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Our Mission

Mayple empowers online businesses and curated marketing talents to be paired up, collaborate and grow, together.

Our unique unbiased, transparent and flexible approach enables new levels of marketing growth and trust.

Our platform fosters long term growth & success for both businesses and marketers. It reduces overhead, optimizes their streamlines processes matching, enables collaboration, monitors activities & performance, and recommends new growth opportunities.

By creating an environment where talents can focus on their core expertise and build their career and independent work style.
We are building a community of A-plus players in online marketing.

Mayple in Numbers




Marketers Registered

in 70+ countries


Marketing budget managed


vetting hours

Of “high-performing” level are led by a certified project manager



Of “high-performing” level are led by a certified project manager



Of “high-performing” level are led by a certified project manager


Mayple was built with the understanding that the world of work is changing, and it’s changing fast - don't let your marketing efforts get left behind.

We have created the perfect work environment, one that supports you to grow successfully, whether you're a new brand or an independent marketer.

Marketing Talents

Marketing Talents are struggling to fulfill their potential. We see great talent and potential in those around us. But so much of that great talent is unfulfilled because it’s not easy to maintain a fully independent work style.

The future of work is here.

Meet the Team behind Mayple

Omer Farkash

COO, Co-founder

Elad Donsky


Alon Diamant

CTO, Co-founder

Rakefet Yacoby-From


Michal Meir

Head of Growth Strategists

Tomer Levy

Head of Experts Success

Eyal Gursoy

Frontend Developer

Ben Kazinik


Liron Zigdon

Growth Strategists

Yossef Balloul

Marketing Designer

Ella Goldfeld

Expert Success

Gal Corfas

Marketing consultants

Sheila Makleff

Marketing consultants

Amir Keren

Marketing consultants

Mayple is loved by users

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Limor G

Mayple Expert

Mayple has the perfect platform for digital marketers today. From the clients who are amazing, to the support from the marketers who assist in a strategic level and make sure you get all that you need to succeed.

Jay N

Mayple Expert

Partnering with Mayple allows me to focus on what I do best, while getting the back up and support needed to operate my business.

Sandra S

Mayple Expert

Through working with Mayple I’ve been introduced to businesses with the same high performance mindset, which has constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone in order to continue delivering excellent results.

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