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How do you promote your products on WooCommerce?

Here are the best strategies to promote your product on WooCommerce including running giveaways, doing content marketing, social media, videos, and SEO.

Rakefet Yacoby From
By Rakefet Yacoby From
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Updated December 10, 2023.

How do you promote your products on WooCommerce? main image

If you are running your eCommerce store on WooCommerce then there are many ways you could promote your products and get more sales.

Optimize your WooCommerce store for conversions

First and foremost, make sure that your site is optimized for conversions. Look at your theme and see if you could improve it, or upgrade to a new WooCommerce theme. Offer free shipping, run flash sales, and upsell with checkout or cart add-ons.

Optimize the user experience by adding social proof, a clear checkout process, visible CTA buttons on the product pages, and live chat to be able to service your customers better.


Use social media

Next, connect your social media channels with these two plugins - Facebook for WooCommerce and Instagram for WooCommerce. These plugins integrate your store directly to your social media pages and help you promote your products in posts, ads, and chatbots.

Promote your store on social media with organic posts, social ads, videos, and special promotions. You can also integrate your WooCommerce store with Facebook Marketplace and sell your products there.

Run giveaways

Third, run giveaways on social media to get more leads on your email list and create a referral/loyalty program to give your customers an incentive to purchase more often and refer their friends.

Launch a blog

Content marketing is a great way to get more organic traffic from search engines and social media and to attract potential buyers to your store. Launch a blog and publish long-form guides, shopping guides, and short how-to articles for your readers.

Cater your content for every part of your marketing funnel, from the awareness stage where customers are just getting to know about your store all the way down to the decision stage where users are ready to buy.


Focus on SEO

Conduct thorough keyword research to evaluate the best long-tail keywords you should use on your site. Then, optimize your site by adding these keywords into your product URLs, category URLs, product names, descriptions, and content (if you have a blog)

Create product videos

Videos are the most powerful ways to showcase your product. You can make videos using an on-demand video platform that makes videos for you in a studio. Or you can get a few influencers, send them your product and ask them to make some videos. You can then use these videos on your product pages, as creative for social media ads, and on various marketplaces that you sell on.

These are just a few of the myriads of strategies you could try to promote your products better. WooCommerce has hundreds of plugins in their Extensions Store where you can go to get a better idea of what you should test for your own eCommerce store.