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Top 10 Magento Marketing Agencies to Hire in 2024

Looking for the right Magento marketing agency to get more conversions to your shop? Here is the list of the top Magento agencies, all vetted by Mayple.

Ben Kazinik
By Ben Kazinik
Octavia Drexler
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Updated March 28, 2024.

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Your Magento store needs more than just a pretty face. Each year the stakes get higher, so your path to eCommerce success requires expertise, creativity, and a deep understanding of Magento's powerful platform. But with the sheer amount of agencies claiming Magento expertise, choosing the right partner can feel overwhelming. This blog cuts through the clutter, presenting the top 10 Magento marketing agencies. We've carefully evaluated agencies based on their experience, expertise, client testimonials, and commitment to innovation.

Our top picks of the best Magento marketing agencies

1. Social Kick - Best overall

2. Result Kitchen - Best for B2B eCommerce stores wanting to scale

3. Pixated - Best for Magento web design and development

4. Cedarwood Digital - Best for SEO-driven results

5. Casa Media - Best for enhancing Magneto stores' branding

6. Wayfinder Agency - Best for eCommerce gaming companies

7. Reach Digital - Best for Magento paid media campaigns

8. Attn Labs - Best for data-driven Magento marketing

9. Mind Ad Media - Best for crafting video content

10. SnapAdvantage - Best for Magento social media marketing

What is a Magento marketing agency? 

It's an eCommerce marketing agency that specializes in servicing online shops that run on Magento (now Adobe Commerce). This means executing digital marketing strategies through a wide range of services including Magento development, inbound marketing, user experience (UX), email marketing, content writing, and Google Ads.

Best overall


Social Kick Cover Image

Social Kick

Holistic eCommerce and Magento marketing agency

Social Kick is an all-round eCommerce marketing agency that offers services including paid advertising (Google Ads & Facebook Ads), sales funnels, email marketing, and video content.

Social Kick goes beyond the basics for Magento stores. They offer a full spectrum of services to ensure you have a cohesive marketing strategy that addresses all your needs, from attracting customers with storytelling videos to converting them into loyal fans throughout the sales funnel.

eCommerce marketing


Strategic & data-driven

Email marketing

Video production

Mostly specializes in health and beauty sectors

Best for B2B eCommerce stores wanting to scale


a screenshot of Result Kitchen website

Result Kitchen

Get proven recipes to grow your business

Result Kitchen is a multifaceted marketing agency that caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups seeking investment to established companies looking to scale growth.

B2B eCommerce businesses on Magento can leverage Result Kitchen's unique approach to gain valuable support for scaling their business. Result Kitchen offers a combination of invested marketing advisors who can potentially become equity partners, fractional CMO services for flexible and cost-effective marketing leadership, tailored B2B eCommerce expertise, and scalable paid growth strategies. This unique combination of strategic guidance, experienced leadership, and proven growth strategies positions Result Kitchen as a strong partner for B2B Magento stores seeking to scale effectively.

B2B eCommerce expertise

Consultancy services

Lead generation & SEO

Paid advertising

Influencer marketing

Doesn't offer all traditional marketing channels

Best for Magento web design and development


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website


Creating stunning, conversion-led websites

Pixated are performance marketing and web design specialists offering Facebook Ads, PPC advertising, web design, and email marketing services.

Pixated combines hands-on support, results-driven websites, and unmatched expertise to deliver beautiful and intuitive Magento experiences that convert. Their guaranteed on-time, on-budget, and satisfaction-focused approach, coupled with a proven track record serving industry leaders, ensures your Magento store reflects your unique vision and thrives with continuous optimization.

Magento web design and development expertise


Post-launch support

UX and CRO-driven

No clear pricing structures on their website

Best for SEO-driven results


Cedarwood Digital

Cedarwood Digital

Effectively increasing online stores' visibility

Cedarwood Digital is a UK-based marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce, offering SEO, PPC, digital PR, paid social, and Google Analytics services.

Cedarwood Digital offers a personalized, hands-on SEO approach, ensuring every aspect of your strategy is overseen by a dedicated expert. Their comprehensive strategies enhance your online store's visibility, including website audits, technical SEO analysis, and tailored optimization for both national and local audiences.

SEO expertise

PPC & paid social services

PR & outreach

Google Analytics

No email or SMS marketing services

Best for enhancing Magento stores' branding


a screenshot of Casa Media homepage

Casa Media

Defining brand essence, identity, and narrative

Casa Media is a creative digital marketing agency in Montreal. They specialize in branding, web development, social media, and advertising, ultimately striving to turn ideas into visual and pragmatic brand assets.

Casa Media collaborates closely to define your brand identity and craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience. Their comprehensive services, from strategy to execution, ensure every aspect of your brand, from logo design to copywriting, aligns perfectly with your vision. Their focus on creating unique and impactful brand images guarantees your store stands out in the crowded online marketplace.

Branding expertise

Copywriting & web design

Video production

Paid advertising & SEO

Social media management

No email or SMS marketing services

Best for eCommerce gaming companies


Wayfinder Agency Logo

Wayfinder Agency

Putting online gaming companies on the map

Based in Canada, Wayfinder is a boutique performance marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce advertising for tabletop game companies.

Wayfinder Agency empowers eCommerce gaming companies to achieve sustainable growth through data-driven marketing strategies. Their team leverages extensive experience in the tabletop gaming industry to create effective PPC campaigns, conduct in-depth market research, and implement action-oriented solutions. Wayfinder prioritizes measurable results and collaborates closely with clients to develop campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive player engagement. Their expertise extends to various marketing channels, including Google Analytics 4, ensuring comprehensive support for your entire marketing journey.

Gaming expertise

Google Tag, Data Studio & Analytics experts

Ad creative services

Email marketing & automation

Social media management

No branding or SMS marketing services

Best for Magento paid media campaigns


a screenshot of Reach Digital homepage

Reach Digital

Performance and growth partner

Reach Digital is a marketing agency set on growing eCommerce and lead generation businesses through performance marketing and growth initiatives.

Reach Digital isn't just an agency—they're a dedicated partner in your eCommerce and lead generation success. They specialize in revenue-optimized strategies through AB testing and data-driven paid media, proven to maximize ROI and grow your Magento business. Trusted by leading brands and backed by strong testimonials, Reach Digital is committed to exceeding your expectations and propelling you towards significant growth with their innovative approach.

eCommerce marketing expertise

Lead generation

Ad creative services

AB testing

Paid media campaigns

Focused on performance only and doesn't offer other marketing services

Best for data-driven Magento marketing


Attn Labs banner

Attn Labs

Get reliable returns on paid acquisition spend

Attn Labs is a proven growth marketing agency that focuses on helping eCommerce and influencer-based businesses grow using paid acquisition, attribution, and analytics.

Attn Labs is your partner for impactful Magento marketing driven by data. They excel in putting measurable growth plans together, diligently tracking costs, and analyzing data to optimize your campaigns and prevent ad spend waste. Their expertise ensures predictable growth through strategic acquisition, allowing you to make informed decisions and focus efforts for maximum ROI.

Data-driven marketing

Acquisition strategies

KPI focus

Caters to DTC brands only

Best for crafting video content


a screenshot of MindAd Media website

MindAd Media

Dynamic video content creation company

MindAd Content has over 15 years of experience creating impactful video content for various social media channels. From short-form videos to immersive storytelling, they bring video content to life.

Combining creativity, relatability, and strong narratives to craft engaging videos across various social media channels, MindAd Media effectively showcases your Magento brand and its offerings. Their expertise spans diverse content areas, ensuring a perfect fit for your store's unique identity. MindAd Media even explores collaboration opportunities to amplify your reach and revenue potential.

eCommerce expertise

Video creation and production

Magento shop audit

Data reports & analytics


No email or SMS marketing services

No clear pricing structures

Best for Magento social media marketing


Cover image for SnapAdvantage


User-generated social media marketing

SnapAdvantage, a leader in social media marketing, drives results for eCommerce businesses. They combine influencers, content strategy, and data analytics, along with integrated email and text marketing, to build brands and boost sales.

SnapAdvantage delivers comprehensive social media marketing solutions for Magento stores. They combine influencer and user-generated content with strategic planning to drive sales, not just likes. They seamlessly integrate email and text marketing for maximum impact, optimizing campaigns through data-driven insights. Their unique blend of AI and human expertise ensures you reach the right audience, build brand loyalty, and ultimately achieve significant growth.

Social media marketing expertise

Influencer & UGC marketing

Email and SMS marketing

Data-driven results

Reputation management

No PPC or SEO services

Why work with a Magento marketing agency?

eCommerce stores that run on Magento have different requirements. They might need a marketing partner who is familiar with platform-specific business solutions and has extensive knowledge about what works on the platform. Alternatively, they may be looking for a development team to quickly fix a bug or do a site re-design. That's when they should reach out to a Magento agency instead of a generic digital agency.

What are some of the benefits of working with a Magento marketing company?

The biggest benefit of working with a Magenta agency is their expertise in the platform. A lot of agencies don't specialize in one particular technology. Instead, they try to offer all kinds of design and development services under one roof. This means that you're paying for services that you don't really need. You can get all of your needs met by hiring a Magento agency.

How much does it cost to hire a Magento marketing agency vs. a general digital agency?

The average price of hiring a Magento development agency is $8k-$12k per month. If you want to hire a Magento marketing agency, they're usually similarly priced as a regular digital agency ($5k-$8k).

The key factor is making sure you get the best service possible. The good news is that with Mayple you get access to expert agencies at a fraction of the cost. We vet all our experts, ensuring they have expertise and successful track records in various eCommerce industries and niches.

How does a Magento marketing agency help?

A Magento marketing agency has a team of experts that can provide you with:

  • A dedicated account manager who will take care of your project from start to finish.
  • Experienced developers and designers who are proficient with Adobe products like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.
  • A full suite of tools and resources to make sure your website looks great and functions well.
  • A team of SEO experts to ensure your store ranks high in search engine results and gets you tons of organic conversions.
  • Email marketing campaigns to get your customers excited about your brand.
  • Content creation services to keep your visitors engaged.
  • User experience design to create a seamless customer journey.

What makes a good Magento marketing agency?

The best Magento agencies are those that understand how to use the platform to its fullest potential. They know how to build websites that perform well and convert traffic into sales. They also know how to integrate their services with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

The most important thing to look for in a Magento agency is whether they're able to deliver on time and within budget. If they don't meet these two criteria, then it's probably not worth working with them. They should also have a really good grasp of your industry.

For example, if you work in the beauty industry then your agency should understand your current audience and what other online stores in your niche do to market to their consumers and provide that exceptional customer experience.

What services can a Magento agency offer? 

  • Custom Magento web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Full-stack development
  • Marketing strategy (analyzing industry trends and your competitors)
  • Email marketing 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing

Questions to ask your Magento eCommerce agency

  • Is it a Magento Certified Agency or a Magento Solutions Partner? 
  • How old is the agency? 
  • What other services and digital marketing solutions do they provide? 
  • Do they have a successful track record (and extensive experience) with other brands in your niche? 
  • What's the project timeline? 
  • What are their communication skills like?
  • How often would they be communicating with you?
  • Which teams would you be communicating with (eCommerce, design, development)? 
  • Do they have the technical skills to be able to improve your conversion rates?
  • Can they conduct a business analysis and create a marketing strategy for your online business? 
  • Do they have experience launching successful social media campaigns with high audience engagement?

Find Your Perfect Magento Marketing Match

Choosing the right Magento marketing agency is an investment in the future of your online store. By carefully considering the factors outlined above and leveraging the insights from this curated list, you'll be well-equipped to make an informed decision.

Remember, the ideal agency is an extension of your team, one that understands your unique vision and possesses the expertise to bring it to life. With the right partner by your side, your Magento store can flourish in the ever-competitive eCommerce landscape.