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60 Google Ads Headline Ideas that Click in 2024

How to write the best headlines for your Google Ads to get more clicks, improve ROAS, increase conversions. Learn the most important elements of the headline.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
Ben Kazinik
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Updated May 2, 2024.


If your digital marketing efforts include online advertising, Google Ads is a great growth marketing platform. With a conversion rate of 3.75% in Search, Google Ads appears to be a pretty good opportunity (and one of the most popular advertising platforms) when you want to capture demand where (and when) your potential customers are already looking for your product. 

And if you want to make sure your Google Ads are enticing, you also want to look into your PPC ad headlines. Google Ads has a 30 character limit on their headlines, for example, which means you have to use this real estate the best way possible. 

Read our blog post and learn more about making your Google Search ads headline stand out -- so you can drive more with less in your PPC campaigns.

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Elements of a Google headline

Google headlines are meant to grab your attention and make you want to click on them, and they do this by incorporating various elements that make them interesting and compelling.

An advertising campaign headline generally includes a title, a description, and a URL. In addition, there are certain key aspects to consider when creating an effective Google headline.

  1. Keyword phrase: Including relevant keywords/ search terms in your headline can increase its visibility and relevance to users who are searching for those specific terms. It's important to choose keywords that accurately reflect the content of your website or article.
  2. Numbers: Incorporating numbers in a headline can make it more attention-grabbing and trustworthy. For example, "10 Tips for a Successful Job Interview" is more likely to catch someone's eye than simply "Tips for a Successful Job Interview".
  3. Emotional appeal: A headline that evokes emotion in the reader can be more effective in getting them to click. This could be achieved through using power words, asking questions, or creating a sense of urgency.
  4. Call-to-action: Including a call-to-action phrase in your headline can prompt readers to take action and click on your link. Examples of call-to-action phrases include "Find out more", "Don't miss out", or "Limited time offer".
  5. Unique angle: Standing out from the competition is key when it comes to creating a successful headline. Finding a unique angle or perspective can make your headline stand out and capture the attention of potential readers.
  6. Length: The ideal length for a Google headline is between 55-60 characters. This ensures that the entire headline is visible in search results and doesn't get cut off, making it harder for users to understand the full context.
  7. Relevance: The content of your headline should always be relevant to what users are searching for. If your headline is misleading or has nothing to do with the actual content of your website or article, it can lead to a negative user experience and decrease your click-through rate.
  8. Accuracy: It's important to ensure that the information in your headline is accurate and not misleading. Making false promises or exaggerating the content can also lead to a negative user experience and affect the credibility of your website.
  9. Extensions. Google ads extensions (such as callout extensions, location extensions, review extensions, and so on) can enhance your ads, make them more appealing, and provide more information to your audience about your business. Although not mandatory, extensions can build trust with your audience, and engage them in a more natural way.
  10. Formatting: Using proper formatting techniques, such as capitalization and punctuation, can make your headline more visually appealing and easier to read. It's also important to avoid using all caps or excessive punctuation, which can come across as spammy.
  11. Testing: Lastly, it's always beneficial to test different variations of your headlines to see which ones perform best. This could involve A/B testing or analyzing the click-through rates of different headlines over a period of time. Continuously refining and improving your headlines can lead to better overall performance and higher conversion rates.

In addition to these key elements, it's also important to keep in mind the overall tone and messaging of your headline. It should align with your brand image and be consistent with the content it is promoting.

Also, no single campaign element is more important than all others. Yes, your search engine ad headlines matter a lot -- but so do your targeting, budget, bidding, landing page, Quality Score, and so on.

Your campaign success is not reliant one element. It's not even one channel: it's the entirety of your marketing efforts: ads campaigns, organic search efforts, social media, and so on. They must all come together to meet customer audiences where they are, build their trust in your brand, and make an offer when they are ready to buy.

Google Ads headline ideas


What makes a good Google Ads headline?

There's no universal recipe for a good Google Ads headline. However, the best ones tend to:

  • Grab attention
  • Incorporate keywords
  • Evoke emotion or create a sense of urgency
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Be relevant and accurate
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Use proper formatting techniques

To achieve all of these elements, it's important to understand your target audience and what would appeal to them. Conducting market research and analyzing competitor headlines will help you better gauge the most effective approach for your specific brand and product.

Additionally, testing and refining your headlines will ensure that they continue to perform well and meet the changing needs of your audience. Ultimately, a good Google Ads headline should entice users to click on your ad and lead them to take action on your website. So, it's crucial to put effort into creating catchy, relevant headlines people want to engage with.

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Should you use less than 5 headlines in Google Ads?

Google Ads requires you to submit five headlines for each ad. However, this does not mean that all five headlines need to be used in every instance. Using less than five headlines can actually be beneficial if you have strong and effective headline options. This allows you to focus on the quality of your headlines rather than trying to come up with filler or repetitive content.

It's important to remember that quality trumps quantity when it comes to headlines in Google Ads. So, rather than trying to fit all five headlines into your ad, focus on selecting the best and most impactful ones for maximum results.

In conclusion, a good Google headline is a powerful combination of relevant keywords, emotional appeal, call-to-action phrases, unique angles, proper formatting, and accuracy. Testing and refining these headlines is important to make sure you find the option most likely to engage and convert your customer audiences.

Best practices for writing Google Ads headlines & descriptions

Crafting compelling headlines and descriptions for Google Ads is an art that balances creativity with strategic planning. Here are some best practices to guide you in the process:

Relevant keyword phrases

Keyword insertion works and is recommended in both your headlines and descriptions is crucial, as it makes your ad more discoverable to users actively searching for your products or services. This practice not only enhances the visibility of your ads in search results but also improves their overall effectiveness in attracting potential customers.

When setting up the campaign, consider negative keywords as well, not just your target keyword phrases. This helps you make sure your keyword placement nails the best spot and doesn't show your ads for organic searches that have nothing to do with your product. 

Keywords funnel Google Ads


Solving a problem

Highlighting how your product or service solves a specific problem can significantly increase the impact of your Google Ads. It directly addresses user needs, making your ad more relevant and compelling to your target audience.

Offering a discount

Offering a discount in your ads can act as a powerful incentive for potential customers, encouraging them to click through and explore your product or service. Such promotions not only enhance the attractiveness of your ads but can significantly boost conversion rates by providing a tangible benefit for immediate action.

Use humor

Using humor in your Google Ads can make them stand out and engage your audience in a unique way. It can create a memorable impression, encouraging users to associate your brand with positive emotions and potentially increasing click-through rates.

Google Search funny ad example

(Arguably, this is a very old Google ad -- but still pretty funny. Source here)

Share data

Sharing data in your Google Ads can lend credibility and attract the attention of potential customers who value transparency and proof of efficacy. Displaying statistics, success rates, or customer satisfaction scores can reassure users of the value and quality of your product or service, encouraging them to click through.

Furthermore, including any kind of social proof you can will automatically boost people's trust in your product. Some of the best-performing ads are successful not because they use emotional manipulation, corporate espionage, make false accusations, 

Time constraints

Adding a sense of urgency by mentioning time constraints in your Google Ads can greatly increase their effectiveness. This method encourages users to take immediate action, driven by the fear of missing out on a limited-time offer or deal.


Highlighting what makes your product or service unique in your Google Ads is crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition. It involves presenting your unique selling points (USPs) in a compelling manner to capture the interest of your target audience and encourage them to choose your brand over others.

Unique selling proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) represents the core benefit or advantage that sets your product or service apart from competitors in the market. It is essentially what makes your business the better choice for prospective customers, compelling them to choose you over others.

30 Google Ads headline examples

No idea how to go about your Google Ads headlines? Here are some headline examples to get you started. Of course, you will have to adapt them to your particular product and search query, but they're a good starting point:

  1. "Meet your match today"
  2. "Sleep soundly with us"
  3. "Good? Try our better"
  4. "Dream of faster results?"
  5. "Last chance: sale ends soon"
  6. "Support that never sleeps"
  7. "Gain hours with our help"
  8. "Find your missing piece"
  9. "Today's deal: 20% off"
  10. "John chose us. Join him"
  11. "Introducing the game changer"
  12. "Waiting ends with us"
  13. "Exclusive VIP access awaits"
  14. "Start your adventure now"
  15. "Durability meets style"
  16. "Efficiency in every task"
  17. "Save big, smile bigger"
  18. "Stock running low, act now"
  19. "Be part of the buzz"
  20. "Effortless lifestyle upgrades"
  21. "Comfort from the future"
  22. "Surpass homemade taste"
  23. "Dare to be different?"
  24. "Shop local, shop smart"
  25. "Satisfaction or refund"
  26. "Spring into savings"
  27. "Making life simpler"
  28. "Experience award-winning quality"
  29. "Find joy in every day"
  30. "Over 10K trust us"
  31. Unleash your potential today"
  32. "Better mornings. Better days."
  33. "Switch to the better option."
  34. "Want quicker results?"
  35. "Act fast: deals won't last"
  36. "Help is just a click away"
  37. "Free up your day easily"
  38. "The solution you've missed"
  39. "Grab your exclusive 20% off"
  40. "See why everyone's switching"
  41. "Revolutionize your routine"
  42. "Endless waiting? Not here"
  43. "Unlock premium benefits now"
  44. "Your journey begins here"
  45. "Strength and style combined"
  46. "Simplify your tasks today"
  47. "Enjoy bigger savings now"
  48. "Hurry, limited availability!"
  49. "Join the conversation"
  50. "Live a life of ease"
  51. "Tomorrow's comfort, today"
  52. "Outshine the ordinary"
  53. "Ready for a change?"
  54. "Your neighborhood's best"
  55. "Guaranteed happiness"
  56. "Jump into spring deals"
  57. "Simplify with a click"
  58. "Where quality meets service"
  59. "Embrace daily joy"
  60. "Trusted by thousands daily"

Nailing Google Ads: Science and art

Creating effective Google Ads involves a combination of strategic planning and creative execution. You need to use relevant keywords, solve a problem, and entice people to click on your ad, all while standing out from your competition. A successful Google headline requires careful crafting and testing to find the perfect combination of words that will not only attract users but also compel them to take action.

Google Ads is one of the most popular types of ads and marketing tools for a reason -- but you need to do it right. 

If you're looking for someone to help you build successful online marketing campaigns on Google, do not hesitate to contact Mayple. We will connect you with the best and most experienced Google Ads expert for your needs!