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eCommerce Advertising
Report Template

A comprehensive template with everything you need to
create a report on all your advertising channels.

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In this template, you'll get:

Overview of your total spend,
reach, CTR, AOV, and CVR
across all your channels

High-level eCommerce
performance dashboard - top
performing products and user
shopping behavior

All your main KPIs (reach,
impressions, clicks, ad spend,
conversion rate, purchases) for
each ad channel

Populate the data easily by
hand or with automatic
integrations (like Supermetrics)

All Your eCommerce
Data in One Place

Tired of making reports and having to jump from one dashboard to another? We got you.

In this template you get to track all of your advertising and organic channels in one place. Put all your KPIs in, fill in some fields, and it generates all the graphs you need.

You can easily populate the data by hand or use an integration with a tool like Supermetrics.