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Family Traveller: More Page Sessions for the Same Cost

Read how Mayple tripled page sessions on Family Traveller website, for the same costs.

Ella Goldfeld
By Ella Goldfeld
Natalie Stenge
Edited by Natalie Stenge

Published November 18, 2023.

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Family Traveller is a one-stop-shop website for anyone traveling with babies, children, and teenagers, providing parents with one location to plan their family holidays.

family traveling in a wheat field

Family Traveller is in the Travel arbitrage industry, their objective was to get at least 5 Page Views per session (PPS). They were looking for the lowest CPC and the highest PPS ratio in order to be as profitable as possible for each website visitor.

They were running only on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Following Mayple’s suggestion, they wanted to try content marketing through Taboola.

In the first month, they launched campaigns in-house alone in a very amateurish way. Campaigns didn’t respect Taboola’s best practices and they were not split by Device and OS. Additionally, there were too few campaigns for targeting multiple countries and they didn’t implement Taboola’s tracking tags on their website.


Our challenges included:

  • Obtaining the lowest PPC (pay-per-click) with the highest PVS (page view sessions)
  • Setting up proper tracking on FamilyTraveller’s website 
  • Overcoming the fact that our main metric (PPS) was being reported only in Google Analytics and not in Taboola

What we did

We started by closing all previous active campaigns and starting “from scratch”.  

Initially, we uploaded new campaigns based on the best-practice structure - campaigns with 3 to 6 ads. These campaigns were split by country, platform (mobile vs. desktop). Working with a fixed bid enabled us to have maximum control over this particular type of campaign.

a group of snow boarders travelling traveling in the snow vacation

In terms of tracking, to start, we implemented a View-Pixel on all relevant pages on the website and created a particular Event-Pixel on the 5th Page any given User landed-on. This allowed us to optimize for these types of Users, the most profitable ones, as they navigated at least to a 5th page, which was the client’s objective.

Ongoing optimization of this event focused on increasing the number of visitors that landed on a 5th page of the website.

Later on, we implemented an event-pixel for the 8th page and for the 12th page, this allowed us to further optimize to “premium” and most profitable Users. Daily optimization of bids was based on sites that brought the highest number of “premium” users.

a man and his baby are visiting US historic monuments

Results: ROAS (return over ad spend) = 370%

Before: few page views per session

Before our intervention, the average PPS (page per session) was 2.4 for a CPC was 0.05$

After: PPS was tripled for the same cost

One month into our involvement the average PPS almost tripled to 7.2 for a similar CPC of 0.05$. This means the activity was 3 times more profitable for the client.

Two months in we reached a PPS of 10.3 for a CPC of 0.06$ The activity turned out to be 4.5 times more profitable than when we had started for a total ROAS of 370%

Family Traveller Taboola campaign results with Mayple managed marketplace

  • Taboola became the first source of traffic for FamilyTraveller, both in terms of users and in terms of Pages / Session (client’s main goal).