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The Top Must-Read Marketing Blogs in 2024

Here's a comprehensive list of the top digital marketing blogs to learn new skills and grow your career. Including Hubspot, QuickSprout, CoSchedule and more.

Rakefet Yacoby From
By Rakefet Yacoby From
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Updated February 25, 2024.

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Some people don’t learn so well from watching a video or taking a course. Sometimes you need a good old blog post. Some of the biggest digital marketing agencies either own their own blog or heavily rely on data and ideas from other marketing blogs.

Here we have a comprehensive list of some of our favorite marketing blogs. So if you are stuck with a problem that you can’t solve or want to refresh your knowledge on the best strategies to use, click on one of these blogs and read on.



Unbounce is a great blog to read if you want to learn about conversion rate optimization. It started out as a landing page tool and now it’s a great resource for all things CRO and conversion-centered design. Common topics it covers include - landing page optimization, conversion optimization, pay-per-click/campaign strategy, and social media marketing.

Our favorite content:



Copyblogger is one of the first blogs on content marketing and copywriting. It has some of the most well-known articles and online courses on the topic and can teach you how to write great copy and captivating headlines.

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QuickSprout is another super well-known marketing blog. It was started by the legendary Neil Patel and it covers pretty much any topic under the sun. A lot of it is written for SEO but you could still find some good gems in there.

Our favorite content:

Marie Forleo


Marie Forleo rose to fame as a top-notch content marketer and her blog is filled with really actionable copywriting tips. There are also a lot of inspirational stories about entrepreneurship and interviews with some of the leading names in the marketing world.

Our favorite content:



Hubspot is the leading blog on digital marketing. It basically invented the term “inbound marketing” and that’s how it grew its business - with organic traffic. It has a ton of tips on performance marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, chatbots, creating sample marketing plans and more.

Our favorite content:



CoSchedule is a content marketing tool and has one of the world’s top blogs on content marketing and social media. They have some really great in-depth marketing case studies that are packed with actionable insights.

Our favorite content:

A Better Lemonade Stand


Struggling to grow your online store? Here’s the perfect blog for you to read. A Better Lemonade Stand is an eCommerce marketing blog that has really detailed guides on every eCommerce topic under the sun.

What’s really cool is it has a filter that lets you search for blog posts for the specific growth phase you’re in - build, launch, grow.

Our favorite content:

John Doherty


John is a veteran in the SEO industry and has over 15+ years of managing marketing teams and running businesses in different industries. If you want to learn about SEO and how to gain more organic traffic then this blog is for you.

Our favorite content:

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)


CMI is one of the most well-known blogs on content marketing in the world. It was founded by Joe Pulizzi and it’s a perfect place to learn about content, SEO, refreshing old content, building a content promotion/distribution machine, and much more.

Our favorite content:

VistaCreate Blog


The VistaCreate blog sits at the interaction of design and marketing. It’s a great resource for any marketer that needs a redesign or wants to improve the conversion rate of their ads or landing pages.

Our favorite content:

Rebrandly Blog


Rebrandly is a URL shortener tool and it has a really great blog on URL optimization and link management. It teaches marketers how to use UTM tags and how to improve content promotion and distribution.

Our favorite content:


Copyhackers is one of the leading blogs on writing copy of all kinds (email, web, social). It’s also a great place to get certified in any of these disciplines. Want to be a copy master? Then this blog is for you.

Our favorite content:


Social Marketing Writing


Social Marketing Writing is run by Mitt Ray, one of the most prolific content marketers. He’s got some of the most in-depth blog articles about social media marketing and content writing.

Our favorite content:



Serpstat is an SEO tool similar to Ahrefs or Semrush. They have a great blog on all things SEO. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to SEO or if you want to hone in on a specific aspect of SEO.

Our favorite content:



Inflow is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the world. They primarily specialize in SEO, CRO, and paid ads and that’s what their blog is focused on. It’s straight to the point, no fluff, with super actionable tips on every page.

Our favorite content:



Mirasee is a personal coaching program for business owners and they have a great blog on course management, audience & engagement, and marketing strategy & positioning.

Our favorite content:

MarTech (previously Marketing Land)


Martech, or Marketing Land as it was previously called, is one of the most well-known online marketing blogs in the world. It deals with virtually every topic in the world of marketing. It’s organized into 6 topics - transformation, data, operations, experience, performance, and management.

Our favorite content:



Autopilot is a marketing automation blog that has some really insightful content about things like using Google Analytics, improving customer journeys, data tracking, and much more.

Our favorite content:



SiegeMedia is one of the most popular SEO and Content Marketing agencies in the world. They have an incredible blog and a podcast where they share incredible organic traffic success stories.

Our favorite content:



Moz is a leading SEO tool and blog started by Rand Fishkin (previously known as the Wizard of Moz). He’s also known for doing a famous whiteboard Friday video series on all things SEO.

Our favorite content:



Buffer is the most well-known social media tool and it has a really comprehensive blog on all things social media. It has some great guides on all the social networks, audience management, and video marketing.

Our favorite content:



Econsultancy is the go-to online publisher for both in-depth blog posts and market research studies. It’s a great place to learn about email marketing, advertising, SEM, data analytics, and customer experience.

Our favorite content:



BigCommerce is the second largest eCommerce platform (after Shopify) and has a really great blog on all things eCommerce. It’s a great place to learn about omnichannel marketing, how to grow your eCommerce store and to learn about the latest trends in the world of eCommerce.

Our favorite content:


9Clouds is a marketing agency that also has a really great blog. They write about SEO, email marketing, lead tracking, and online ads, and have some great guides that are focused on specific industries - healthcare and automotive.

Our favorite content:



GetResponse is a landing page builder and an email tool. Their blog is a great place to go to learn about lead generation, about how to make a really good landing page, and how to use marketing automation for your marketing funnel.

Our favorite content:



Marketo is one of the most popular blogs on inbound marketing, CRM strategies, B2B marketing, marketing management skills, digital marketing strategy, and much more. It has a wide range of topics and a lot of great information.

Our favorite content:



Mention is a blog about brand management, social media, and influencer marketing strategy. It’s actually a tool that’s used for reputation management (a fancy way of saying social listening/monitoring) so the blog has a lot of articles about how to best position your brand on social.

Our favorite content:



CXL is a CRO course platform that was started by Peep Laja, one of the world’s top conversion optimization experts. It has some of the most in-depth guides on CRO on the web. It’s a great place to go to learn about message testing, product marketing, and growth loops.

Our favorite content:

Social Media Examiner


The Social Media Examiner (sounds like the name of a newspaper doesn’t it?) is one of the leading authorities on social media marketing. If you’re looking for the latest social media trends or want to catch up on the latest social media news or algorithm changes then this blog is for you.

Our favorite content:

Inside AdWords (Google’s Ads & Commerce Blog)


This is Google’s own blog where they share updates and conduct webinars about their products. It’s primarily focused on Google Ads but it also deals with eCommerce marketing and is a great place to go to get insider knowledge about all things Google.

Our favorite content:


GetApp is a software directory like Capterra or G2Crowd and they have a really great blog sharing the top tools you could use, for pretty much anything in marketing.

Our favorite content:



GetFeedback is a customer experience platform with a really great CX blog. It has a lot of articles about things like mapping the customer journey, defining the voice of the customer, and how to use surveys to improve your product marketing.

Our favorite content:



Wistia is a video marketing tool and it has some really great resources on how to shoot videos, set up your own DIY lighting, and use video to grow your revenue.

Our favorite content:

G2 Crowd


G2’s blog is all about the top tools to use for marketing, sales, HR, and management. It’s a great resource for digital marketers to learn about the best tools to use and larger issues of integrations, marketing attribution, and tracking.

Our favorite content:



Semrush is the go-to resource for all things related to search engine optimization. It has a huge global community and a ton of webinars and online courses on SEO and content creation.

Our favorite content:



Saastr has a great blog on all things SaaS. It has a huge section for marketers with a wide variety of articles on how to scale your startup using demand generation, ABM, PR, and how to set up marketing experiments.

Our favorite content:



Backlinko is one of the best blogs on search engine optimization. Brian Dean (who has recently joined Semrush) is known to write the most comprehensive guides on every SEO topic under the sun including - technical SEO, link building, on-page and off-page optimization, and how to improve your content strategy to increase organic search traffic.

Our favorite content:



Appcues is a tool that helps brands create no-code onboarding flows. They also have a really great blog on product marketing that has some insightful articles for any kind of business - whether it’s a site, SaaS, or a mobile app.

Our favorite content:

Disruptive Advertising


Disruptive Advertising is one of the largest marketing agencies in the US. They have a great blog on PPC and CRO with a lot of relevant content for both B2C and B2B marketers.

Our favorite content:

Search Engine Land


Search Engine Land is the go-to source for SEO news. It has the most updated information on new Google products, algorithm changes, and features.

Our favorite content:

Seth Godin

No list would be complete without Seth Godin’s blog. Seth is a brilliant marketer, best-selling author and speaker. He’s got an incredible blog on all things marketing including topics like growth loops, guerilla marketing, and brand positioning.

Our favorite content:

Search Engine Journal


The Search Engine Journal is similar to Search Engine Land but it’s much newer, has more updated articles, and has a lot more on the practical side of SEO (not just Google news)

Our favorite content:



BuzzSumo is a content marketing blog with a lot of great posts about content promotion and distribution. There are other great reads there on influencer marketing, competitive analysis, digital PR, SEO, and social media marketing. So check it out!

Our favorite content:

Social Media Today


Social Media today is one of the most authoritative sources for social media news and new trends. It has a really top-notch team of reporters and a lot of great interviews and opinion pieces of some of the top social media influencers and ‘gurus’.

Our favorite content:



MarketingProfs is one of the original digital marketing blogs. They have been around since 2000 and have 350,000+ marketers signed up on their email list. They have some really great stuff on a variety of topics but you do have to leave your email to read some of the articles.



Hotjar is one of the most well-known blogs on conversion rate optimization. They have some of the best stuff on click maps, heat maps, and customer analytics.

Our favorite content:

The Startup Chat


Ok, so the Startup Chat is technically not a blog, but it’s oh so good! It’s a podcast run by Hiten Shah (co-founder of KISSmetrics) and Steli Efti (CEO of Close). They are two marketing veterans and they share some really great tips for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our favorite content:



Instapage is a great place to learn about landing pages - how to design them and how to write the best copy.

Our favorite content:

Convince & Convert


Convince and Convert is a blog started by Jay Baer, a leading authority on content and social media. He has a lot of great content on both and even leads 5 different marketing podcasts.

Our favorite content:



WordStream is one of the most well-known PPC agencies and they have a super comprehensive blog on everything PPC. Want to elevate your ads game? This is the place to check out.

Our favorite content:

Digital Marketer


Digital Marketer is a site that offers online courses and certification in a variety of marketing disciplines. Their blog has really good actionable how-to videos and guides.

Our favorite content:

Business 2 Community


Business2Community used to be a really high-quality online marketing blog but it has recently turned into more of a free-for-all. You could still find some of their old stuff that was really good about a variety of marketing topics.



Hootsuite is a famous social media tool that has some of the most in-depth articles that every social media marketer needs to read. Need to create a brand new strategy from scratch? Want to get a few social media tips on a specific campaign you’re running? Then this is the blog for you.



Our favorite content:

Orbit Media Studios


Orbit Media Studios is a web design agency that’s led by Andy Crestodina, one of the most well-known content marketers and international speakers. They have a really great blog where every post is a gem.

Our favorite content:

Ignite Social Media




Emarketer is one of the leading marketing research publications in the world. You can find literally any piece of data you need from sales data to user data and much more.


We hope you got some inspiration from our list of the top marketing blogs. They are a great resource to get digital marketing tips on specific topics and learn as you go. If you want to get a marketing expert to take a deep dive into what you’re doing or manage your campaigns for you then get started with Mayple today!