce rate, which would decrease your organic rank. SEO experts use Google's core web vitals to improve your site speed and optimize the technical aspects of your website. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is used for businesses that serve specific areas and want to show up in local search results. The way to get more online visibility for each target audience is to get listed in online directories, update the Google My Business profile, Google Maps optimization, and a variety of other strategies. 

When should you look into SEO? 

SEO is not for everyone. Not every business is ready or should use SEO. For example, if a business has just launched and hasn't really reached product-market fit, or is in a very competitive niche, or there's a lack of audience demand, then it's probably not the right time to be working on an SEO campaign.

So you need to be in a good enough niche where users actually search using the keywords that you are trying to rank for, have product-market fit, and have enough content on your site to make it worthwhile. 

Questions to ask the top SEO companies before you hire one

  • What SEO strategies or tactics do you use? 
  • How do you create your SEO strategy? 
  • Which platforms and tools do you use? 
  • Do you have experience working with other businesses in my niche? 
  • How much do your search engine optimization services cost? 
  • How often do you send reports / communicate with your clients?
  • Who will the main point of contact be?
  • How long will it take to see results? 

How to hire the best SEO agency for your business

Here are some tips to help you hire the right SEO company:

Avoid companies that use black hat SEO practices.

Anything Google doesn't allow could get your website banned, sometimes for a few months and sometimes permanently. And you don't want that to happen. So, get a good sense of the type of SEO practices your prospective SEO agency uses before you start working with them. 

Look at their case studies

Don't get wowed by the SEO agency's fancy customer reviews or sales decks. Get your hands on their case studies and see their previous work. Make sure that they can help you achieve your business goals and get you qualified traffic to your site. The same is true for any type of digital marketing service. Look at the case studies and ask for data from their previous marketing campaigns. 

Make sure the agency has experience in your industry/niche

It's critically important that an SEO agency has experience working with other clients in your business niche. 

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