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10 Best YouTube SEO Experts to Promote Your Channel in 2024

Maximize the power of your YouTube channel by hiring a YouTube SEO expert. They'll assist with optimizing your channel and videos to increase ranking and bring in more revenue.

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell
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Updated April 14, 2024.

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Video content has become a dominating form of online media and communication, with over 74.8 billion visits to YouTube by November 2022. There's no denying the immense potential for marketing and engaging audiences that the platform holds, but simply creating and uploading videos is not enough to bring in decent revenue.

Ranking and being discovered on YouTube requires expertise in optimizing content and channels for YouTube's search and discovery algorithms. Here are some of our best YouTube SEO experts who can assist you with increasing reach and maximising conversions.

Our top picks for the best YouTube SEO experts

1. Gabriela O.- Best overall

2. Tom M.- Best for data-driven YouTube channel SEO

3. Alex M.- Best for multi-channel marketing

4. Gary E.- Best for KPI analytics on YouTube SEO

5. Matthew S.- Best for combining YouTube and social media strategies

6. Michael M.- Best for artistic YouTube content

7. Philip J.- Best for B2B YouTube SEO focus

8. Cody W.- Best for eCommerce YouTube SEO management

9. Brad J.- Best for YoY channel growth SEO focus

10. Katia G.- Best for SaaS YouTube promotions

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your channel, playlists, metadata, video description, and videos to rank higher in YouTube’s search results. 

Optimizing a video for YouTube involves researching and using relevant video keywords, creating engaging titles and descriptions, adding captions and annotations, optimizing video thumbnail images, promoting the video across other channels, and more. 

YouTube is an increasingly popular marketing channel and a popular way of working with influencers, so hiring a YouTube channel manager to handle YouTube SEO for you can be extremely beneficial for business. 

Best overall


Gabriela O Icon

Gabriela O.

YouTube SEO expert


8+ years



Industry focus

Automotive, finance, health & wellness, travel, art & entertainment

Gabriela prioritizes client KPIs, consistently drives results, and optimizes marketing investments. She adopts a personalized approach to her YouTube optimization tactics.

  • YouTube SEO
  • Analytical marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Creative content creation

Gabriela is an experienced YouTube strategist who collaborates with marketing agencies and companies in many industries. Her expertise in optimizing YouTube channels for growth and views is unmatched.

Best for data-driven YouTube channel SEO


Tom M Icon

Tom M.

Certified data-driven YouTube pro


20+ years



Industry focus

Finance and banking

Tom brings over two decades of marketing experience, specializing in developing mission-critical systems as a digital marketer and programmer.

  • Google and Microsoft-certified
  • Digital marketing
  • Computer programming
  • YouTube SEO

Leveraging over 20 years of digital marketing and development experience, Tom builds optimized YouTube presences for finance brands from the ground up, applying advanced SEO strategies to rank target content.

Best for multi-channel marketing


Alex M Icon

Alex M.

Experienced cross-channel marketer


20+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, finance, style & fashion

Alex managed to grow a media channel's subscription business from just $4 million in revenue to a whopping $100 million, speaking volumes of his ability to grow your YouTube channel beyond your expectations.

  • YouTube channel marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Social media marketing
  • Amazon marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing

With extensive expertise in launching and scaling media properties, Alex employs proven YouTube growth frameworks to expand viewership and drive subscriptions. He has continually exceeded client viewership goals through optimized metadata and search visibility strategies.

Best for KPI analytics on YouTube SEO


Gary E Icon

Gary E.

Proficient in YouTube practices


9+ years


United Kingdom

Industry focus

Automotive, electronics, finance, professional service

Gary is an experienced marketing executive with a strong history of using digital technologies, including YouTube channel management and cross-channel platforms.

  • YouTube content management
  • eCommerce
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Social media marketing

Drawing on robust digital marketing knowledge, Gary develops YouTube SEO roadmaps designed to maximize channel visibility and unlock the platform's immense organic reach potential.

Best for combining YouTube and social media strategies


Matthew S. icon

Matthew S.

Channel growth expert


10+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, electronics, home & garden, professional services

Matthew is a skilled digital marketing expert with over 10 years of proficiency in online marketing on Google and Bing paid ads, social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, email marketing, YouTube, and digital strategy.

  • YouTube channel optimization
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Computers, laptops, and accessories
  • Google and Bing ads

Matthew uses over a decade of digital marketing expertise to elevate brand presence and viewership on YouTube. He accelerates organic results and expands subscriber bases by combining analytical rigor and creative optimization.

Best for artistic YouTube content


Michael M Icon

Michael M.

Creative YouTube marketer and content creator


10+ years



Industry focus

Professional services, electronics

Michael choreographed a prestigious dance company for 6+ years and has been marketing since. His creativity with YouTube and his experience in PPC make for a winning digital advertising strategy.

  • Amazon marketing and content
  • Social media marketing

Offering artistic direction, finesse, and digital marketing savvy, Michael crafts compelling YouTube content and channel optimization strategies tailored to engage each brand's audience and deliver view growth.

Best for B2B YouTube SEO focus


Philip J Icon

Philip J.

B2B and B2C YouTube expert


10+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, home & garden, social & community, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion, travel

Philip has a track record of reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) with clients, meeting their targets 100% by combining quantitative and qualitative customer insights with platform-best practices.

  • YouTube SEO optimization
  • Amazon FBA and Amazon ads
  • Social media marketing

Philip leverages his diverse digital marketing knowledge to build integrated YouTube solutions that reduce customer acquisition costs and maximize ROI through optimized video SEO.

Best for eCommerce YouTube SEO management


Cody W Icon

Cody W.

YouTube marketing pro


10+ years



Industry focus

Electronics, finance, home & garden, pets, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion

Cody has proven himself with achievements like growing some marketing accounts by over 100% in various industries, adopting an aggressive year-on-year growth strategy, and a strong focus on ROAS. He is diverse in his services to both small and large businesses.

  • YouTube SEO
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Mortgages and loans
  • Furniture

Cody uses expansive YouTube advertising and SEO experience to refine high-volume video strategies designed for aggressive, sustainable viewer growth through continual optimization and testing.

Best for YoY channel growth SEO focus


Brad J Icon

Brad J.

YouTube channel SEO expert


12+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, education, finance, nonprofit & government, professional services

Brad possesses a marketing degree and extensive experience with multiple digital ad strategies. His excellence with YouTube SEO and knowledge within his industries is a recipe for success.

  • Social media marketing
  • YouTube SEO optimization
  • Digital marketing
  • Assists colleges and universities with marketing
  • Focuses on the mortgages and loans, exercise and fitness, and home improvement industries

With a marketing degree and mastery in emerging YouTube SEO tactics, Brad develops programs that drive measurable YouTube channel growth and year-over-year view increases through optimized discoverability.

Best for SaaS YouTube promotions


Katia G Icon

Katia G.

B2B YouTube channel manager


9+ years



Industry focus

Education, professional services, technology

Katia has formed CMO-leading marketing and growth strategies for subscription-based businesses, perfect for your YouTube channel growth and SEO optimization.

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • B2B SaaS
  • YouTube channel management
  • Skilled at promoting online courses

Blending robust digital marketing skills with proven YouTube optimization expertise, Katia creates strategies built to increase brand visibility and drive subscriptions through expanded organic reach.

Consider these points when hiring YouTube SEO experts

The ideal YouTube SEO expert should have YouTube platform expertise, creative flair, analytical rigor, and problem-solving skills. We reccommend considering wether they have niche experience relevant to your content vertical, with extended knowledge within your target audience and industries.

Here are some other things to consider when finding the best expert for your business:

  • Proven results - Look for experts with a track record of growing channels similar to yours. Ensure that they can show tangible improvements that they achieved through optimization. Ask potential hires for case studies.
  • Technical expertise - Ensure experts are deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of YouTube SEO, including the latest algorithm changes, metadata best practices, competition analysis tactics, etc.
  • Creativity - The ability to develop compelling titles/descriptions/thumbnails and YouTube video ideas that get clicks is key to the success of your YouTube channel. Assess creative examples from completed projects by the expert.
  • Communication skills - Can they explain recommendations clearly and collaborate effectively with you and your video content or marketing team?
  • Analytic abilities - Strong data analysis skills are important to track key metrics and derive insights to refine strategy. A YouTube expert must be able to assess reporting and make recommendations for optimization.

Vetting specific optimization results and technical competencies when looking to hire a YouTube SEO expert is key to ensuring a successful partnership for your channel's growth.

Hiring a YouTube SEO expert FAQ

Which is the best free Chrome extension for YouTube SEO?

Some of the best Chrome extensions for YouTube SEO include:

  • TubeBuddy (for optimization insights and royalty-free assets)
  • vidIQ (for finding the best target keywords and running channel audits)
  • Google Keyword Planner (as a keyword research tool)
  • Ahefs SEO Toolbar (to check results as they're seen in another country)

What is YouTube SEO for beginners?

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of creating and optimizing YouTube videos and channels to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs.) Optimizing your YouTube videos for search will help you reach more people interested in your content, organically.

What is the job of SEO Specialist?

An SEO specialist can help you identify the best strategy, techniques, and best practices to increase the number of views on your website videos by ranking you higher in search results (on Google, Bing, YouTube, etc.) This will open your business or personal brand to new opportunities for growth and profit.

Hire a YouTube SEO expert to improve your rankings

Rather than play guessing games, leverage proven YouTube SEO talent to unlock the full growth potential of your video marketing. By hiring YouTube optimization talent through Mayple's network of freelancers, you gain access to vetted top-tier SEO professionals.

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