Transforming the Way Businesses do Marketing in an Ever-changing World

We’re building a future where distributed work is the norm, every
company can plug and play the talent they need, and no
business dies in obscurity.
Agility is key
Freelancing is the future
Evaluate experts easily

Traditional marketing processes are broken

We didn’t need a full-time team right at the start.

We had no idea how to select the best freelancers.

Agencies no longer attract top talent but still charge top dollar

The big ideas behind Mayple

Big Idea #1

Traditional ways of offering marketing services are outmoded

Customer Problem

Full-time teams and big agency retainers no longer work in a world where new social media channels emerge overnight, content trends shift fast, and pandemics drive brick-and-mortar tactics to virtual.

The ever-changing marketing landscape mean businesses need to adapt to stay connected with customers. Constant testing is key, and old-world models don’t allow you to be agile or experiment without commitment.

A new way of hiring marketers on-demand, allowing businesses to flex labor to their month-to-month needs.
  • Reduce time and cost of hiring to hours, not months
  • Adapt to any environment with vetted specialists available worldwide
  • Test new channels in less than 72 hours, with no long-term commitment


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with Mayple

Big Idea #2

Freelancing is the future of work

Customer Problem

The best marketers are leaving big agencies en masse to take control of their careers. Businesses are engaging freelancers more than ever.

While this makes it easy to build flexible teams, it also means throwing the dice on someone that could prove unreliable. Managing service providers can also be difficult – especially when dealing with people a world away.

A central platform where businesses can effortlessly build and manage their remote teams.
  • One point of contact for all your freelancers
  • Tools that automate payment, admin, and all the other tough stuff
  • Dedicated campaign manager to oversee freelancers at no extra cost


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Big Idea #3

Choosing the right expert
shouldn’t be left to chance

Customer Problem

Businesses can now work with marketers anywhere in the world, but most founders aren’t equipped to properly evaluate them. How can you tell which expert will be the right way forward before you invest?

Create a system that finds the perfect fit now and in the future by:
  • Matching companies with the right people from our global marketer database 
  • Monitoring campaigns to make sure companies get the expertise they need 
  • Connecting them with other talent as the market (and their needs) evolve


Matching Criteria

Big Idea #4

Evaluating talent is tougher than ever

Customer Problem

With zero barriers to entry and no standardized credentials, anyone can present themselves as an ‘expert’ in digital marketing. Even if a founder has made marketing hires before, it can be hard to differentiate the real professionals from the people who have only mastered pitching.

A system that vets marketers based on results and experience:
  • Match businesses with the right marketers using AI technology
  • Monitor campaigns to make sure businesses get the expertise they need
  • Connect them with other talent as the market (and their needs) evolve


Marketing Disciplines

The people behind Mayple

An international ecosystem of 600+ expert marketers, 4,000 innovative businesses embracing the
future of work, and an amazing team of 35 superstars who share our vision.

Omer Farkash
COO, Co-founder
Elad Donsky
COO, Co-founder
Alon Diamant
COO, Co-founder
Rakefet Yacoby-From
COO, Co-founder

Serial entrepreneurs Omer, Alon, and Elad were tired
of bad marketing hires. Whether they were sourcing freelancers for startups, building internal teams, or
working with agencies on new market strategies for
giants like Salesforce, they kept running into the
same problem. Traditional methods of hiring
marketers often left their needs unmet.



Everything we do is built on trust in our experts and
fellow team members. We’re transparent about what
we can and can’t do.


We empower freelancers and founders to grow their
businesses and be their own bosses.

Great experience

Unlike platforms that prioritize one side over
the other, we ensure companies and marketers are
excited to work with us.


We hold our employees and experts to the highest
standards – a crucial edge in the labor market.

We’re a worldwide team

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15 west 38 street MB123213
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