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Top 10 Creative Agencies to Hire in 2024

Hire a creative agency to bring your brand's story to life and connect you with your customers in a meaningful way. Take a look at how a creative agency could be what your business needs in 2024.

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By Dyllan Hopewell
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Updated February 11, 2024.

Top 10 Creative Agencies

To reach and engage with your customers, you need to have a compelling and eye-catching brand story. While this can be achieved with an in-house team, hiring a reputable creative agency can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Here are our top creative agencies and some advice on finding the best match for your business.

Our top picks for the best creative agencies

1. Casa Media - Best overall

2. No Limit Creatives- Best for video and graphic design capability

3. TryMus Group- Best for creative content for social media

4. Offset Marketing- Best for small-business brand identity

5. Aspekt- Best for creative eCommerce DTC marketing

6. Growth Spin Limited- Best for creativity focusing on UI and UX

7. Digi Com- Best for lead generation through creative marketing

8. ThinkSocial.Media- Best for highly targeted creative SMM

9. The Emms- Best for large-scale creative marketing

10. Moburst- Best for creative App development

What is a creative agency?

A creative agency is a type of digital marketing agency that specializes in graphic design, website design, and branding for your marketing campaigns. It can offer strategy services, content creation, content marketing, PR, influencer marketing, and branding services.

Best overall


a screenshot of Casa Media homepage

Creative content | PPC | SEO

Casa Media is a creative digital marketing agency from Montreal, Canada, whose focus is on facilitating brand evolution by optimizing ROI. They take candidates on a personalized ad journey through user-friendly design, engaging marketing, and effective PPC strategies, transforming them from spectators into satisfied customers.

What makes Casa Media stand out is their fresh marketing approach. They'll prepare a personalized digital marketing plan that aligns seamlessly with your needs.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 6 years of experience and over $1M in advertising spend
  • Services: Creative content | PPC | SEO | eCommerce marketing | Social media ads

Comprehensive marketing services offers

Multi-lingual marketing

Results-driven campaign priority

Pricing unavailable

May need substituting with other agencies

Best for video and graphic design capability


a web page for a web design company

Creative content | Graphic design | Video design

No Limit is a London-based creative marketing agency specializing in graphic and video design. They also offer a wide range of other branding and content services suited best to eCommerce customers.

They're a transparent, no-hidden fees type of creative agency with suitable packages for small and large brands. Their 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating and the various reviews available are a testament to their quality of creation and service.

  • Industry experience: Xxxx
  • Track record: 20,000+ unique designs per month, 4,000+ clients
  • Services: Creative content | Graphic design | Video design | eCommerce | Amazon content

Offers a 14-day trial

Excellent transparency regarding pricing

Monthly packages to suit all budgets

Their most dedicated support comes with high pricing

Best for creative content for social media


Trymus Group Website

Trymus Group

Creative content | SMM | Community Management

TryMus creates video, audio, and visual content for brands of all shapes and sizes. They develop your brand identity, create a competitive social media and content strategy, and execute everything from A to Z. They also do influencer marketing and community management.

They are a vibrant social media marketing company ready to take clients from the very first step of marketing through to the bottom of the funnel. TryMus also offers influencer marketing--a very lucrative approach to advertising.

  • Industry experience: Multiple, with a focus on cosmetics
  • Track record: 15+ years of experience, multi-award-winning
  • Services: Creative content | SMM | Community Management | Branding | Copywriting

Dynamic services and experience offered

Narrative-driven campaigns

Analytical approach to campaign optimization

No pricing info may indicate premium-level services, costly for small brands

Best for small-business brand identity


a person holding a cell phone next to a laptop

Offset Marketing

Creative content | Brand identity | Web design

Offset Marketing aims to get your business on the map, with a newly created and unique brand identity that speaks to your audience.

Offset is a great starting point for new or small businesses to get up to speed with digital marketing, settling on professionally designed logos/branding and connecting to the online world with a modern website.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries with a focus on small enterprises
  • Track record: Attained a growth in revenue from $1,000 to $19,000 for a client
  • Services: Creative content | Brand identity | Web design | Content marketing

Offers packages based on the type of service a customer needs

Great for new businesses needing branding and website design from scratch

Website training offered for clients

Limited services means you'll need to supplement services with other agencies

No transparency regarding pricing

Best for creative eCommerce DTC marketing


ASPEKT ecommerce email marketing agency website homepage


Creative content | Facebook Ads | Email marketing

Aspekt helps eCommerce store owners scale exponentially by systemizing their Facebook Ads and email marketing. They're more than just an "ad agency"; they see themselves as your creative eCommerce growth partners.

They are a passionate creative agency focusing mainly on direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands across a broad range of industries in the eCommerce sector, with a strong track record featuring awe-inspiring achievements.

  • Industry experience: eCommerce and DTC
  • Track record: History of success with large brands like Montserrat, Mark Ingram, and more | $10+ million generated in email revenue
  • Services: Creative content | Facebook Ads | DTC email marketing | eCommerce

Offers retention services for clients who need stable campaign management

Tailored pricing packages per client or campaign

Money-back guarantee on all services

Free auditing service

Strong focus on DTC may be disadvantageous to other industry types

Best for creativity focusing on UI and UX


a web page for a marketing company

Growth Spin Limited

Creative content | Paid ads | UI/UX

Growth Spin aims to be your marketing partner, not an agency. Their dedication to your growth is their passion, and their creativity is your success.

Growth Spin has worked with teams inside giants like Facebook and Google on multiple occasions, both of which give testimonials to Growth Spin's creative abilities.

  • Industry experience: Beauty, food & home, cosmetics, and more.
  • Track record: Ongoing project handling with Google and other top brands
  • Services: Creative content | Paid ads | UI/UX | Strategy | Fractional grown marketing

Offers UI and UX services

Recognized and trusted by large corporations

Free template downloads

No pricing online

Limited services on offer

Best for lead generation through creative marketing




Creative content | SMM | Lead generation

DigiCom specializes in a range of growth-focused services, including email audits, email and SMS strategy development, creative email design and development, A/B testing, and more. This breadth of services underscores DigiCom's holistic approach to growth marketing.

With DigiCom, every strategic move is creative and meticulously backed by a trifecta of data, insights from other markets, and valuable experiences gained from working with venture-backed clients.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 4x increase in conversion volume, 300% growth in leads, 179% revenue increase
  • Services: Creative content | SMM | Lead generation | Email marketing | Growth acceleration

Growth-focused marketing

Partners with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

Offers influencer marketing

Smaller clients may not get personalized services

Some services may need substituting for a fuller marketing experience

Best for highly targeted creative SMM




Creative content | SMM | Marketing strategies

ThinkSocial.Media specializes in strategic and creative digital marketing services. They excel in building and maintaining online relationships, focusing on highly targeted social media marketing campaigns.

ThinkSocial.Media develops strategies tailored to your goals, customers, and competition. They also deliver comprehensive end-of-month reports to track, benchmark, and optimize your social media performance.

  • Industry experience: Hospitality, fitness and health, speciality contractors
  • Track record: Over 20 years of experience
  • Services: Creative content | SMM | Marketing strategies | Social media ads

Trusted advisor relationship offered with highly experienced founders and partners

Takes a holistic approach to marketing across various platforms

Personalized campaigns cater to specific brand requirements

May come at a premium for smaller businesses, considering the level of expertise

Best for large-scale creative marketing


The Emms Website

The Emms

Creative content | Social media ads | SMM

The Emms believe that entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses hold the key to the future. From creative logo design and branding to website development, campaigns, and consulting, their mission is to help you achieve your business goals.

This is a large firm with a ton of experience in multiple industries, ready to take on any social media marketing campaign or creative marketing challenge thrown their way by any size of client.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Boasting multiple partnerships and a string of giant clients like ExxonMobil, Unilever and Danone
  • Services: Creative content | Social media ads | SMM | Marketing strategy | Email marketing

Highly experienced with large-scale marketing operations

Multi-award winning agency

Large team of experts

Lacks transparent pricing info or pricing strategies

Best for creative App development


Moburst advertising agency homepage


Creative content | Social media ads | App market

Moburst is an award-winning global success agency, known for its expertise in helping businesses expand their digital presence. Their core belief centres on harnessing creative thinking, advanced technology, and data to drive performance at scale, with a particular focus on tackling mobile app development challenges.

What makes Moburst unique is its commitment to thinking creatively and finding new solutions that build strong connections between brands and specific audiences. This helps turn those audiences into loyal users over time.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 10+ years of experience in marketing
  • Services: Creative content | Social media ads | App marketing | Marketing strategy | SEO | ASO | Digital advertising

Strong focus on mobile marketing strategies

Wide range of digital services

Track record of hypergrowth for clients

Strong focus on mobile formats may mean outsourcing for other methods is needed

What roles can a creative agency fill? 

Creative agencies seem complex because they deal with many different aspects of marketing and advertising. Some roles in a creative team include but are not limited to:

  • A creative director
  • Copywriters
  • Editors
  • Videographers
  • Graphic designers
  • PR experts

Technical expertise and various digital solutions are mixed into building a strong and successful creative agency suitable for any client's needs.

What's the difference between a creative agency and other agencies? 

Creative agencies differentiate themselves through their expertise in developing innovative campaign ideas, crafting compelling narratives, and producing original content. While digital marketing agencies may focus more on promotion and channel execution, creative agencies specialize in conceiving and giving life to campaigns from scratch.

Rather than simply placing ads or posting social media updates, creative agencies focus on brainstorming, writing, art direction, production, and design that shape bold, disruptive campaigns. The creative concept comes first for them, guiding other elements like placement and distribution. The core competency of a creative agency resides in their conceptual ideation abilities and their knack for building innovative content.

Where a digital agency develops a marketing strategy using various online platforms to reach audiences, and an advertising agency manages demand generation, creative agencies bring differentiated value through their skills in crafting unique brand stories and eye-catching content. They are essential in developing compelling creative ideas that anchor and bring together all other marketing efforts.

How can a creative agency help your brand?

Powerful creativity captures attention—making audiences notice your messaging. It drives action by sparking desire, trust, and meaningful relationships beyond obligation or discounts.

There are several reasons why it's a really good idea to work with a creative agency:

  • Fresh perspectives: Creative agencies provide an outside point of view that can identify new angles and ideas. If current efforts feel stale or outdated, the agency brings fresh concepts with a new approach to your marketing strategy.
  • Top talent and skills: Agencies have access to diverse creative talents like graphic designers, videographers and writers that an in-house team may lack, strengthening the execution of your marketing strategies.
  • Faster delivery times: Smaller agencies, focused and well-resourced, can accelerate projects faster than growing in-house teams. Their established networks allow them to access the right talent and tools quickly, delivering results efficiently.
  • Networking access: Creative agencies provide connections to relevant influencers, ambassadors, and content creators for social/experiential campaigns where applicable.
  • Analytical approach: Agencies enhance creative work by using data analysis and testing to improve strategies, connect with audiences, and drive outcomes. When an agency and client fully commit to the same brand purposes and success markers, the agency can achieve maximum impact. Their extensive experience refines campaign approaches to ensure authentic messaging that resonates and yields tangible results tied to defined objectives.

For brands seeking disruptive campaigns that reshape perception, creative agencies can be invaluable partners, aligning objectives and metrics to realize the full impact potential of a marketing strategy.

How to find the best creative agency for your business?

Finding the best creative agency for your business's marketing needs involves a strategic and thorough evaluation process. Start by defining your specific marketing goals and target audience, which will guide the selection criteria.

Check their expertise

What types of branding assets are they most experienced with? Each branding firm is going to have a different set of expertise. You need to know which channels they are experienced in and their strengths and weaknesses.

Converse with potential agencies to assess their communication style, collaboration approach, and willingness to align with your business objectives.

Ask about their past successes

Have they worked with other companies in your industry? Get a shortlist of companies they've worked with and the results they've achieved. Request case studies or client testimonials to gain insights into their client relationships and the impact of their campaigns.

Evaluate the agency's capabilities in traditional and digital channels, ensuring they can provide a comprehensive marketing strategy. Check for industry certifications, awards, and recognition within the marketing and advertising community.

A collaborative and innovative approach and a proactive attitude toward adapting to market trends indicate a dynamic and forward-thinking agency.

Get a sense of the team

Assess the agency's team composition, expertise, and creative talents, ensuring they have the skills necessary for your specific needs. Transparency about their processes, timelines, and reporting methods is crucial for a successful partnership.

Choose an agency that meets your technical requirements and aligns with your company culture and values. A strong working relationship and shared vision will contribute to the success of your marketing initiatives.

Hire a Mayple-vetted creative agency for top results

By selecting an agency through Mayple, you are not just hiring a team but engaging with experts who have demonstrated excellence in their craft. Mayple's vetting process guarantees that the creative agencies showcased possess the skills, tools, and strategic mindset needed to make your brand stand out.

Our stamp of approval signifies a commitment to quality, innovation, and proven success. Your brand deserves nothing less than the expertise and dedication these agencies offer to bring your vision to life.