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10 Top Brand Marketers to Hire in 2024

Here are the best brand marketers to hire for your business - for rebrands, creatives, digital strategy, and marketing tactics to improve conversions.

Ben Kazinik
By Ben Kazinik

Updated March 1, 2024.

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Branding is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing. Struggling businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on ads only to find out that they don't have product-market fit.

And even those that do must still create a brand that attracts their ideal customers. Explore our curated list of branding experts who have helped create winning brands for decades and can help you improve your online branding strategy.

Our top picks for the best brand marketers

1. James R. - Best overall

2. Emanuele D. - Best for eCommerce brands looking to re-brand and scale ad campaigns

3. Nicolas G. - Best for businesses that need a branding makeover

4. Josefina D. - Best for brands that want to scale multiple marketing channels

5. Bill A. - Best for large branding projects

6. Kelly B. - Best for eCommerce brands needing strategy & creatives

7. Zo B. - Best for fashion and furniture brands

8. Dalila R. - Best for influencer marketing, UGC, and TikTok campaigns

9. Michelle H. - Best for email marketing, data analytics, and CRM growth

10. Michael W. - Best for comprehensive brand audits

What is brand marketing?

Brand marketing refers to the branch of marketing that deals with marketing strategies that help build a reputation and public image for a company or its products. Brand marketers establish and grow relationships between businesses (brands) and their target audience or consumers by promoting the entirety of the brand rather than highlighting individual products or services the business sells.

In this approach, the products and services support the brand promise as proof points. To achieve that, the brand marketer will employ various marketing strategies, consumer insights, and data analysis to attract their ideal customer.

Best for brands that need a brand refresh with a content focus


a man with his arms crossed standing in front of a house

James R.

Content-focused brand marketer


5+ years



Industry focus

Digital content, books, art, beauty, nonprofits, bevarages, food, bath & body, online courses

James is a marketer, writer, and magazine food editor based in London, in the UK. He is an inventive marketer with impeccable client feedback and a flair for brand identity, creative content, and energetic communications. He studied English with the University of Iceland and have since written for blogs, magazines, apps & websites (as well as his own non-fiction books too)

  • Branding & content marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social media management
  • Community management
  • Marketing strategy

James has a ton of experience in the content marketing & branding world. He has run content teams at various journals and brings his fantastic editing experience to the table. He is a perfect hire for a re-brand that requires a lot of content work.

Best for eCommerce brands looking to re-brand and scale ad campaigns


a man wearing glasses and a black hoodie

Emanuele D.

Performance marketer and branding expert


5+ years



Industry focus

Investment, financial services, marketing technology, consulting services

Emanuele is a Facebook, Google, Bing and Snapchat paid ads manager with experience profitably scaling direct response and app campaigns past ÂŁ10 000 per day. Fluent Italian-speaker. Excellent in developing and improving the creative process. Experienced in After Effects and Figma.

  • Branding & creative
  • Facebook Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • App store ads

Emanuele is a super talented paid ads manager that has a lot of experience in branding and design. He has helped businesses to re-brand with a focus on performance marketing and has helped eCommerce brands double their sales with psychology-based ads and winning creatives.

Best for businesses that need a branding makeover


a man with a camera strap around his neck

Nicolas G.

Well rounded branding expert


5+ years



Industry focus

eCommerce brands, marketing agencies, consulting services

Nicolas is an experience digital marketer with a successful track record in digital marketing, automation, team and project management, front-end development (TypeScript, React), and writing. I am passionate about creating efficient, scalable solutions to help businesses achieve their goals and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Branding
  • Content marketing
  • Community management
  • Social media management
  • Facebook Ads

Nicolas is a multi-faceted marketing expert with deep experience in social media management, branding, content, community management, and paid ads. He has several years of experience in product marketing and can help refresh your B2B brand and scale your startup.

Best for brands that want to scale multiple marketing channels


a woman with long hair smiling for the camera

Josefina D.

Experienced marketing manager


15+ years



Industry focus

Fashion, accessories, art, music, bath & body, eCommerce, CRM, jewelry

Josefina is a talented digital marketing hailing from Argentina. She's a strong operations professional, graduated from Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, Buenos Aires, and has a special talent for designing brands, setting up marketing channels and scaling up advertising campaigns.

  • Digital strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business development

Josefina is an experienced marketing manager and performance marketer who has managed every channel under the sun - from SEO, to social media management, to performance marketing. She can handle literally any project and help eCommerce and B2B brands re-brand and establish market dominance.

Best for large branding projects


a black and white photo of a smiling man

Bill A.

Veteran brand expert and creative director


32+ years



Industry focus

Education, toys, gaming, insurance, investment, beverages, food, charity

Bill is a creative director/brand consultant who works with companies and their marketing partners to concept, create and produce meaningful products and narratives in broadcast, mobile, print, social and web.

  • Brand strategy
  • Video marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Marketing strategy

Bill has been leading brand marketing and strategy projects for over 30+ years. He has worked for brands like DIRECTV, Bank of America, Universal Studios, Pepsi-Cola, and Toyota.

Best for eCommerce brands needing strategy & creatives


a woman in a black top is smiling for the camera

Kelly B.

Versatile performance marketer and brand expert


14+ years


United States

Industry focus

Grocery, alcohol beverages, events, dental care, eSports, clothing, accessories, healthcare, digital content

Kelly is a "jack-of-all trades" digital marketing expert with over 11 years of digital media buying, strategy and execution experience. Kelly has a unique background in paid social & search advertising, SEO/PPC, programmatic media, display advertising, email marketing automation and website design & development. Clients would describe Kelly as digitally savvy, efficient, innovative & driven.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Demand-side platform (DSP)
  • Google Shopping
  • Pinterest Ads

Kelly worked for some of the biggest brands (like Target) and a ton of smaller eCommerce brands and mom-and-pop businesses. She has extensive experience in almost every marketing discipline and in over 15+ different industries. She can tackle any project with humility, tenacity, and tremendous professionalism.

Best for fashion and furniture brands


a man in an orange shirt looking off into the distance

Zo B.

Talented brand manager and marketing director


29+ years



Industry focus

Bath & body, baby clothing, jewelry, fashion, furniture, home decor

Zo is a designer and design strategist who combines the innovative and holistic insights of a designer with the pragmatic and systemic skills of a planner to drive strategic direction to grow the business. An expert growth hacker with years of experience growing both small and big digital businesses. Entrepreneur. Leader. Designer. Strategist. Marketer.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Web design
  • Facebook Ads
  • Content marketing

Zo is an extremely versatile experienced marketer who is also a joy to work with. He will walk you through strategy, help you monetize your marketing channels, and show you how to invest your marketing dollars the right way. He is as hands-off or hands-on as you need him to be and has worked for some of the largest brands in the US, both in-house and as a consultant.

Best for influencer marketing, UGC, and TikTok campaigns


a woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee

Dalila R.

Influencer expert and TikTok maven


7+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, home decor, SaaS, wellness

Dalila is a super-talented social media manager with a ton of experience in brand strategy and public relations. She is the founder of a successful influencer marketing agency that helps brands re-brand and get noticed.

  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media relations
  • Tiktok marketing
  • UGC

Dalila has tremendous experience in TikTok marketing, working with influencers, and creating brilliant UGC for your brand. That's a really valuable marketing channel for any business that wants to scale online. She is talented, passionate, and ready to blow past your ROI goals.

Best for email marketing, data analytics, and CRM growth


a black and white photo of a woman leaning on a suitcase

Michelle H.

Marketing manager and email expert


9+ years


New York, US

Industry focus

Fashion, bath & body, cosmetics, medical, dental, events

The best CRM and email professionals understand that putting the customer (and her trust) at the center of any CRM strategy - Michelle has been doing this for over 10 years and grew up in CRM at Disney where she learned the importance of putting the customer first.

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Data analytics
  • Graph design
  • CRM management

Michelle is an expert email marketer who has been working with brands big and small. She has achieved tremendous results, launched global abandoned cart programs, increased ROI by 30% and has led product launches.

Best for comprehensive brand audits


a man standing with his arms crossed in a hallway

Michael W.

Fractional CMO and marketing strategist



Industry focus

Michael is a fractional CMO with a passion for rapidly growing businesses. He has worked in hyper-growth, high-stake environments positioning businesses for strategic exits, preparing for IPO’s, acquiring advanced VC funding, and more. He becomes as personally invested in your business success as his own.

  • CMO as a service
  • Marketing strategy
  • Chatbots and SMS
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

When you're doing a re-brand you need to have the top talent manage the entire process for you and create performance marketing + organic marketing campaigns. If you want someone fully dedicated to your business that can work seamlessly with your team then Michael is your guy.

What does a brand marketer do?

Brand marketers use a variety of channels and tactics to create and nurture relationships between businesses and consumers. These efforts include (but are not limited to)

  • Developing a distinct brand identity
  • Creating campaigns that build brand awareness
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Analyzing consumer feedback
  • Implementing loyalty programs
  • Exploring new marketing channels

Brand marketers must understand how their strategies fit into their organization's larger strategic framework while staying on top of emerging trends. They will also use multiple channels to achieve their goals, from social media marketing to video ads, banner ads, email campaigns, influencer marketing, and more.

The ultimate goal is to increase brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on the target audience. In other words, a brand strategist will take your customers from having to research who you are and what you do to knowing your brand, trusting it, and becoming emotionally connected with it.

Nobody researches Coca-Cola, Apple, or even Patagonia because they've built brands so strong it's impossible not to know what they do and what they stand for—even if you're not a customer (yet/ anymore).

Benefits of brand marketing

Brand marketing is a long-term game, not a short-term hack. While small, tactical, well-chosen actions can help build a brand, it won't happen overnight. The best brands in the world were built over years (and sometimes even decades) of consistent, thoughtful work.

Brand marketing isn't a quick fix, but all the hard work makes it worth it. Investing in your brand can help you:

  • Achieve higher customer loyalty (a die-hard Apple fan will stay an Apple fan forever)
  • Increased demand for products and services (people are drawn to brands that tell a story)
  • Stronger relationships with customers (branding feels like a personal relationship)
  • Better marketing results across the board (brand marketing can help your SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing—all simultaneously)
  • Helps worth-of-mouth marketing (the easiest way to reach potential new customers)
  • Lower price sensitivity (as people are more willing to pay more for brand names)
  • Increased employee loyalty and efficient recruitment efforts (as many are happier to work for bigger, more recognizable brands)

How much does a brand expert cost?

The cost of a brand expert depends on your specific marketing communications and branding needs (e.g., if you need a logo design, images, messaging, to build a brand voice, etc.), as well as the expertise and experience of the branding specialist you hire. Generally, branding experts will provide services for anything between $25 and $1,000 an hour.

Key skills every brand expert needs to have

Not all brand managers are the same, but if you're looking for someone perfect for your business, make sure they have the following skills:


Your brand marketer needs to be creative. Even if they don't build the creative assets themselves, your brand specialist needs to understand how to search and find the best ideas for your business. Furthermore, your branding specialist should also know how to speak the language of your creatives, so they're always on the same page.

Analytical skills

Being a good brand manager is about more than just creativity. The best brand specialists can take a step back, look at the bigger picture, analyze the data, and make adjustments accordingly. This takes great analytical skills and a good dose of knowing how to balance the creative side of branding and the business-driven one.

An eye for detail

In branding, details matter more than almost anything else. Your brand specialist needs to understand the importance of having a unified message across your brand visuals and copy, from your website to your emails to your social media content.

Communication skills

Branding is all about communication. Your brand expert should also know how to communicate internally efficiently and effectively, to ensure the success of their marketing efforts. 

Furthermore, your branding expert should be adept in marketing communications as well. They should know how to communicate your brand's message and story effectively, both at an internal level and an external one. 


Even if they don't lead an actual team, your brand marketer should still know how to lead different branding projects. They should motivate and encourage people to accept their ideas and visions and influence stakeholders with their branding strategies.

Customer centricity

Your brand expert needs to be obsessed with your customer. This is the only way to develop a brand that speaks to those most likely to buy from your business. As such, your brand marketer should know how to interview customers, how to extract qualitative data from surveys and reviews, and how to pull everything together in a cohesive brand strategy.


Branding isn't a bed of roses—like everything else in marketing, it comes with unique challenges. A good brand marketer can overcome these challenges with a problem-solving mindset that helps them see a learning opportunity in every bump in the road.

Business acumen

Not all brand marketers have a business degree, and that's OK. Still, your brand specialist needs to understand how businesses work and how to make branding work for your business—and for your potential customers too. To achieve that, they need in-depth business know-how, like how to identify opportunities, how to manage timelines and budgets, and how to optimize your branding strategy for maximum efficiency.

General marketing skills

Branding doesn't work in a vacuum—it's part of the marketing mix and it's closely related to other marketing disciplines. That's why your brand expert should also understand the basics of SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics.

Your marketer needs to communicate and collaborate with all these members of your marketing team to ensure a cohesive message, a solid marketing plan, as well as the specific channels and formats your communications should have to match your branding efforts.

Understanding human psychology 

A good brand marketer knows how to translate consumer insights into stories and marketing campaigns that attract people in your target market, build an emotional connection with them, and make them feel like they're part of your story.

Brand marketing initiatives are all about understanding the nature of what makes your target audience tick (and buy.)

Project management 

Your brand marketing expert also needs to be good at project management. They need to know how to collaborate internally, build creative briefs that encapsulate your message, manage external agencies, and ensure the editorial calendar is on point.

These are a lot of things to juggle, so staying organized and on top of everything is key to thriving. 

How to hire the perfect freelance brand marketer

Not sure how to hire the perfect freelance brand marketer? Here are some quick ideas you can use:

Post on job boards

Job boards are one of the most popular ways to hire someone. Basically, you put together a job description, publish it on a job board (like Indeed, for example), and then sift through applications using your internal process. The downside to this approach is that you may get a lot of irrelevant or less-than-perfect applications.

Post on social media

Posting your job on social media is a relatively easy way to tap into your network and see if someone suitable applies. However, like with job boards, sifting through the messages and applications can be time and energy-consuming.

Ask for referrals

If you want a quick way to hire someone who's already worked with someone you know, all you need to do is ask. When you hire through referrals, you can be certain that the candidate is well-suited for the role and has a solid track record.

Hire with Mayple

Mayple can match you with a vetted expert in a matter of days. We only work with digital marketing experts who can prove their track record of success in specific industries, so you can rest assured that hiring a brand marketer specialist with Mayple is an easy and efficient way to find the perfect candidate.