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10 Best Social Media Agencies to Hire in Florida

Hire the absolute best of the best social media agencies in Florida to perfect your social marketing game!

Dyllan Hopewell
By Dyllan Hopewell
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Updated June 1, 2024.

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Social media has become an integral and highly lucrative part of a modern marketing strategy, offering businesses of all sizes an immense opportunity to reach and engage with their target audience.

With billions of active users across various social media platforms, the marketing reach is vast, transcending geographical boundaries. In Florida, where the business landscape is diverse and competitive, leveraging the power of social media marketing can provide a significant advantage.

Our picks for the best social media agencies in Florida

1. Leads To Conversion - Best overall

2. Media Spearhead - Best for evaluating and refining paid and social ad strategies

3. Social Kick - Best for creative video content for viral social media success

4. The Snow Agency - Best for social audience analysis for highly targeted campaigns

5. DigiMar - Best for multi-platform social media marketing optimization

6. HILO - Best for refining reach and engagement across social platforms

7. Dweeso Digital - Best for prioritizing ROI with efficient social media campaigns

8. Ren Marketing - Best for social media leads through enhanced keyword research

9. Glam Creatives - Best for enhanced customer acquisition via social campaigns

10. Let's Get Social - Best for eCommerce brands seeking exposure on Pinterest

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Best overall


Leads To Conversion screenshot

Leads To Conversion

Social media agency in Boynton Beach, Florida


Boynton Beach, Florida


Social ads | Data onboarding | CRM | Email & SMS marketing | Tracking | Growth marketing | SEO

At LTC, the team takes a candid, no-nonsense approach tempered by a passion for problem-solving through positive collaboration. Their consultants are straightforward when assessing technology capabilities and a brand's market position based on hard data.

LTC takes a meticulous, numbers-driven approach to social media marketing. Their team of analysts and strategists is obsessive about turning raw data into actionable insights that inform every campaign decision. Data is the foundation from setting campaign goals aligned with business objectives to developing audience personas and targeting parameters.

But numbers alone don't tell the full story. LTC's social media experts overlay quantitative metrics with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and brand positioning. This allows them to craft authentic, resonant, creative messaging that moves the needle.

Every post, ad, and piece of content undergoes continuous testing, measurement, and optimization based on real-time performance data across paid, earned, and owned channels. LTC leaves no stone unturned in pursuing maximum ROI, continuously refining audience targeting, creative concepts, channel mix, and spend allocation.

The result is full-funnel digital marketing strategies precisely calibrated to each client's goals, whether that's raising awareness, nurturing engagement, acquiring customers, or driving loyalty and advocacy. LTC's social media mastery transforms data into tangible business impact.

Heavily data-centric ads agency

Full-suite digital marketing firm

Offers tailored packages

Their industry experience is limited to travel and hospitality, health, and news media sectors

Best for evaluating and refining paid and social ad strategies


a web page with a magnifying glass

Media Spearhead

Social media agency in Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville, Florida


SMM | Google Ads | Web design & development | Social ads | PPC | SEO | Hosting

At Media Spearhead, the singular focus is delivering maximum return on investment for clients through Google Ads and social media. As an agency run by fellow business owners, they innately understand what companies need from a marketing partner.

Their proactive, productive mindset means they never rest on past successes but constantly optimize and iterate campaigns for peak performance.

Media Spearhead has cemented its reputation as a pioneering force in the realm of paid search and social media advertising, delivering tangible results for clients across multiple industries. Their proven track record speaks volumes – businesses partnering with Media Spearhead have witnessed remarkable revenue growth while simultaneously slashing their lead acquisition costs.

At the core of Media Spearhead's approach lies an unwavering commitment to data-driven decision-making. Every campaign is crafted and optimized based on comprehensive analytics, ensuring that no dollar from the advertising budget goes to waste. From audience targeting and ad creatives to high-converting landing pages and seamless user experiences, each touchpoint is engineered to maximize return on investment.

Offers free Google Ads and website audits for onboarding

Google Premier Partner ad agency

Focused on growth through social media, PPC, and Google methodology

Some other marketing services may need to be substituted with other firms

Best for creative video content for viral social media success


Social Kick Cover Image

Social Kick

Social media agency in Miami, Florida




Social ads & management | Copywriting | Video ads | Video production | Web design | Google Shopping

Social Kick is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides entrepreneurs with a complete team for videos, Facebook and Google Ads, sales funnels, email marketing, and more. With their expertise, there's no need for clients to hire an in-house team or work with multiple agencies.

On the social media frontlines, Social Kick's creative specialists are masters at capturing attention and igniting engagement across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. They develop thumb-stopping content that sparks conversations, nurtures connections, and amplifies brand visibility and affinity.

But Social Kick is far more than just a social media agency. They take a full-funnel approach, deftly combining their social media marketing prowess with conversion-focused services like sales funnel development, pay-per-click advertising, video production, and automated email nurturing. Each discipline is strategically unified into cohesive, data-driven digital campaigns precisely engineered to achieve clients' business goals.

Strong focus on creative video content

Offers a free strategy call for onboarding

Boasts a CTR increase of 40% on average

Their main industry focus is in beauty and cosmetics, so they may not be experienced in your sector

Best for social audience analysis for highly targeted campaigns


the social media and influence agency website

The Snow Agency

Social media agency in Miami, Florida




PPC | Google Ads | Video | Email Marketing | Facebook Ads | Social Media Marketing | Web Design | CRO

The Snow Agency is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media advertising and influencer marketing. They help businesses grow their brands and connect with consumers through social media campaigns and other digital experiences. The agency has a proven track record of success, helping clients achieve significant results, such as a 173% increase in abandoned cart conversion rate.

The Snow Agency is truly in a league of its own regarding leveraging social media's power through meticulously data-driven strategies. With an unparalleled track record of driving over $300 million in online revenue for clients, their expertise lies in surgical precision - designing and optimizing hyper-targeted social campaigns that achieve specific marketing objectives.

Their full-funnel social advertising mastery spans all platforms and ad formats - from laser-focused search and shopping campaigns to highly visual display and video ads. The Snow's analysts study audience behaviors and journeys in granular detail to map out the ideal cross-channel sequence for deliverable personalized ad experiences at every stage.

Strong track record boasting over $1B+ in eCommerce revenue through 250+ brands

Adopts a data-centric approach to marketing for proven results

Offers a full suite of marketing services, being a one-stop-shop for all digital ads

Generated $150M+ in digital media ad spend

Featured in Forbes. Shopify, NBC, and more

A premium agency which may come at a premium price

Pricing is unknown

Best for multi-platform social media marketing optimization


DigiMar Webpage


Social media agency in Miami, Florida




Google Ads | Bing Ads | PPC | Google Shopping | Youtube Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads

DigiMar is a digital marketing company that offers a variety of services including paid search, social media marketing, and copywriting. The company emphasizes the importance of having a results-oriented marketing strategy and believes that their team of experts can help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

From highly targeted search and shopping campaigns to visually compelling display and video ads, DigiMar's social advertising acumen is truly unparalleled. Their skilled marketers meticulously analyze audience data and behavior patterns to architect laser-focused campaigns that maximize brand visibility, capture premium positioning, and profitably convert customer interest into revenue.

But social media is just one part of DigiMar's digital toolbox. Their service offering extends to technical SEO, ensuring clients' web presences are fully optimized for maximum organic search performance and discoverability. On the content marketing front, their creative team crafts audience-captivating assets that engage and nurture customer journeys.

Strong focus on social media means potential viral content

Answers FAQs decently on their site, covering a range of topics from costs to experience

Track record of 100+ PPC campaigns with 50+ clients

No testimonials available for diligent research when deciding on an agency

Best for refining reach and engagement across social platforms


a screen shot of the HILO website


Social media agency in Miami, Florida




Google Ads | Social Media Strategy & Management | PR & Communications | Influencer Strategy | Campaign management | Digital optimization | PPC | Web & App development

HILO is a company that helps organizations and brands achieve growth through purpose-driven strategies. They believe in using business as a force for good and describe themselves as a group of creative experts who are passionate about sustainability. HILO offers a variety of services including digital strategy, communication campaigns, technological innovation, design, and marketing.

HILO is a vanguard marketing agency charting new frontiers in social media mastery. Their progressive, multidisciplinary approach seamlessly fuses analytical might with creative artistry to craft social campaigns that aren't just innovative - they're insightfully designed to deliver sustained, meaningful business impact.

From high-level digital strategy conception through tactical execution, HILO's social media experts leverage the full breadth of their skills. Data science, marketing acumen, technological integration, and design prowess are brought together in unison to unlock new possibilities for reaching and engaging audiences across emerging and established platforms.

Collaborations with names like CNN, ABC Foundation, Air France, and more

Track record of 18+ years experience

Uses a trendy, modern approach with design and marketing campaigns

No transparency on pricing or packages

Best for prioritizing ROI with efficient social media campaigns


a group of people looking at a laptop screen

Dweeso Digital Marketing

Social media agency in Miami, Florida




Google Ads | Bing Ads | Google Shopping | Youtube Ads | PPC | Search Engine Optimization | Marketing Strategy

Dweeso Digital Marketing is a Miami-based agency specializing in helping businesses increase their online presence and return on investment (ROI). Their data-driven approach emphasizes SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising on platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads. They prioritize collaboration and utilize a scientific method to test and refine their strategies.

With an unrivaled command of social media advertising, Dweeso wields advanced data analytics and channel mastery to launch highly targeted, high-impact campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and beyond. Their approach leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of precision - continuously refining audience targeting, creative messaging, delivery timing, and more based on in-depth platform data and proprietary AI modeling.

But data is just their starting point. Dweeso's real-world social media marketing experts overlay quantitative insights with a deep qualitative understanding of consumer mindsets and digital behavior. This potent combination allows them to architect holistic social media strategies that masterfully blend textbook best practices with out-of-the-box creativity and trendsetting innovation.

Offers a free analysis to kickstart your collaboration with them

Focus is on small businesses; perfect for startups

Strong approach to local advertising, finding clients near you

Has a useful tool to calculate ROI projections

May not be suitable for larger corporations that need a deedicated team of experts

Best for social media leads through enhanced keyword research


a white and blue website design for a digital marketing company

Ren Marketing

Social media agency in Miami, Florida




Google Ads | Instagram Ads | Google Shopping | Youtube Ads | Tiktok Ads | PPC | Facebook Ads

REN Marketing is a Miami-based digital marketing agency specializing in growing businesses through online presence and sales. Their services encompass SEO, social media management, PPC advertising, web design and development, and content creation. Founded in 2017, their team prioritizes long-term client success by developing buyer journeys that nurture leads from initial contact to purchase and retention.

Ren Marketing is a premier digital powerhouse acclaimed for its comprehensive, data-fueled command of social media marketing. Their approach seamlessly melds analytical rigor with creative expertise to architect high-impact campaigns engineered for maximum audience resonance and measurable ROI.

Ren's partnership with a leading home services enterprise displayed this full-funnel social media mastery. Seeking to unlock new revenue streams, the client turned to Ren to precisely target and convert qualified prospects across multiple platforms.

Through granular audience research and keyword intelligence mining, Ren's analysts pinpointed the core search terms and digital behaviors of consumers actively seeking the client's services. This data provided the strategic foundation for hyper-targeted paid social campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Track record boasting 30M+ impressions with 150K+ leads

Strong focus on lead generation

You may need to substitute some unavailable services with other firms

Best for enhanced customer acquisition via social campaigns


Glam Creatives media

Glam Creatives

Social media agency in Miami, Florida




Branding | Social media ads | Design | Video | SMM | Photography

Glam Creatives is an elite creative agency that specializes in producing high-impact, engaging visuals and videos that drive sales and customer acquisition. Their creatives have an unparalleled ability to convert prospects into loyal customers across all platforms.

At the core of Glam Creatives is a battle-tested team of creative marketing and social media specialists who have spent over a decade perfecting the art and science of selling direct-to-consumer products. This elite group has mastered every facet of the process across both digital and traditional channels, from product launches and brand reinventions to media buying and conversion optimization.

Their unparalleled experience has bestowed an innate understanding of crafting thumb-stopping visuals, engaging ad copy, and compelling offers that resonate at a visceral level with target audiences. This rare blend of creative chops and consumer psychology prowess allows Glam's artists to develop breakthrough assets consistently.

Highly creative ad agency with services from photography to video, graphic design to ad creatives, and more

Boasts collaborations with giants like Adidas, TikTok, and Coca-Cola

No clear pricing or package info available

Best for eCommerce brands seeking exposure on Pinterest


two women sitting at a table looking at a cell phone

Let's Get Social

Social media agency in Sarasota, Florida


Sarasota, Florida


Pinterest marketing | Social ads | Pinterest SEO | Education

As a premier Pinterest marketing agency, their goal is to unlock the immense potential of Pinterest to drive profits for brands and businesses. With a team of passionate Pinterest experts, they turn their in-depth knowledge into highly effective campaigns tailored to this unique visual discovery platform.

LGS is home to an elite cadre of Pinterest marketing specialists who live and breathe the visual discovery platform. This company isn't just tinkering on Pinterest - they've gone full immersion into mastering its nuanced dynamics and unlocking its boundless potential to drive revenue growth.

Their Pinterest gurus have deep expertise in areas like elevated Pin creative design, keyword-rich description optimization, rich product metadata implementation, and laser-focused ad audience targeting. No matter the client's industry, LGS intuitively understands how to craft thumb-stopping Pinterest content and ad experiences tailored to captivate each brand's core demographics and psychographics.

Core focus is Pinterest as their expertise

Offers a free masterclass on web traffic optimization

Experienced with eCommerce Pinterest collaborations on Shopify and Etsy

Their sole focus is Pinterest, so any other marketing services will need to be outsoruced elsewhere

How hiring on Mayple works

Hiring a social media agency on Mayple is super simple. It's a quick 3-step process.

1. Schedule a call with Mayple

Jump on a quick call and tell us your business type, main challenges and goals, current marketing efforts, and what kind of marketer or agency you're looking for.

2. Meet your expert

Our excellent AI will match you with the perfect expert, and you will jump on a short meeting with them to discuss strategy.

3. Start your project

You can start your project once you've picked your expert or agency. There are no contracts; it's a flexible month-to-month plan with complete transparency. And you get a marketing strategy from Mayple's team to help you strategize.


How do I hire a social media agency in Florida on Mayple?

You fill out a quick brief, jump on a call with our team, and tell us your needs and challenges. Then, we will use our excellent AI software to help find the ideal candidate for your needs, and you can schedule a call with them. Once you approve their plan, you'll be ready to start your project.

When I hire a freelancer/agency on Mayple, does Mayple help manage the project?

Our job is to connect you to the best marketing expert or agency for your needs. You can communicate directly with them, and we will be there in the background, ensuring the work is done up to standard. We can help you create a marketing strategy and chat regularly.

How much does it cost to hire a social media agency?

The monthly amount will depend on your needs - how many channels you want the expert to manage and how many campaigns they would run.

Why hire a social media agency in Florida on Mayple?

We vet all our experts and have proven experience in your niche and marketing channel. Unlike other marketplaces and platforms, we do all the work for you. Our AI matches you with the best expert or agency we vet, so you don't have to waste hours of your time vetting, interviewing, and checking references for your candidates. Skip the learning curve and hire a true expert on Mayple.

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