Mayple's customer review on Clutch

Are you struggling with your marketing management?

Do you find it hard to get the creative juices flowing when trying to create a brand for your company?  Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your time improving your product while also trying to build a marketing campaign?

If this is the case, Mayple is perfect for you. Ratings and reviews firm Clutch shows off the top PPC agencies in London, and we’re proud to be listed! As a top digital marketing management company, Mayple is driven by customer satisfaction.

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A 5-start rating for Mayple

Recently, we received a 5-star rating on Clutch from an independent content creator who was trying to market a newly released e-book.  The author of the e-book had multiple projects he had to juggle and needed help marketing his product, which is where we stepped in.

Each customer we have is assigned a personal account manager that assures his/her marketing management success.  In order to determine the target market for the product, we sat down with our client to discuss his goals so we could best determine an advertising strategy.  Having a customer-friendly platform on our website, it is easy to navigate and get in touch with professional marketers who are here to help.

We quickly devised a marketing campaign approved by our client and released the e-book all over the web.  To say our client was satisfied would be an understatement.

Mayple's customer review on Clutch

We take pride in our quality of the product and time efficiency to deliver a marketing strategy as seen in our 5-star rating from August 22.  The results speak for themselves.

“My sales have increased by 134%. My e-book is all over the web! Their platform is easy to use and their founders are eager to help in any way they can.”
Author, Omri Shekel.

Give us your feedback

We always appreciate reviews and feedback, as that helps us grow our company and deliver exactly what the customer wants.  Feel free to leave us a review on Clutch’s website, or you can find us on its sister website, The Manifest. The Manifest helps businesses find agency partners and has listed us as one of the top pay-per-click (PPC) agencies.  

Need help with your digital meting management? If you are looking for more information regarding our past projects, feel free to visit another sister website of Clutch called Visual Objects. Here, you can learn about our past projects and see us listed among the top digital marketing agencies in the world.

If you are looking for more information on Mayple and want to learn more, feel free to contact the Clutch team for more information!


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