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10 Top Graphic Design Agencies to Hire in 2024

Need help with your design? Looking to do a re-brand? Here are the best graphic design agencies you should work with. All vetted by Mayple.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
Ben Kazinik
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Updated March 6, 2024.

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How you present your business online matters just as much as what you're selling, how much you charge for it, and sometimes, even as much as social proof itself. So if you want to show up in your best digital clothes online, hiring a graphic design agency is a great idea.

Luckily, you're in the right place for that! Here are the top graphic design agencies to hire this year.

Our picks for the top 10 graphic design agencies

1. Pixated - Best overall

2. Design Buffs - Best for on-demand designs

3. Glam Creatives - Best for Fashion & beauty

4. Firmative Media - Best for Musicians & record labels

5. Moburst - Best for mobile designs

6. The Wild Creative - Best for D2C designs

7. No Limit Creatives - Best for affordable video creation on demand

8. The Emms - Best for web design

9. Third Eye Industries - Best for branding & motion graphics

10. Trymus Group - Best for social media

What is a graphic design agency? 

A graphic design agency produces creative work for brands and usually has a team of graphic designers that specialize in different areas of design. They could create designs for marketing materials, package design, digital design, corporate branding, business cards, logos, and more.

Overall best


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website


Paid media & web design agency

Pixated is a paid media & web design agency with a lot of experience serving clients in the Beauty industry.

Pixated has a flawless track record of delivering excellence, both on their paid media and on their web design vertical. They have the creativity, know-how, and communication skills you need to make your web design project a success.

A lot of experience in a range of industries

Great, very talented team

They offer paid media, social media, and email marketing services too

They shine best in industries and projects that allow for creativity, so they might not be a great fit for a very formal corporate business

Best for on-demand designs


Design Buffs media

Design Buffs

Web design agency

Design Buffs offers a design services for a flat monthly fee.

If you need multiple graphic designs every month, hiring an agency like Design Buffs is the smartest thing you can do. For a flat monthly fee, you get your own designers for a given number of hours every month, and you can make your requests and work directly with them.

Flat monthly fee

Easy to know what to expect

Flexible subscription

Unlimited reviews

They might not be a good fit if you need to re-design your website or if you have very specific graphic design needs

Best for fashion & beauty


Glam Creatives media

Glam Creatives

Creative design & photography agency

Glam Creatives is a creative design agency boasting more than a decade of experience in the business.

Glam Creatives has the best-chosen name ever: their designs and photography are glamorous, cutting-edge, full of life, and original down to the last pixel. And their track record is mighty impressive too: they’ve worked with Adidas, partnered with TikTok for the LatAm Grammies, and had a host of other very interesting attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping projects.

Very unique and experienced

They can handle both the design and the photography part

Excellent track record of success

If you’re looking for someone to do web design or simple graphics for your website, they might not be a good fit

Best for musicians & record labels


Firmative Media banner

Firmative Media

Creative visual content agency

Firmative serves the music industry with video production, lyric video, short-form video, and other creative elements musicians and record labels might need.

Firmative is a niche agency par excellence — they know how to make your music stand out, they know how to put your message out there, and they know how to connect your brand with visuals that pop.

They are truly specialized for the music industry,

They have a good range of services to choose from

Their work is very creative & drives attention

They are very niche, and their entire service is catered to the music industry only, so if you don’t fit the persona, you might not benefit from their expertise

Best for mobile designs


Moburst advertising agency homepage


Mobile-focused agency

Moburst is a global success agency that helps companies grow their digital business.

On the creative side, they can help with concept and design, video production and animation, social media assets, user-generated-content (USG), and more. This range of services makes them a perfect ally for businesses who are mostly focused on mobile marketing.

Very focused on mobile optimization,

Creative ideas & flawless execution

They offer USG services

If you need more traditional creative assets (featured images for blogs, infographics, etc.), Moburst might not be a good fit for you

Best for D2C businesses


The Wild Creative Media

The Wild Creative

Creative, media, and marketing strategy agenc

The Wild Creative is a user acquisition agency focused on the D2C industry.

a fantastic track record of working for world-renowned brands like Chevrolet, Deliveroo, Volkswagen, Vimeo, Payoneer, HelloFresh, Ralph Lauren, and eToro. Their work has brought previous clients amazing view-through rates, like 287% for an interior design business and 414% for a Fitness business.

They are very good at capturing attention

They provide paid media and marketing strategy too

They have excellent case studies & track record

They’re not your usual graphic design agency, so if you just need regular graphics, they might not be a great fit for you

Best for affordable video production on demand


No Limit Creatives media

No Limit Creatives

Graphic design agency

No Limit Creatives is a graphic design agency that works on a fixed monthly fee.

They offer graphic design and video production services (including for motion ads, where they boast a $.01 cost per view on the creative side). Considering the complexity of the service and the availability, they are quite affordable — and they offer a 14-day money back guarantee too.

Affordable video creation


You can choose who you work with

They might not be suitable for very complex, lengthy projects

Best for web design


The Emms Website

The Emms

Web design & web development

The Emms are a collective of smart marketing professionals that delivers a vast variety of work across the communications cycle.

The Emms excels at web design, social media management, and all things visual. They’ve worked with large and small companies alike, and their portfolio includes big names too, Like Unilever, for example. Regardless of business size, however, all of their clients have praised the professional approach, the results, and the overall interaction.

Experienced in both web design and web development

Can provide you with services across the communications spectrum

They have a really good track record of success

They might not be suitable for someone who wants a more toned-down approach to design

Best for branding & motion graphics


Third Eye Industries media

Third Eye Industries

Web design agency

Third Eye Industries is a web design agency that offers logo, identity, frontend development, web design, and motion graphics services.

Their experience, range of services, and wide array of industries make them a perfect partner in designing a flawless website your customers will love (and buy from.)

Experience in a lot of industries

Fantastic track record of success

Can offer a generous range of services

They might not be suitable if you’re looking for very cutting-edge designs

Best for social media


Trymus Group Website

Trymus Group

Social media agency

Trymus Group, founded by digital marketing professor Marta Tryshak, is a social media agency that can provide both strategic insight and flawless execution.

Trymus Group has a very complete approach to social media. They’ll take you from concept and strategy and walk you through the most relevant data you need to grow your business. They also provide content production services (including, but not limited to social media designs) and they can help with community building and influencer partnerships as well.

A 360 approach to social media

Can handle all your social media and community building needs

Excellent track record

If you need web design services, Trymus Group might not be a good fit for you

Why should you work with a graphic design agency? 

If you're working on a small project or need some quick designs done then you should probably work with a graphic designer. If you're looking for something more robust and long-term then you need a graphic design company with a large design team. 

Brands that are looking for specific expertise or want to onboard a design team quickly should work with a digital agency. The competitive advantage of agencies is that they could deliver work faster and onboard larger clients. 

Another advantage of working with a specialized design agency is that they are the most knowledgeable about the latest trends. As one of the greatest design experts, Bruce Duckworth (owner of the packaging design firm Turner Duckworth) has said—"one of the things we are very careful about, indeed very wary of as an agency, are trends". Bruce's agency put a lot of effort into learning which design trends stick and which flop.

"A good logo is NOT about what one likes or dislikes, it's about what works"—Sagi Haviv, famous graphic designer and author

What's the difference between a graphic design and a creative agency? 

Graphic design agencies focus on executing designs and less on creative strategy. Creative agencies do more of the art direction and overall strategy for their clients. It's like working with a branding firm.

How much do graphic design firms cost?

It really depends on the type and scope of your project. A one-time design service costs between $100 and $850 while ongoing work with a creative agency could cost between $300 and $1000 (or more) depending on the type of work you would have them do.

Questions to ask your graphic design agency

Don't be left in the dark or stuck working with an unqualified digital design team. Here are the questions you should ask every 

1. What previous experience do they have working with clients in your industry? 

What's the agency's experience like? Will you be working with senior designersor or branding freelancers that have a proven track record in your niche? Ask for a list of some of their most notable clients in your industry or niche. Look at their client base and see examples of their work. 

You don't need a fancy creative studio or an award-winning agency from San Francisco to get good graphic design services. Experience and proven success in your specific niche are more important than accolades and awards.

2. What's their creative process like? 

What does the process look like from ideation to execution? Get a good grasp of how the ideas turn into designs and who works on what. 

3. What materials do they need from you to get started?

Make sure you even have the materials the agency needs. Sometimes you may find you're missing something and that would delay the work.

4. Who will you be working with? 

Graphic design companies usually have several roles on their team. You should ask which people you would be talking with, how many of the staff members you would be interacting with, and how much influence would you have on the specific project.

5. What's their project timeline like? 

How long will the project take? What's their turnaround time like? Make sure to know the delivery times for each piece of design and get your team ready for it.

6. Will you have rights to the designs they deliver? 

This one is super important. Make sure that you have the rights to all the designs you pay for and that you could use it on various channels (your site, social media, digital products).

"Design is not a thing you do, it is a way of life"—Alan Fletcher, famous British graphic designer.

Looking to hire a reliable, talented, and creative graphic design agency? Contact Mayple and let us match you with the best one there is!