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10 Top Email Marketing Consultants to Hire in 2024

Make the most out of your email campaigns & boost your email ROI with the help of an experienced email marketing consultant vetted by Mayple.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
Ben Kazinik
Edited by Ben Kazinik

Updated March 11, 2024.

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Done right, email can be a game-changer for your business. It's the marketing channel with the highest ROI, one of the most ethical ways to reach your customers, and one of the most persuasive sales methods too.

If you want to tap into the full power email marketing can bring into your business and you're looking to hire an email marketing consultant, search no more. You are in the right place.

Keep reading and find out more about the top 10 email marketing consultants to hire this year.

Our top picks for email marketing consultants

1. Andrew R. - Overall best

2. Robbie M. - Best for Startups

3. Michael B. - Best for Food & drinks

4. Andrew T. - Best for Fitness

5. Adam M. - Best for Fashion brands

6. Jem M. - Best for Real estate businesses

7. Mariana M. - Best for Technology businesses

8. Pankaj J. - Best for Travel businesses

9. Kesha J. - Best for Beauty businesses

10. Dan V. - Best for Health and wellness businesses

What is an email marketing consultant?

An experienced email marketing consultant will help you manage your email subscribers, as well as provide them with information and promotional emails that nudge them to convert. This conversion could include downloading something, subscribing to a newsletter, or buying a product or service.

Hiring an email marketing consultant is beneficial in many situations, such as:

  • If you’re new to email marketing and don’t have the time or expertise to figure out the best strategies.
  • If you need someone to manage a high-volume email campaign, such as when launching a new product/ service.
  • If your current email strategy isn’t providing the desired results and you need an outside perspective to evaluate it.
  • If you want to create automated email campaigns, such as welcome emails or abandoned cart reminders.
  • If you need help crafting personalized emails that appeal to different customer segments.
Overall best


Andrew R

Andrew R.

Revenue operations professional


12+ years



Industry focus

Travel, Health & wellness, Beauty, Financial,

Andrew is an expert email marketer who can take your email efforts from zero to hero in the best and most efficient way possible.

  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Facebook Ads

Andrew has an amazing track record of working with businesses in multiple industries: setting up email systems for them, driving revenue, increasing customer retention, and providing businesses with the foundation they need to scale in a healthy, sustainable way.

Best for startups


Robbie M

Robbie M.

Full-stack marketer


13+ years



Industry focus

Technology, Health & wellness, Travel, Financial

Robbie is a full-stack marketer with deep expertise in email marketing, honed in agile startup settings.

  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • CRM implementation

Robbie has been working with agile startups for quite some time, and his email marketing efforts have driven not just attention, but actual conversions. His efforts have improved lead generation by as much as 200%, showing a clear dedication to focusing on the metrics that matter most.

Best for food & drinks


Michael B

Michael B.

Data-driven marketing professional


16+ years



Industry focus

Food & drinks, Health & wellness, Professional services, Financial

Michael is a seasoned data-driven marketing professional with over 15 years of experience developing full-stack marketing solutions.

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Paid ads

Michael understands the bigger picture and can drive your marketing efforts to successful results. At Nancy’s Pizza, for example, his coordination and implementation of marketing efforts (including email marketing) drove more than $1.3 in sales. Not only did he meet and exceed the business goal, but he also set up processes that helped the chain restaurant operate more efficiently — so much so people circled around the block to get pizza from Nancy’s.

Best for fitness


Andrew T

Andrew T.

Full-service marketer


10+ years



Industry focus

Fitness & health, Food & drinks, Home & garden

Andrew has worked in digital marketing for more than a decade and assisted over 100 brands.

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Paid social media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Andrew has a lot of amazing experience in multiple industries, particularly in Fitness & health. At Weatherford Fitness, for example, he built the email list from 70,000 to more than 250,000 and managed to convert 20% of the list seven days into the subscription. His email efforts accounted for 30% of the company revenue.

Best for fashion brands


Adam M

Adam M

Growth strategist


9+ years



Industry focus

Fashion, Technology, Marketplaces

Adam is a growth strategist with great real-world results and a knack for problem solving.

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Paid ads

Adam has an excellent track record of pushing email marketing to the next level. For Kimai, for example, his email marketing efforts boosted email revenue by 93% to 125% across the UK, EU, and US, over a three month period. No small feat, considering how competitive the Fashion industry can be!

Best for real estate businesses


Jem M

Jem M.


13+ years



Industry focus

Real estate, Health & wellness, Food & drinks

Jem is an email marketing specialist with a whopping 15 years of experience across a variety of types of projects and niches.

  • Email marketing
  • CRM implementation
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing strategy

Jem’s results in the Real Estate industry are quite telling of his dedication, expertise, and focus on metrics that matter. His work drove fantastic email open rates (45%, three times the industry average) and click rates (10%, 10 times the industry average.)

Best for technology businesses


Mariana M

Mariana M.

Email marketing and copywriting expert


8+ years



Industry focus

Technology, Food & drinks, Professional services

Mariana is an email marketer with a data-driven, strategic, and results-oriented approach.

  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Community management
  • Social media management

Mariana has more than eight years of experience in driving excellent results with email, copywriting, and content marketing. For her technology clients, she was able to implement priceless automated feedback loops, improve demo opt-ins by as much as 34%, and increase conversion rates by as much as 28%.

Best for travel businesses


Pankaj J

Pankaj J.

Agile marketing expert


11+ years



Industry focus

Travel, electronics

Pankaj holds an MBA in Communications Management has more than 11 years of demonstrated experience in digital marketing.

  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Industry focus

Pankaj’s experience is a treasure trove for every travel business. He understands the industry inside out and has a great track record of working with a variety of tools to help Travel businesses attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Best for beauty businesses


Kesha J

Kesha J.

Email marketing & digital campaign strategist


7+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, Arts & entertainment, Fitness

Kesha is an experienced email marketer with a wonderful track record of engaging audiences in their inboxes.

  • Email marketing
  • Web design
  • Integrated marketing

Kesha’s track record is a testimony to her dedication. She has driven as much as 20% YoY revenue increase with her email efforts, for Beauty brands, and beyond. She knows how to grow your email list, how to keep them engaged, and how to build trust & authority with them so they end up buying from you.

Best for health & wellness businesses


Dan V

Dan V.

Cross-channel digital marketer


14+ years



Industry focus

Health & wellness, Electronics

Dan is an experienced marketer with 12+ years in digital marketing with a focus on SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, conversion rate optimization & reporting.

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • CRO

Dan’s expertise will transform your Health & wellness business’s marketing efforts into a mean, lean, revenue-generating machine. For instance, for a previous client in this area, he drove a whopping 355% increase in open rates and a 534% increase in clickthrough rates.

What does an email marketing consultant do?

An email marketing consultant will help you create and execute a plan that leads to more conversions, improved customer experience, increased ROI from your campaigns, and much more. They’ll also be able to guide you on best practices for legal compliance with anti-spam laws and data privacy regulations (such as GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM).

Hiring an email marketing consultant can be a great way to get results from your email. It could also save you time and money in the long run. Here are a few of the tasks they could be in charge of: 

  • Create drip email campaigns targeting audiences at various stages of the sales process
  • Help you reach your commercial goals with each marketing channel faster
  • Hit key metrics, lower bounce rates, and spam complaints
  • Setting up an email campaign strategy
  • Optimize your email platform setup
  • Grow your list of email subscribers
  • Solve email deliverability issues
  • Email segmentation

How much do email marketing consultants charge?

Email marketing consultant fees can range between $1,850/ month and $5,450/ month, depending on a variety of factors like:

  • The number of emails you're sending
  • The complexity of your email marketing campaigns
  • How experienced your freelance consultant is

Keep in mind that an email marketing consultant will do more than just write and send your marketing emails. They will:

  • Create and maintain your email lists
  • Help you create the best subject lines
  • Advise you on content structure
  • Set up automated sequences
  • Analyze and report on performance metrics
  • Build email marketing strategies tailored to your business goals
  • Run A/B tests to determine which types of emails work best

Hire to hire the perfect email marketing consultant

If you want to hire the right email marketing consultant, you're in luck. You have many options to choose from. For example, you can hire a freelance email marketer on websites like Upwork,, or Fiverr.

Likewise, you can post a job advert on different sites and go through a recruitment process (selecting applicants, testing them, running them through interviews, etc). But both these methods take a lot of time and business owners get quickly burned out after one or two bad experiences.

If you want to hire someone with a proven track record of success (and do it quickly), you should work with Mayple. All of our email marketers are vetted and have hands-on experience in running efficient email marketing, so you can rest assured their work will yield the expected results.

Key skills every email marketing consultant should have

An email marketing consultant is a key player in your marketing strategy, so you'll want to ensure you hire a good one. Here are some of the skills your consultant should have:

Email marketing strategy

Email marketing strategy will be your consultant's main job, so they must have a proven track record of success in this area. They should be able to create data-driven campaigns that target the right customers and get them to take action. They should also have a solid understanding of how different marketing channels connect to email - and how to incorporate them into your campaigns.

Email marketing tools

Naturally, your email marketing consultant should be very good with different types of email software and email marketing services. While they may not be able to know how to work with every email platform in the world, they should know how to work with some of the most important ones (like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Drip, for example).

Most importantly, they should know how to use your email marketing software. They must also have a good understanding of tags, segmentation, automation rules, and how to migrate to a new platforms if required.

Want to improve your Mailchimp setup? Work with one of our top Mailchimp experts.

Campaign design

Email design is another key skill to have. Your experienced email marketer should have an eye for detail and good design skills, as well as a deep understanding of the user experience. They should also know how to work with different email templates and customize them to your needs. They should also be able to create campaigns that look good on both desktop and mobile devices.

List building & segmentation

Your email consultant must understand how to build an email list, segment it into different customer groups and send targeted messages. They also need to be familiar with best practices for list segmentation, such as using demographic data, purchase history, website behavior, external customer data, or other engagement metrics.

Data hygiene & data analytics

Data is what powers this channel so your expert should be familiar with data hygiene best practices (e.g., how to keep email lists clean), and how to use reporting metrics and analytics to measure the success of their campaigns.


Email automation is at the core of successful email marketing, so an email marketer should understand how to create automated email campaigns, set up triggers and rules, and optimize messages for automation.

A/B Testing

The best email marketers use A/B testing to determine which messages are the most effective for their target audience. Your consultant should know how to set up A/B tests and be familiar with the best testing methods.

Email deliverability

Your prospective consultant should be familiar with deliverability and anti-spam rules, to ensure your emails reach the inbox and comply with regulations. If you need extra help with this you might want to consider hiring an email deliverability consultant.

Customer relationship management

Finally, your digital marketing consultant should be familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) and how to integrate it with email marketing software for better segmentation and personalization.

Customer support

Although an email marketer's job isn't to provide customer support, they should understand how to connect customers with the right support channels. They should also be familiar with customer engagement and retention best practices.

Email copywriting

Good email marketers can also write efficient email content. Although copywriting isn't their specific job, they can provide additional value by creating meaningful emails with a natural flow.

These are the primary skills you should look for when hiring an email marketer. Make sure they have a solid understanding of each skill and that they can demonstrate their knowledge.

Collaboration & communication

Finally, your email marketing consultant should be able to work seamlessly with other departments and teams to ensure a successful campaign. They should also have excellent communication skills to keep all stakeholders informed and motivated.

21 Questions to ask your email marketing consultant before you hire them

When interviewing your email marketing expert, remember to ask them these questions:

  1. What experience do you have with email marketing, and what campaigns have you worked on in the past?
  2. What email marketing software are you familiar with, and which do you recommend?
  3. How do you measure the success of your campaigns, and what metrics do you track?
  4. Can you provide examples of effective email campaigns you have created and what made them successful?
  5. How do you segment subscriber lists and ensure each group receives targeted and relevant content?
  6. What techniques do you use to optimize email open, click-through, and conversion rates?
  7. What do you do if the unsubscribe rates are going up? 
  8. How do you incorporate your email strategy with the customer journey and other digital marketing efforts?
  9. How do you ensure email deliverability, and what strategies do you use to prevent emails from going to spam?
  10. What is your approach to nurturing potential customers using different email programs? 
  11. What is your process for creating effective subject lines, email copy, and calls to action?
  12. What testing methods do you use to improve email campaign performance, and how often do you test?
  13. How do you approach personalization and dynamic content in email marketing?
  14. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest email marketing trends and best practices?
  15. Can you provide recommendations for email marketing automation workflows and trigger-based campaigns?
  16. How do you measure and optimize the ROI of email marketing campaigns to ensure they meet business goals?
  17. What kind of reporting and analysis do you provide clients, and how frequently do you communicate with them?
  18. How do you work with other marketing channels, such as social media and content marketing, to ensure a cohesive and effective email strategy?
  19. How do you avoid having your emails land in the spam folder?
  20. How do you measure email marketing revenue?
  21. Can you give us an example of how your email marketing campaigns have helped business growth? 
  22. Do you have experience with cold email marketing / cold outreach?
  23. Do you have experience working for a marketing agency?

Looking for an email marketing consultant to help you out? Contact Mayple and we'll match you with the best one for you, your business, and your industry.