Mayple is part of a much larger story

It’s a story about access to knowledge and the power it gives to people

This is a story that is taking shape globally and impacting citizens and consumers. It’s changing the employment world and is boosting the power of communities and knowledge.

Hierarchical structures

Hierarchical organizational structures were about centralizing knowledge and power. Therefore, their employees could only express their value within the confines of their role.

Dedicated teams

Dedicated teams began taking form the moment organizations understood that people can express their value in goal-orientated teams. Employees could now be part of professional based teams (like marketing) or project-based teams.

Freelance and distributed work

Today’s dynamic working environment has encouraged more organizations to work with agile teams focused on business goals. Top talents are now offering their professional services as independent freelancers, where they can design and structure their own professional development and workstyle.

Access to knowledge shapes market reality

Broad knowledge distribution has created a new generation of talent/freelancers who want to work in a more dynamic and creative environment. It’s opened up the possibility for the most efficient work structure- distributed teams.  This model fits in perfectly with the new reality where value is created by knowledge and not by assets or brands.

Today's digital marketing industry is a zero-sum game.

Big money gives access to top talents, high-quality technology and large advertising budgets. This way, big spenders always stay at the top.  Small and medium-sized businesses stay behind because they lack the knowledge to manage digital marketing talents themselves. They lack access to talented professionals and never-ending advertising budgets.

Mayple is about creating new growth opportunities for small and medium sized businesses

We believe that great value shouldn’t be hard to attain.  We create opportunities to win, no matter what size.

Our team

Omer Farkash
Omer Farkash
Co-Founder & CEO
Alon Diamant
Alon Diamant
Co-Founder & CTO
Rakefet Yacoby-From
Rakefet Yacoby-From
Daniel Madrid Spitz
Daniel Madrid Spitz
Head of Customers Success
Michal Meir
Michal Meir
Senior Account Manager
Alexey Kisets
Alexey Kisets

Shared value

Mayple is based on shared value

We have a leading role in solving the challenges small and medium businesses meet in today's marketing industry. We believe our unbiased approach will help businesses achieve greater value from their digital marketing efforts, and as our customers grow— we grow.


We don’t play around with the professional level we provide our customers.

This is our core asset as a company. Our high-level professionalism is achieved through a thorough filtering process of our experts, AI tech that supports our matchmaking algorithm and our quality assurance, high service level and know-how in the field.

Hand in Hand

We build relationships and invest in them

In a world of distributed knowledge and open markets, trust and the human touch have become a rare asset. We’re here to restore businesses trust and confidence in the digital marketing industry— by taking businesses hand in hand to success.

Our Values


Small and Medium Businesses
We empower small and medium-sized businesses to succeed and prosper based on their value not on the resources they may or may not have, by offering them access to high-end digital marketing services—just like the big brands.

Independent Professionals
We empower and help marketing professionals reach their full potential by offering them access to the best tech tools, better opportunities and a community of top experts.

Mayple has created an empowerment ecosystem for both businesses and marketing experts.

Using our data-driven technology and advanced tools, marketers can excel in performance and value and we can assure SMB’s get high-end digital marketing services and results—just like the big performing brands.

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Mayple is looking for talented people that want to be a part of something great and impacts businesses and the marketing industry. We love people with a passion for innovation and high paced challenges.

If that sounds like you, let’s chat.

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