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10 Best Performance Marketers with Data-Backed Results to Hire in 2024

Address areas of improvement in your ad campaigns with professional marketers equipped to deliver top performing results.

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell
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Edited by Janet Barben

Published January 24, 2024.

Performance Marketers to Hire

Struggling to convert website visitors into customers?

The right performance marketing specialist can help you conquer those low conversion rates. With their analytical expertise and optimization skills, they’ll identify and resolve the key conversion roadblocks across your funnel.

The outcomes? More customers, lower acquisition costs, and data-driven growth powered by high-performing channels.

Here's our selection of ten proven experts ready to kickstart enduring success for your business.

Our top picks for the best performance marketers

1. Gabriela O.- Best overall

2. Tom M.- Best for data-driven finance marketing

3. Alex M.- Best for cross-channel performance and growth marketing

4. Gary E.- Best for attribution accuracy in performance marketing

5. Matthew S.- Best for versatile performance marketing and optimization

6. Michael M.- Best for creative marketing integrating performance campaigns

7. Philip J.- Best for focusing on ROI in performance marketing

8. Cody W.- Best for performance marketing in eCommerce

9. Brad J.- Best for continuous improvement on marketing strategy

10. Katia G.- Best for SaaS B2B performance marketing

What is a performance marketer?

A performance marketer is a skilled professional who focuses on driving measurable results through strategic digital marketing efforts. Unlike traditional marketers, performance marketers emphasize quantifiable outcomes such as customer conversions, lead generation, sales, and marketing return on investment (ROI).

These experts use various digital channels, including search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing and advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing, to optimize campaigns and achieve predetermined performance objectives.

Best overall


Gabriela O Icon

Gabriela O.

Performance marketing pro


8+ years



Industry focus

Automotive, finance, health & wellness, travel, art & entertainment

With extensive experience in digital advertising, Gabriela is dedicated to achieving client KPIs and driving measurable marketing ROI through rigorous testing and data-driven optimization.

  • Performance marketing
  • KPI-driven online marketing strategies
  • Digital advertising

Gabriela combines analytical rigor with creative vision to improve campaign performance continually. She is a results-focused leader ready to allocate budgets to proven strategies that efficiently scale your business.

Best for data-driven finance marketing


Tom M Icon

Tom M.

Certified data-driven performance marketing


20+ years



Industry focus

Finance and banking

With over 20 years of technical marketing and finance expertise, Tom takes an ROI-centric approach to developing end-to-end digital solutions that deliver tangible performance improvements for clients.

  • Google and Microsoft-certified
  • Digital performance marketing
  • Computer programming
  • Online content creator

Tom builds high-impact digital marketing assets guided by clear performance benchmarks. His technical skills and financial acumen ensure data-backed solutions optimized for your KPIs.

Best for cross-channel performance and growth marketing


Alex M Icon

Alex M.

Experienced cross-channel performance marketing


15+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, finance, style & fashion

Alex is a seasoned performance marketing expert with a record of using audience insights, channel testing, and optimization to meet subscription growth goals through integrated digital strategies.

  • Data Analysis
  • Social media marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Content writing and creation
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing

Alex rapidly scales your customer base by combining analytical precision with creative vision to develop high-performing strategies tailored to your business model and audience.

Best for attribution accuracy in performance marketing


Gary E Icon

Gary E.

Proficient in performance marketing


9+ years


United Kingdom

Industry focus

Automotive, electronics, finance, professional service

Gary is an accomplished digital marketer focused on accurately measuring marketing attribution and using technical tools to refine campaigns until they efficiently deliver on ROI goals.

  • Performance marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Social media marketing

Gary's depth of platform knowledge and optimization abilities ensure digital initiatives stay focused on data-backed decisions that directly impact your bottom line.

Best for versatile performance marketing and optimization


Matthew S. icon

Matthew S.

Content writer and performance marketer


10+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, electronics, home & garden, professional services

Matthew utilizes versatile digital marketing expertise to improve campaign effectiveness over time through continual testing, optimization, and refinement guided by performance benchmarks.

  • Performance marketing
  • Computers, laptops, and accessories
  • Events and attractions

Matthew leverages over a decade of experience driving measurable results across digital channels. He optimizes budgets for your specific KPI targets.

Best for creative marketing integrating performance campaigns


Michael M Icon

Michael M.

Creative performance marketing strategist


10+ years



Industry focus

Professional services, electronics

Michael blends creative and analytical strengths to build integrated digital campaigns centered around resonating brand storytelling and achieving core business objectives.

  • Performance marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing

Michael fuses imagination with metrics-driven decision-making to develop campaigns that captivate audiences while also moving key performance indicators in the right direction.

Best for focusing on ROI in performance marketing


Philip J Icon

Philip J.

B2B and B2C performance marketing


10+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, home & garden, social & community, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion, travel

Philip leverages his breadth of digital marketing knowledge and ROI-focused approach to develop integrated strategies that reduce customer acquisition costs and maximize profitability.

  • Creative marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Social media marketing

Philip draws on analytical rigor, content skills, and digital expertise to build campaigns focused on guiding individuals based on insights to efficiently achieve your KPI targets.

Best for performance marketing in eCommerce


Cody W Icon

Cody W.

Performance marketing and copywriting expert


10+ years



Industry focus

Electronics, finance, home & garden, pets, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion

Drawing on expansive eCommerce advertising experience, Cody optimizes high-volume campaigns, driving 100%+ growth for brands through aggressive testing and refinement strategies focused on ROI.

  • Copywriting
  • Performance marketing
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Mortgages and loans

Cody utilizes his proven record of growing marketing accounts across industries and relentless optimization approach to ensure small and large businesses achieve aggressive performance goals through integrated strategies.

Best for continuous improvement on marketing strategy


Brad J Icon

Brad J.

Content and marketing specialist


12+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, education, finance, nonprofit & government, professional services

Brad leverages marketing education and digital experience to transform concepts into executable, testable campaigns designed for continuous improvement until they deliver on predefined KPI benchmarks.

  • Social media marketing
  • Content writing and creation
  • Performance marketing
  • Assists colleges and universities with marketing

With a marketing degree, Brad combines analytical and creative strengths to drive measurable results through nimble content and digital campaign execution focused on predefined performance indicators.

Best for SaaS B2B performance marketing


Katia G Icon

Katia G.

Performance marketing and content creation


9+ years



Industry focus

Education, professional services, technology

Katia employs analytical rigor and content creation skills to help B2B SaaS brands engage audiences through targeted initiatives designed to nurture individuals based on data insights tied to ROI goals.

  • Performance marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • B2B SaaS
  • Skilled at promoting online courses

Blending robust digital marketing skills with proven optimization expertise, Katia creates integrated strategies built to increase brand visibility and loyalty by driving measurable conversions and engagement based on campaign objectives.

Why hire a performance marketing freelancer?

A digital marketer specializing in performance marketing can be a great asset to your business. Here are some of the advantages of hiring such an expert: 

Expertise and specialization

Digital marketing freelancers are specialists in their field. They possess in-depth knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends, platforms, and tools, allowing them to create highly targeted campaigns tailored to specific business goals. Their expertise enables them to deliver results-driven strategies that maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost efficiency

Hiring a performance marketing freelancer can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house marketing team. With freelancers, businesses only pay for the required services, eliminating the need for full-time salaries and benefits. Additionally, freelancers often work remotely, reducing overhead costs associated with office space and equipment.

» Want to get started? Read our guide on how to start working with a freelancer.

Flexibility and agility

Performance marketing freelancers offer flexibility in terms of project-based engagements. They can quickly adapt to changing market dynamics, scale campaigns as needed, and swiftly respond to emerging trends. Their agility allows businesses to remain competitive and stay ahead in marketing.

Skills a performance marketing expert should have

When hiring a performance marketer, looking for specific skills that align with your business objectives is important. Here are eight skills to consider:

  • Analytical skills: By leveraging analytics tools to gather and interpret data, performance marketers can measure campaign performance, identify trends, and optimize through data-driven decisions.
  • PPC advertising: Expertise in PPC platforms enables performance marketers to drive targeted traffic and conversions through keyword research, bid management, and A/B testing on Google/Facebook Ads.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Understanding CRO principles allows performance marketing experts to optimize landing pages, UX, and funnels using tests that increase conversion rates.
  • Knowledge of marketing channels: A performance marketer must have a deep knowledge of major digital advertising platforms to develop effective multi-channel campaigns that reach target audiences.
  • Growth marketing basics: Growth hacking tactics like A/B testing and segmentation should be understood by performance marketers specializing in organic or paid user acquisition.
  • Budget and planning: Performance marketers can maximize ROI from a budget and create measurable marketing plans and strategies for teams to follow.
  • Collaboration and communication: Excellent communication and collaboration skills enable a performance marketer to work cross-functionally in creating and presenting campaign ideas and data.
  • Strategic thinking: Expertise in online marketing strategies empowers performance marketers to create campaigns across the funnel, driving measurable business results.

A guide to hiring a performance marketing expert

When searching for a performance marketing expert, properly vetting candidates is vital—a mismatched or underqualified hire can significantly impact your results and budget. Investing ample time in finding the right fit sets the foundation for an optimized, high-performing marketing partnership.

Create a detailed job description

  • Clearly define your key performance indicators (KPIs), project goals, and objectives.
  • Provide details about your industry, target audience, and desired outcomes.
  • Specify the required skills, experience level, and preferred certifications.
  • Mention the estimated project duration and budget range.
  • Request relevant work samples or case studies to assess the candidate's expertise.
  • Ensure you look for someone with a proven marketing background and track record of success.
  • Include what you offer as well--it can often attract the best candidates.

Review portfolios and work samples

Evaluate candidates' portfolios and work samples to assess the quality of their previous projects. Look for relevant experience, successful campaign outcomes, and the ability to work within your industry niche.

Check references and reviews

Reach out to references provided by the candidates to verify their skills, work ethic, and professionalism. Additionally, check online reviews and ratings on relevant platforms to gather additional insights.

Conduct interviews

Conduct structured interviews to better understand the candidates' expertise, approach, and problem-solving skills. Ask specific questions about their experience, data analysis, and campaign optimization.

Questions to ask your future performance marketer

Not sure what to ask performance marketing freelancers when hiring them? Here are some interview questions to guide your selection process: 

  • Can you describe a successful performance marketing campaign you worked on in the past? What were the key strategies you implemented to achieve the desired results?
  • What tools do you use to measure campaign performance and make data-driven decisions? Would I be able to navigate these tools myself?
  • How do you stay updated with the latest trends and changes in your industry?
  • What metrics do you prioritize when measuring campaign success?
  • Do you have extensive experience in running ads for our industry? 
  • In your experience, which social media networks have proven most successful for our industry? 
  • Do you have growth marketing experience? 
  • Do you have experience working with product marketing teams? 

Hire the best, vetted performance marketers with Mayu

Finding a performance marketing expert who understands your niche and delivers consistent ROI can be challenging. You may have previously worked with agencies who overpromised and underdelivered or independent consultants who lacked the strategic vision to optimize campaigns over time.

Mayple thoroughly evaluates performance marketing talent by verifying case studies, analyzing campaign data, and interviewing past clients. We can connect you to an exclusive network of specialists with proven expertise to increase the effectiveness of your initiatives and drive measurable business growth.