Marketing is complicated, Mayple is simple

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How does Mayple identify my business needs?

We are dedicated to providing you with good marketing results for your unique business needs. That’s why we learn about your business needs before planning a tailored-made digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.
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What is  your main goal?

Launch new product or service

Improve existing campaigns

Grow my market share

Expand worldwide

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How do I find the right expert?

We are calculated! Mayple’s unique algorithm matches you with vetted experts that are a perfect fit for what you actually need

Stop blindly sifting through lists of recommendations searching for “the one”

Stop wasting time listening to questionable sales pitches

Stop losing money to lazy marketing providers

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How do I know they are ‘that good’?

We are fierce! Mayple only works with high performing experts, with proven experience and skills who have been vetted by us. We sink our teeth into our experts’ accounts & data to see their track record ourselves, evaluating past results in specific industries and channels. We fight against mediocrity every step of the way.
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How do I choose the best strategy?

We are protective! Strategies can be tricky. That is why you are assigned a personal Growth Strategist to escort you throughout the process who’ll make sure the strategy is simple to understand and includes everything your project needs.

How can I be sure I’m getting top results?

We despise comfort zones! Mayple persistently monitors and challenges the work of your project’s marketing experts with bi-weekly reviews, monthly audits, and ongoing professional guidance to keep them improving.
Your success is our success. If something’s not working out, we are the first to identify it and will act proactively to change it.
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How can I manage all of it?

In Mayple of course! View all of your project’s activity at a glance with our real-time monitoring tool and dashboard.

No need to analyze data from various ad platforms separately

No more scrolling through long and complex reports

No more lost correspondences or endless email chains

Marketing is complicated, Mayple is simple.
We will help you grow.

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