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Mayple is now an Official Taboola Marketing Partner

Woohoo! Mayple is now an Official Taboola Marketing Partner. More features for our 1,500+ marketing experts, optimize native video & display advertising.

Ben Kazinik
By Ben Kazinik
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Updated November 20, 2023.

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We have great news to share with you all! Mayple just became an official Taboola Marketing Partner, one of a handful of companies that has a robust integration with Taboola.


For everyone that’s thinking - “what the heck is Taboola?” - don’t worry. We’re going to explain everything. Let’s start in the beginning.

What is Taboola?

Taboola is a content discovery network that is used to provide native advertising. Anytime you go to sites like CNN or ESPN you see those content recommendations underneath the main article. Those recommendations are run by content networks like Taboola or Outbrain.

What is Taboola used for?

Taboola is really powerful when it’s used for native advertising, specifically for retargeting campaigns. This is when a brand targets someone that just visited their site and didn’t make a purchase yet by showing an ad on one of these large content publishers. It’s a really powerful platform to automate and optimize these campaigns.


Here are some mind-blowing Native Advertising stats:

Native ads have a higher percentage in terms of brand affinity and buyer intent. The spend on native video advertising has increased from $7B to over $16B in just the last 3 years.


And perhaps the most important statistic is that native ads yield a 40X higher click-through rate (CTR).


So if you create your campaign the right way, you can see much better results with your native advertising than your regular display ads.

This is why you need to work with a Taboola expert, someone who has the experience, a proven track record with native advertising, and the perfect platform to optimize those ads on.

What you need is to have access to an official Taboola partner like Mayple 😉.

What does being a Taboola Marketing Partner mean?

Mayple is now a Taboola Marketing Partner which means that we have access to the entire Taboola marketing suite, and are certified to help brands optimize their retargeting campaigns even more.

What this means for our brands

It means that we have a Taboola quality stamp regarding the high performance of our experts. It also means that we have access to the most updated Taboola features, offerings, and training for our experts, all in order to get our clients the absolute top performance.

We now have access to a robust integration with Taboola so our experts are now able to optimize your Taboola campaigns even better than before. Our experts can now improve the content that they create for these campaigns. They get access to better translation features to help expand to new countries and regions, better tracking with the Taboola pixel, and better landing page creation features.

What this means for our community of 1,500+ marketing experts

Our marketing experts now have more access to advanced Taboola features and can work with more brands. It’s a great opportunity for our experts to get more training and professional growth in this area and we are hoping to be launching some Taboola courses soon for our online community.

A Taboola + Mayple Success Story

We worked with Family Traveller on their advertising campaigns. We suggested that they use Taboola and try some native ads.

family traveller mayple case study taboola expert partner

We created a few campaigns of 3-6 ads each and our goal was to focus on increasing the number of visitors that landed on the 5th page of the website. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Taboola campaigns that we set up became the most high-quality traffic source for Family Traveler - with an average of 10 pages per session, the highest visit duration, and the lowest bounce rates.

Taboola success story case study with mayple experts

To read the full study click here.