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7 Finger-Licking Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency On Mayple

Hiring a marketing agency through Mayple is a dream come true. Work with an agency that has proven experience, above-benchmark results, reporting tools and more.

Rakefet Yacoby From
By Rakefet Yacoby From
Ben Kazinik
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Updated March 28, 2024.

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We get it, finding the right marketing agency for your business is super hard.

Let’s say you need someone to help with your email marketing.

So you talk to 3 email marketing agencies, hire one, and then wait 2-3 months for the results to come. Sadly, your wallet doesn’t get any fatter.

The agency doesn’t bring the results you were looking for, and you have to start the whole process all over again. Also, you’ve wasted $9,000 of your own money.

Don’t get frustrated, we’re here to help.

Hiring a marketing agency on your own and getting matched to one on Mayple’s platform is like two different worlds. With Mayple you get to work with the cream of the crop.

No learning curve, and no guesswork, get the peace of mind and the results you always wanted.

Working with a vetted agency through Mayple is better for 7 reasons:

  1. Get an agency with proven results
  2. Get an agency with experience in your niche
  3. Work with top performers
  4. Get a team that’s dedicated to your project
  5. Get a dedicated marketing strategist
  6. Get access to the best reporting tools (included)
  7. Get access to Mayple’s community of experts

1. Get an agency with proven results

Look, no one wants to work with an agency that doesn’t do its job right. So many brands waste their time working with agencies that don’t perform and ultimately don’t get any results.

The challenge is that you never know. All you have is the fancy case studies and the sales pitch you got on that intro call. You don’t really know if the agency is any good and if they can replicate their results with your account.

Here at Mayple, we vet each agency for you. We look at their data and past campaigns, and our expert marketing team picks only the best performers to join our community. When you get a case study from a Mayple-vetted agency you know that those results have been verified.

  • Above-benchmark results in the specific project
  • In-depth expertise with marketing strategies and tactics
  • In-depth experience with the tools and platforms needed for the project

I know what you’re thinking - results are great, but did they achieve those for similar brands in my niche? Do they have experience working with companies in our industry?

That’s the second criterion we check for.

2. Get an agency with experience in your niche

Every agency we match you with has experience growing similar brands in your specific niche. So if you’re a shoe company, the agency will have experience in apparel. If you sell supplements then the agency we match you with will have experience in the health and nutrition industry.

The same goes for the specific business stage you’re in. If you’re a startup, we will match you with an agency that has experience working with startups.


  • Proven experience in your niche
  • Proven experience working with a similar target audience
  • Proven experience working with a similar marketing budget

Experience is not the only thing we check for.

3. Work with top performers

Being a top performer isn’t just about the results. It’s also about three things - communication, reporting, and account monitoring.


It’s super critical to work with a team that’s attentive and communicates with you regularly. The most frustrating thing for entrepreneurs is when your campaign is losing traction and the marketer is missing in action. You deserve to work with someone that’s responsive and communicates regularly, and that’s one of the most important criteria in our vetting process.



We vet all our marketers based on how well they report their results. We have actually built a product feature that prompts each marketer or agency to send in their weekly report. We’ve streamlined reporting to make sure you get all the data you need to be in control of your account and in the driver’s seat.

Account monitoring

Another pet peeve of ours - is when you hire an agency, they launch a campaign, and they don’t even monitor the account on a regular basis. Come on people!

Well, it’s not always their fault. Sometimes they’re working with 100+ clients and they’re understaffed, and the person in charge of your account is a junior marketer who just graduated from their internship yesterday.

At Mayple, you get to work with small agencies that have the availability to stay on top of your account and monitor every detail of each campaign. They’re attentive, professional, and courteous, and will diagnose and fix every issue.

4. Get a team that’s dedicated to your project

We work with micro-agencies, of around 10 employees maximum. And that’s a win-win for everyone. The micro-agencies have niche-specific expertise and are uniquely positioned to help scale your business. And in return, you get a team that’s available and dedicated to your project.


Ok, what else do you get besides a top-notch agency? You get our very own Marketing Strategies.

5. Get a dedicated Marketing Strategist

Each Mayple client gets a dedicated person to review their progress and help strategize and brainstorm new ideas to move the needle. Our Marketing Strategists are veterans in the industry with over 5+ years of in-depth experience in multiple channels.


6. Get access to the best reporting tools

All our clients also get access to the industry’s leading reporting tools. Our marketers use them to create reports and dashboards and give you transparency and clarity around your data. Use our tools to improve your segmentation, see which channels are underperforming, and optimize your ad budget.


7. Get access to Mayple’s community of experts

Last but not least, with Mayple you get access to our community of 600+ experts. So if you start with one channel and want to expand to another activity or project you can do that easily.

Use Mayple’s platform to assemble a remote team of A-players in any marketing channel whether that’s influencer marketing, CRO, SEO, marketing strategy, social media and everything in between.

Unlock your growth potential with Mayple

We’ve worked with 500+ brands and have generated over $164M in revenue. Want to experience the same growth our clients have unlocked? Come find the perfect marketing agency for your business today!