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As a well-established and experienced real estate company, Nitsba Holdings engages in two main activities: the development of residential and commercial real estate projects, and the leasing and managing of income-generating properties. To successfully maximize the results of their operational activities in the digital era, the company naturally engages in digital marketing ventures and turned to Mayple to help resolve existing challenges and promote more successful marketing results.  

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Nitsba initially experienced several challenges

Nitsba Holdings’ marketing activities were previously inhibited from reaching their full potential and maximum results due to several unfortunate factors that ultimately boiled down to a lack of transparency and ownership that simultaneously left the company blind and handcuffed - completely at the mercy of the advertising agency they once collaborated with.

Their website and landing pages needed improvement, no remarketing was being performed on-site, relevant leads were not being generated, the conversion pixel implemented on their site was done so poorly, and incoming phone calls were not being tracked. But the company was not aware of how grave the situation was because they did not own their own digital marketing accounts (including the company’s Facebook page) - the ad agency did!

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Nitsba realized that they were in dire need of a change, one that would return transparency and control to them, so they could identify weak areas within their marketing activities, make necessary improvements, and start obtaining the results they sought from their campaigns.

Mayple provided Nitsba with the change - and results, they desired

Thank’s to Mayple’s risk-free digital marketing management solution and access to qualified and vetted marketing experts proven to deliver results, Nitsba now enjoys full control over their marketing assets, and is always in-the-know regarding the creation, publication, and performance of company campaigns. As a result, Nitsba’s most recently launched campaigns are performing flawlessly, leading potential new buyers to flow to the company via Google Search, Facebook, and the GDN.

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How Mayple did it

Mayple matches businesses to digital marketing professionals that meet their unique needs and ensures they are performing optimally, at all times, by tackling each challenge experienced by their customers head-on and in a personalized fashion. For Nitsba, that meant connecting the company to a best-fit expert marketer that would first return control over the company’s digital assets to the company itself, then tackle the transparency hurdle and finally, implement solutions to create a successful marketing (and remarketing) funnel, from lead generation through conversion and to retention.

Returning control

Mayple matched Nitsba with a marketing expert with experience in the real estate field. The expert launched the collaboration by opening advertising accounts that the company would own and enable the Mayple marketer to access. The Mayple expert additionally endeavored and succeeded at regaining control over Nitsba’s Facebook pages.

These actions ensured that Nitsba was the sole owner of its digital content and campaign data, pixels, and history, ensuring that only Nitsba, or the agency it chooses to work with at any point in time, could post, edit and advertise company content. What’s more, this return of control empowered Nitsba to continue to work with only those marketers who provide them with the results they seek, without fear of losing their digital assets, should they be interested in switching agencies.

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Securing transparency

As all of Nitsba’s marketing activities were now built under their own accounts, and the company was regularly presented with monthly campaign summaries, they began to experience full transparency with respect to their performance. The Mayple expert provided Nitsba with a clear picture of exactly how much budget was allocated to media, how much they paid their service provider, and exactly what results their campaigns were generating.

Creating a successful marketing funnel

The Mayple expert started off by using Maskyoo’s virtual number service to track incoming phone calls and understand which aspects of existing marketing campaigns were working, and which needed to be optimized. The expert then corrected the conversion pixel issue to enable increased visibility into where “real” conversions were coming from, before tackling landing page and website content optimization and mobile responsiveness.

The pixel was also integrated into Nitsba’s website, to help generate relevant leads, present them with projects they would most likely be interested in and remarket projects to site visitors who previously bounced.

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About Nitsba

Nitsba Holdings 1995 Ltd is an Israel based real-estate company that focuses on the development and leasing of income-generating residential and commercial real estate projects. Nitsba owns approx. 125 income-generating properties, mainly in Israel and in France, with a gross leasable area of over 1 million sqm, as well as land properties in Israel designated for real estate development in an area of over 400,000 Sqm, with a total value of over NIS 8 Billion.

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