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10 Best Amazon FBA Experts to Hire in 2024

Find the right expert to help you make the most of the Amazon FBA program and supercharge your eCommerce business.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated January 16, 2024.

Amazon FBA expert

Amazon is the go-to global platform for selling products online, as it lets you reach customers locally and worldwide. But to thrive in this $1 trillion marketplace, you need expert guidance from professionals with proven success, and below, we have the ten best Amazon FBA experts in 2024.

Our top picks for the best Amazon FBA experts

1. Gabriela O. - Best overall

2. Tom M. - Best for analytical Amazon marketing

3. Alex M. - Best for combining Amazon FBA across channels

4. Gary E. - Best for getting started on Amazon FBA services

5. Matthew S. - Best for a highly experienced marketing approach

6. Michael M. - Best for creative Amazon marketing

7. Philip J. - Best for B2B and B2C Amazon FBA

8. Cody W. - Best for restructuring Amazon FBA for maximum ROAS

9. Brad J. - Best for developing Amazon FBA from the ground up

10. Katia G. - Best for tailoring SaaS to your Amazon FBA

What is an Amazon FBA expert?

An Amazon FBA expert is someone with in-depth knowledge of selling products on Amazon using the FBA program and provides consulting services to assist other sellers. Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) is a service that allows you to outsource your storage, packaging, and shipping needs.

Essentially, when a customer orders a product, Amazon handles the packing, shipping, and customer service, providing a streamlined process for both sellers and buyers. An Amazon FBA expert can help you make the most of this service and scale your business efficiently without needing an extensive logistics infrastructure.

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Best overall


Gabriela O Icon

Gabriela O.

KPI-driven Amazon FBA strategist


8+ years



Industry focus

Automotive, finance, health & wellness, travel, art & entertainment

Gabriela is an experienced digital marketing strategist who has collaborated with advertising agencies and companies across many industries. Although she's experienced in multiple platforms, she specializes in Amazon FBA.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Digital advertising
  • Strategy
  • Focuses on the automotive, finance, and health and wellness industries

Gabriela prioritizes client KPIs and optimizing marketing investments and is known to drive results consistently. She's particularly adept at launching and managing digital advertising accounts.

Best for analytical Amazon marketing


Tom M Icon

Tom M.

Certified data-driven Amazon marketing expert


20+ years



Industry focus

Finance and banking

Tom has a strong background in the finance and banking industries and brings over two decades of experience in developing mission-critical systems as a digital marketer and programmer in Amazon FBA practices.

  • Amazon marketing and FBA
  • Google and Microsoft-certified
  • Digital marketing
  • Computer programming

Not only is Tom a programmer and financial expert, but his vast experience with CRM in banking and finance makes him a one-stop expert for building Amazon marketing materials from scratch and taking them to the top.

Best for combining Amazon FBA across channels


Alex M Icon

Alex M.

Experienced cross-channel marketer


15+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, finance, style & fashion

Alex is an experienced marketer with cross-channel marketing experience. He boasts extensive expertise in brand development, acquisition, and growth marketing on Amazon's platform.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Data Analysis
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing

Alex managed to grow a media channel's subscription business from just $4 million in revenue to a whopping $100 million. This speaks volumes of his ability to grow your Amazon eCommerce store beyond your expectations.

Best for getting started on Amazon FBA services


Gary E Icon

Gary E.

Proficient in Amazon FBA practices


9+ years


United Kingdom

Industry focus

Automotive, electronics, finance, professional service

Gary is an experienced marketing executive with a strong history of using digital technologies, including Amazon marketing and Amazon FBA, to get accurate business results.

  • Amazon FBA
  • eCommerce
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Social media marketing

Gary's experience with SEO, SEM, social media management, UX, analytics, and marketing automation makes him an ideal partner for growing an eCommerce store and taking it to new heights.

Best for a highly experienced marketing approach


a man in a suit and glasses smiling

Matthew S.

Experienced Amazon FBA manager


10+ years



Industry focus

Art & entertainment, electronics, home & garden, professional services

Matthew is a skilled digital marketing expert with over ten years of proficiency in Amazon marketing, Google, and Bing paid ads. He's also well-versed in advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, email marketing, eCommerce, and digital strategy.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Attorneys and lawyers
  • Computers, laptops, and accessories
  • Home improvement
  • Events and attractions

Matthew has a proven track record in Amazon marketing and channel management and has years of experience in various digital marketing sectors. His record includes experience with giants like Apple, but he also approaches small-scale sites with a positive demeanor.

Best for creative Amazon marketing


Michael M Icon

Michael M.

Creative Amazon marketer


10+ years



Industry focus

Professional services, electronics

Michael, a former Artistic Director with managerial experience, has successfully transitioned into Amazon marketing and digital ads, skillfully merging his administrative background with knowledge in content creation.

  • Amazon marketing and content
  • Social media marketing
  • Focuses on the electronics industry

Michael choreographed a prestigious dance company for 6+ years and has been marketing since. His creativity with Amazon FBA and his experience in PPC make for a winning digital advertising strategy.

Best for B2B and B2C Amazon FBA


Philip J Icon

Philip J.

B2B and B2C Amazon FBA marketing expert


10+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, home & garden, social & community, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion, travel

Philip is the driving force behind the strategic growth of many B2B and B2C products on Amazon. His secret to success lies in leveraging expertise in diverse channels like paid marketing, email, SMS, influencer marketing, and Amazon FBA.

  • Amazon FBA and Amazon ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Focuses on home decor and fashion industries

Philip has a track record of reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) with clients and meeting their targets 100% by combining quantitative and qualitative customer insights with platform-best practices.

Best for restructuring Amazon FBA for maximum ROAS


Cody W Icon

Cody W.

PPC marketing guru


10+ years



Industry focus

Electronics, finance, home & garden, pets, sports, outdoors & fitness, style & fashion

Cody brings a wealth of experience overseeing search, shopping, social, and Amazon campaigns, as well as PPC expertise and Amazon advertising. He has managed budgets exceeding $2M/month and is proficient in collaborating with businesses of various sizes.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Mortgages and loans
  • Furniture

Cody has proven himself by growing some marketing accounts by over 100% in various industries, and this is all thanks to his aggressive year-on-year growth strategy and a strong focus on ROAS.

Best for developing Amazon FBA from the ground up


Brad J Icon

Brad J.

Concept-to-execution Amazon FBA expert


12+ years



Industry focus

Beauty, education, finance, nonprofit & government, professional services

Brad has built marketing departments from the ground up for various clients, with one such successful division achieving a 20% year-on-year growth. He specializes in transforming concepts into executable programs that provide long-term benefits for his clients.

  • Amazon FBA and marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Assists colleges and universities with marketing
  • Focuses on the mortgages and loans, exercise and fitness, and home improvement industries

Brad possesses a marketing degree and extensive experience with multiple digital ad strategies. His excellence with Amazon FBA and knowledge within his industries is the ultimate recipe for success.

Best for tailoring SaaS to your Amazon FBA


Katia G Icon

Katia G.

B2B Amazon marketing expert


9+ years



Industry focus

Education, professional services, technology

Katia specializes in PPC, SEO, and content marketing for B2B SaaS businesses, shaping CMO-led strategies. She dabbles in Amazon FBA, marketing, and online course promotion.

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • B2B SaaS
  • Amazon marketing and FBA
  • Skilled at promoting online courses

Katia has a good mix of business marketing and content creation experience. She has formed successful marketing and growth strategies for subscription-based businesses that are perfect for your Amazon store growth and Amazon FBA optimization.

What to look for in an Amazon FBA expert

An Amazon FBA expert with years of hands-on experience can empower you to unlock profitability on Amazon and beyond. Their role encompasses various functions, each critical to the success of an Amazon seller.

Market research and product selection

Research is a huge part of the job for an Amazon FBA expert as it helps them to identify profitable niches and products. As such, these experts understand Amazon market trends, customer preferences, and competition, all of which are crucial to helping you select products that are more likely to succeed on the Amazon platform.

Supply chain and inventory management

An Amazon expert can also assist in managing the supply chain, ensuring optimal inventory levels. This includes forecasting demand, preventing stockouts, and avoiding excess inventory that can incur long-term storage fees.

Advertising and marketing

They can develop and manage advertising campaigns on Amazon, such as PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, to increase product visibility and sales. Their expertise in Amazon's unique marketing tools can also significantly enhance a product's reach and conversion rate.

Listing optimization

An expert in Amazon FBA knows how to create compelling product listings. This involves keyword research for SEO, high-quality product photography, compelling product descriptions, and pricing strategies. This ensures that the product listings are optimized for both Amazon's search algorithm and potential customers.

Compliance and policy understanding

Amazon has a complex set of rules and regulations for sellers. An FBA expert will ensure that your business complies with these policies, avoiding potential penalties, suspensions, or bans.

Customer service and feedback management

They handle or advise on customer service strategies, focusing on maintaining high customer satisfaction. This includes managing reviews and feedback, addressing customer queries, and resolving issues efficiently.

Financial analysis and reporting

An FBA expert provides detailed financial analysis, including profitability analysis, cost management, and return on investment for different FBA products and marketing strategies.

Strategic planning and growth

An expert can also help set long-term goals, identify expansion opportunities, and develop strategies to increase your store's market share and profitability on Amazon.

Keeping updated with Amazon's evolving platform

They keep up-to-date with changes in Amazon's policies, features, and algorithm updates, adapting strategies accordingly to maintain competitive advantage.

An Amazon FBA expert plays a multifaceted role, combining skills in market analysis, supply chain management, marketing, compliance, customer service, and strategic planning.

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Hire an Amazon FBA expert and reap the benefits

Amazon FBA presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses to thrive in eCommerce, but navigating its complexities often requires expert guidance. Hiring a knowledgeable FBA expert can significantly enhance your operation, from optimizing your listings and managing inventory to navigating Amazon's rules and maximizing profitability.

However, hiring the right expert who is worthwhile to you and your business is essential. Consider their experience, track record, and understanding of your unique business needs, perhaps hiring within your industry or product line.

The right expert can transform your Amazon FBA venture from a daunting challenge into a thriving, smoothly-running business, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.