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Cook Feed & Outdoor 2X in Sales - Case Study

Here's the story of how this eCommerce brand doubled their sales by working with Mayple.

Rakefet Yacoby From
By Rakefet Yacoby From
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Published November 20, 2023.

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“Mayple is a game changer. They’re unique in that they used real life data in our industry combined with their experience to create a custom campaign. There’s also full transparency, and it’s reassuring. They aren't just trying to check the box and hide somewhere. They want you to see the results and are proud to show them. They were able to double our ad sales in just a few months. “ - Steve Cook

The Challenge

Cook Feed & Outdoor is an online store that sells pet food and horse feed. They are located in Oklahoma and they sell throughout the entire US. They had a really successful product but their challenge before joining Mayple was brand awareness and how to market their products and get more sales online. They tried running ads themselves and wanted to get to the next level.

The Solution

It was time to hire a marketer for Cook Feed & Outdoor but it was extremely difficult to find someone that was experienced in their specific niche. They specialize in horse feed for performance horses and it’s a very specific target audience. The average homeowner doesn’t own horses or race on them. So they reached out to us to see if we had a performance marketer with experience in the industry.

We immediately matched them with one of our top-performing ads experts and they created a comprehensive marketing plan. A few high-level strategies that lead to their success:

  • Restructured their Campaigns: We created individual campaigns based on their top-selling product, to increase sales and revenue
  • Launched on New Marketing Channels: worked with the client to integrate their product feed into the Google merchant center to increase traffic to all of their product via Google shopping campaigns
  • Created Promotions that made sense: Promoted seasonal spring promotions to maximize awareness and increase conversion rates

That’s just the basics.

On top of that, the Mayple platform includes:

  • AI-based Matching - we match brands with top eCommerce experts based on 25+ success factors. All our experts are vetted, have 4+ years of experience, and have a proven success record in their niche.
  • Comprehensive vetting - we only accept 3% of the marketers that apply to the platform. We have an extensive vetting process to make sure that you truly get to work with the best of the best in the business.
  • Unbiased monitoring - we monitor the progress of each project, making sure that the work is done correctly and offer data insights and best practices to bring your business to new heights.

The Results

Cook, Feed & Outdoor started working with our Mayple marketing expert in December 2020.

We were able to achieve some amazing results in just 3 months.

The Google Ads ROAS steadily grew from 2.6 to 6.28 in 3 months. The Google Ads conversion rate increased from 1.59% to 2.23% (40% improvement) in 3 months. And the best part is that our expert was able to lower the cost to acquire a customer from $110.61 down to $28.90, which is a 74% reduction.

Now that the Google Ads & Shopping campaigns were profitable the brand was excited to launch campaigns on other marketing channels. And with Mayple’s network of 1,500+ vetted experts, the sky's the limit.

Why Mayple?

We liked the fact that they used experts in different fields instead of having some employees trying to do everything. They were unique in the fact that they used real-life data in my industry combined with their experience, to create a custom campaign. Instead of just doing the same marketing advice and campaign for all industries and clients.

Getting monthly reports not only helps remind me how important marketing is and reminds me to get back after it, but it also is reassuring that they aren't trying to check the box and hide somewhere. They want you to see the results and are proud to show them.