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Top 10 Instagram Agencies to Hire in 2024

Looking to grow your presence on Instagram? Want to power up some Instagram ads? Work with the top Instagram agencies in the world.

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell
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Updated April 16, 2024.

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With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become a dominant force in social media marketing. An astounding 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily, making it one of the most engaging platforms. Instagram offers tremendous opportunities for businesses looking to reach new audiences and drive growth.

With Instagram playing an increasingly vital role in marketing, developing a strategic presence on the platform is key for reaching modern audiences. An Instagram agency can help unlock this app's immense potential for driving brand growth.

Our picks for the top Instagram agencies

1. Common Ground Digital. - Best overall

2. K6 Agency. - Best for cross-channel Facebook and Instagram ads

3. DigiCom. - Best for omnichannel social media marketing

4. Bowler Works. - Best for targeted social ads to specific demographics

5. Lean Digital. - Best for Instagram Ads in SaaS and Fintech

6. Social Kick. - Best for video content Instagram marketing

7. Sortino Marketing. - Best for target audience insights on Instagram

8. Tale Digital. - Best for utilizing PPC campaigns on Instagram

9. Cedarwood Digital. - Best for providing training on social media marketing

10. Sensters. - Best for eCommerce brands leveraging Instagram Ads

What does an Instagram agency do?

An Instagram agency will manage everything from posting Instagram content to scheduling influencer campaigns. They are also responsible for creating and executing a content strategy through paid and organic campaigns, including managing ad accounts and budgets. 

Usually, it's a social media agency with specific experience marketing to your target audience on Instagram. They have mastered this social channel and offer it as a standalone service.

Best overall


Common ground digital | digital marketing agency

Common Ground Digital

Instagram specialists | Facebook Ads | PPC

Common Ground is a results-focused digital marketing agency that consistently provides the visibility, traffic, leads, and conversions their clients need and the service levels they want. Their Instagram marketing experience is vast and has proven results.

With a proven track record driving triple-digit growth for clients across sectors, Common Ground consistently provides the visibility, traffic, conversions, and service levels brands need through data-backed organic and paid channel strategies.

Strong focus on growth marketing

SEO excellence in advertising

Impressive track record of triple-digit growth numbers for clients

Clients seeking more comprehensive marketing coverage may need to supplement their offerings with additional agencies

Best for cross-channel Facebook and Instagram ads


K6 Website

Instagram specialists | SMM | Google Ads

K6 Agency has over 6 years of experience in Instagram ads, social media management, and Google ads for eCommerce brands. They offer borderless performance marketing with experience in CRO, SEO, and web design on smaller projects. Their mission is to help their clients generate results by bringing ideas and execution to the table.

K6 Agency leverages over 6 years of expertise in paid social ads like Instagram, email marketing, CRO, web design, and more to generate client results through integrated channel strategies grounded in audience insights and performance data.

Assists with a full scope of services from implementation to perfection

Google and Shopify partnered

Strong track record

Strong focus on Facebook Ads which ties in with Instagram Ads

Guidelines on pricing packages are limited

Best for omnichannel social media marketing



Instagram specialists | Lead generation

DigiCom specializes in a range of growth-focused services, including Instagram marketing, email and SMS strategy development, email design and development, A/B testing, and more. This breadth of services underscores DigiCom's holistic approach to growth marketing, ensuring that every facet of your brand's digital presence is optimized for success.

DigiCom takes a metrics-led approach, using email, SMS, web analytics, and more to ensure every digital touchpoint works cohesively to achieve brand growth objectives informed by market testing and optimization.

Experienced with 30+ ad platforms

Partnered with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Offers influencer marketing - a lucrative medium

Holistic approach to social media marketing

Smaller clients may not get personalized services

Best for targeted social ads to specific demographics


Bowler Works advertising agency website homepage

Instagram specialists | Email marketing

Bowler Works brings over 30 years of experience in marketing, social media advertising on Instagram and other platforms, and digital expertise to the table. Their extensive capabilities cover various areas, such as social media, search, email, website content, PPC, eCommerce, and analytics.

With over 30 years of experience, Bowler Works provides comprehensive digital marketing services spanning social, search, content, eCommerce, analytics, and more - tailored to the specific needs of each unique brand they partner with.

Targeted audience-centric approach to marketing

Continuous marketing campaign optimization, driving maximum returns and growth

Provides valuable data and analytics on campaigns

Strong track record offering over 30 years of marketing experience

Limited info about case studies or testimonials available

Best for Instagram Ads in SaaS and Fintech


Lean Digital Website

Instagram specialists | Social Media Ads

Lean Digital is a data-driven paid media agency with PPC, eCommerce, Paid Social, and Instagram expertise. Renowned for being a proven strategic partner, they're good at navigating campaign complexities to deliver effective and efficient results across diverse categories.

As an analytics-driven agency, Lean Digital leverages data to navigate complexity and deliver efficient, effective paid advertising outcomes across platforms from Facebook and Instagram to Google Ads and beyond.

Dynamic range of services offered

Offers online analytics for clients monitoring growth progress

Programmatic advertising approach

Pricing and package info is unavailable without a consult

Best for video content Instagram marketing


Social Kick Cover Image

Instagram specialists | Video marketing

Social Kick offers entrepreneurs a one-stop solution for marketing needs, providing a complete team for Instagram videos, Facebook and Google ads, sales funnels, and email marketing.

With experts in funnel design, development, digital marketing, and video production, entrepreneurs can streamline their marketing efforts without the need for in-house hires or multiple agencies.

Social Kick provides a one-stop digital solution encompassing video production, sales funnel creation, paid advertising, email marketing, and more, so brands have a dedicated team to streamline their digital marketing and execute campaigns end-to-end.

Thousands of clients on record

Specialists in video content creation which is perfect for Instagram

Multiple marketing strategies

Limited industry experience means they may not cover your niche

Best for target audience insights on Instagram


Sortino Marketing | Paid advertising company

Instagram specialists | SEO | CRO

Sortino is many businesses' go-to paid advertising agency, from eCommerce to B2B. They're experts in creating effective Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns, PPC campaigns, and boosting organic traffic through top-notch on-site and off-site SEO.

Sortino tailors data-backed paid strategies across channels like Facebook and Instagram, Google, and more to maximize relevance, efficiency, and ROI based on each brand's business objectives and target audience insights.

Proven PPC campaigns in multiple industries

Tailored performance marketing solutions offered

Data-accurate focus on marketing

Strong focus on Instagram and Facebook Ads

Pricing information could not be found

Best for utilizing PPC campaigns on Instagram


Tale Digital

Instagram specialists | Facebook Ads

Tale Digital is the go-to for managing paid search (PPC) campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Their eCommerce Instagram and Facebook Ads expertise combined with PPC ads makes for a winning recipe.

With deep expertise in paid social and search, Tale Digital manages high-performing ads across media like Facebook, Instagram and Google to amplify brand visibility and maximize advertising ROI.

Covers a diverse range of marketing platforms

Strong PPC focus on social media

Local expertise for targeting specific regions with campaigns

As a highly established firm with great expertise, their services come at a cost that small businesses may struggle with

Best for providing training on social media marketing


Cedarwood Digital

Instagram specialists | Google Ads

Cedarwood specializes in SEO, Instagram, content marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and they do it all with a personal touch. They'll get your Instagram Ads returning good results with a clear focus on ROAS.

Cedarwood combines specialized expertise in SEO, content, and paid advertising to deliver innovative digital solutions centered around ROI for brands seeking growth through channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Offers training for Google Ads and Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads

Award-winning marketing agency

Efficient with client communication during campaigns

ROI and SEO strengths

Limited services mean you'll need to outsource work to multiple agencies

Best for eCommerce brands leveraging Instagram Ads


Sensters. digital marketing | paid advertising agency | company logo

Instagram specialists | PPC | Social Ads

Sensters offers a comprehensive range of services that cater to the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, committed to measurable results through data-driven strategies, web analytics, and performance tracking.

Their access to additional resources makes them a reliable choice for clients with ambitious Instagram, Facebook and eCommerce advertising goals.

Leveraging in-depth analytics and performance tracking, Sensters develops integrated data-led digital strategies spanning media planning, web design, paid social ads, and more to achieve measurable outcomes based on campaign objectives.

Awarded Top Digital Marketing Agency by Yahoo Finance

Comprehensive service offering makes them a one-stop marketing partner

Leverages data and in-depth analytics for performance marketing and tracking

Specialists in eCommerce ads for social marketing

Clients may need to implement intricate project management processes

Who uses Instagram agencies?

Instagram agencies are ideal for businesses whose target audience hangs out on the social media platform and they just don’t have the time or resources to run their own social media accounts. They may need help setting up the overall digital strategy with graphic design or video production of specific posts or running influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Are there disadvantages to hiring an Instagram agency?

There are definitely advantages to outsourcing social media activities. An agency can save you valuable time and money, and help you stay focused on growing your business. But there are also some things to consider when choosing an agency.

It’s important to find a digital media freelancer who understands your brand and audience. If you know exactly what kind of content works well for your business, you shouldn’t need an agency to tell you. You should always check references before signing a contract. Ask about past clients and ask for testimonials.

Is it worth paying an agency to manage my Instagram account?

That depends on the size of your business, your marketing goals, and the success you're seeing on Instagram. it also depends on whether your ideal audience hangs out on the social media platform and whether there's an opportunity to grow your business.

If the answer to some of those questions is yes, then it would benefit you to work with an Instagram agency to handle the channel. A professional team of Instagram experts can handle all your social media activities while saving you time and energy.

The #1 mistake when hiring an Instagram marketing agency

Business owners think that just because an advertising agency has done Instagram ads, they can handle the entire channel. But there is a lot that comes into play on Instagram. The right agency needs to have experience with: 

  • Running successful campaigns with micro-influencers
  • Know the right social media strategies to execute for your business
  • Creating organic content and social media campaigns with high Instagram engagement rates
  • Running Instagram advertising
  • Finding the right influencers using influencer platforms
  • Using platform analytics to A/B test different types of content
  • Creating the right video content in different formats (stories, reels)

Hire the best Instagram agency with Mayple

Here at Mayple, we have over 600 marketing experts and social media marketing agencies that we match with brands like yours. We make sure they have a track record in your industry and would be a perfect fit for your team. Tired of mediocracy? Want to grow your reach, engagement, impressions, and sell more products on Instagram? Get started today!