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Cracking the Code: Assembling Distributed Marketing Teams

What distributed teams are and how you can take advantage of the trend to build the best team for your business. Experience-based matching and AI. #Advertorial

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By Omer Farkash
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Updated January 24, 2024.

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Unlocking the Secret to Building Distributed Marketing Teams

Distributed marketing teams are the driving force behind modern business success, and the secret to their effectiveness lies in their flexibility. Unlike traditional top-down structures, distributed marketing teams bring a broader range of expertise and complementary skills.

Companies embracing this model experience faster revenue growth, as they tap into the collective intelligence of a group of marketing experts. Their ability to adapt quickly allows them to stay on top of the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Expert Validation Challenges

Expert vetting is a complicated task. In today's world anyone can claim to be a marketing expert. In a profession where diplomas aren't really required and experience and skills are the most important factors, how should a company decide who is a marketing expert?

If a company has no way to assess the skills of its employees, how can it make such an important hiring decision? Is it by managing job interviews?

Interviews are often illusory and don't give a complete picture of a candidate's abilities. Interviews tend to be more about verbal performance than skills in determining hiring decisions.

COVID Paved The Way for Distributed Hiring

COVID forced a critical mass of companies to hire experts using hybrid and remote hiring models, allowing them to hire based on skills rather than geographic location.

This paradigm shift led companies to build distributed teams, especially in marketing. As a result of hiring distributed marketing teams, tech companies experienced exponential growth during COVID.

Distributed Hiring Platforms

Witnessing the exponential accomplishments of distributed teams, leading tech companies began shaping custom solutions. In response to this growing need for innovative marketing solutions, Mayple emerged as a pioneer in the field.

Mayple developed a groundbreaking system for hiring marketing talent. AI capabilities were combined with deep marketing recruitment experience to source and hire top marketing talent.


AI-Based Talent Acquisition

With technology such as Mayple, recruiters and hiring managers have access to a whole new level of talent acquisition.

By using 25 key matching criteria, Mayple identifies marketers who perfectly align with businesses' objectives. Niche expertise, budgetary considerations, company size, and even personal preferences are considered when matching businesses and experts.

We also have an AI-based system for vetting talent based on skills, proven results, and measurable KPIs. When you hire an expert with Mayple, rest assured that all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure they are the right person for the role.

The system checks the candidate's background, references, and qualifications to ensure they are the right fit for the role. This ensures that Mayple only provides the highest caliber experts.

Mayple goes even further, offering quick 1 on 1 video interviews with elite experts, which can be scheduled for free, providing businesses with a firsthand look at the talent they're considering.

Recruiters Speak Out: Testimonials on New Platforms

Client testimonials show the impact of hiring platforms. Jack Benzaquen, Founder of Duradry, praises Mayple's metric-focused approach, which led to exceptional results.

“Mayple understands the industry and vets marketers based on metrics, not by how friendly or good talking. So far, whatever Mayple gives you is above average. You can't go wrong with Mayple."

According to BeatBread CEO Peter Sinclair, new AI capabilities are beneficial.

Choosing Mayple means selecting a refined pool of elite marketers through AI-powered vetting.

Adapt or Remain Behind: Embracing the Future of Hiring

In a swiftly evolving job market, the imperative is clear: Adapt or Remain Behind. Embracing the Future of Hiring is no longer a choice but a necessity to secure top talent. Traditional methods fall short; innovative platforms like CloudDevs, Mayple, and Prolucent are reshaping the recruitment landscape.

Don't lag behind—Embrace The Future of Talent Acquisition Now.