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Terrano Systems Increases Conversions by 570% in a Period of 5 months!

Learn how Mayple's unique marketing approach allowed TerranoSystems to turn their business profitable, averaging over 25K$ in monthly profit.

Daniel Madrid Spitz
By Daniel Madrid Spitz
Ben Kazinik
Edited by Ben Kazinik

Published November 18, 2023.

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TerranoSystems in an e-commerce pure player that specializes in high-end communication devices for bikers.

Terrano challenge

As the founder and single worker of Terrano's e-commerce store, Arbel Kuperman was struggling to increase online sales and surpass a flat ROI of 1. His main issue was scaling up as he achieved some positive ROI but not for more than a couple of hundreds of USDs.

Arbel knows very well his product and his business but he is not a digital marketing expert and it was his first time running a paid campaign.

After 5 months managing by himself his Facebook Ads paid activity, he decided to try for a period of a year with 2 different digital Marketing agencies. Fees were high and marketing campaigns didn’t improve significantly. Nor him nor any of the agencies succeeded to reach an ROI of 1 for a marketing budget superior to 1.000$. Just before thinking on closing his store he registered into Selectom's platform to give it a last try.

Outstanding Results

By creating a project in Selectom’s SaaS platform and providing information about his business, audience targeting, location and objectives, Selectom’s algorithm could match him to a digital marketing expert specialized on cycling accessories for the US and European market with over 6 years experience in this particular field.

By granting to the suggested marketer a Read-Only access to his accounts, the marketer could audit the account and determine if he will be able to improve significantly his performance by implementing some of the practices he acquired over the years for this particular product niche and for the targeting audience.

After chatting together and defining the strategy, Arbel decided to give it a try and start working with the freelancer through the platform.

His new marketer started using look-alikes Facebook audience targeting combined with Retargeting that had never been tested before in his account and within the first month the ROI achieved was slightly superior to 1 for a 3K$ budget. Finally the business turned profitable.

In the coming 3 months, Terrano's activity expanded to new channels: Adwords, Taboola and Outbrain were part of the new Marketing strategy, reaching an ROI of 3.4 for monthly sales revenue of 15K$.

Arbel’s biggest frustration while working with agencies was he didn’t know for sure how much of his budget was being used for the cost of the media and how much went to the agency pockets. Selectom’s real time cross-channel performance data let him check any time and anywhere how his campaigns are performing and how much is really spent on channels.