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What is the Role of User Experience in Marketing?

What role does the user experience (UX) play in digital marketing? What's the difference between UX and UI? We debunk it all for you.

Rakefet Yacoby From
By Rakefet Yacoby From
Natalie Stenge
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Updated November 20, 2023.

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The user experience is extremely important to every business that wants to have an online presence.

First, Google has come out and said that they are going to start prioritizing the user experience and changing their algorithms to give priority to websites that rank well in those factors. So usability, speed, and site performance are going to be more important than ever.

Every brand that relies on organic traffic must implement changes to increase its Google Core Vitals, which are a way that Google measures site performance.

Second, the user experience directly correlates with conversions and sales. If users are finding it hard to use your site then they are less likely to make a purchase. This includes various factors such as site speed, mobile friendliness, clarity, speed, etc.

Questions to ask yourself when testing your site for user experience

  • Is the menu clear and easy to navigate?
  • What is the loading speed of each page?
  • Is the cart/checkout process clear and easy to follow?
  • Is the value proposition clear on the home page?
  • What is the bounce rate of the site?
  • Is the content easy to read and follow?
  • Is the most useful content show up on top?
  • Does the content follow the visual hierarchy properly?

User experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designers work hard to get the data on how users interact with the site and then implement changes to improve the user experience and increase conversions.

What is user experience marketing?

User experience marketing can be defined as the understanding of user needs to help create products and services that provide a meaningful experience to the customers. There is usually a UX expert that’s part of the marketing team that is in charge of improving the user experience through A/B testing, surveys, better copy, and design.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

At the very basic level, UI is the user interface or all the elements that enable the user to interact with a company’s product or service. UX is the total experience that the user goes through on the site. UI experts (UI designers or copywriters) are usually more focused on the graphic design and the copy while UX experts look at the entire picture.

8 user testing methods to improve your UX

How do you actually test your UX? Here are some great methods to get that first-party data from your customers, measure the customer satisfaction of your audience, and begin to improve the user experience of your website and product.

  1. Moderated user testing
  2. Unmoderated user testing
  3. Recordings
  4. Site surveys
  5. NPS surveys
  6. A/B testing
  7. Surveying the public or your user base
  8. Email surveys

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