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10 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in 2024

Want to grow your online presence on your social channels? Looking for an online social media manager? Look no further. Here is a list of the top social media marketing agencies from around the world. Find the best one for your business and get started.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated April 30, 2024.

Social Media Marketing Agencies

With over 4.59 billion people using social media today, there's no denying that social media marketing is crucial for connection and influence. Its pervasive reach, real-time engagement, and ability to cultivate authentic relationships make it indispensable for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital era. You, too, can optimize your brand reach with help from these top social media marketing agencies.

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Our top picks for Social Media Marketing agencies

1. Octopus - Best overall

2. Insticore - Best for analytical social media marketing

3. ThinkSocial.Media - Best for comprehensive social media management

4. Arctic - Best for PPC social media ad strategies

5. Mashrokit - Best for strategic social media marketing

6. Dakota Ridge Marketing - Best for B2B social media marketing

7. Three Beacon Marketing - Best for across-the-board social media marketing

8. The Emms - Best for large-scale digital marketing solutions

9. TryMus Group - Best for direct, focused social media marketing

10. Delta Marketing - Best for organic social media reach

What is a social media marketing agency?

A social media marketing agency is a company that develops and runs social media marketing campaigns for its clients. This could include social media ads, organic content marketing, giveaways, UGC, influencer campaigns, and community engagement.

Best overall


Octopus Marketing Cover Image

Octopus Marketing

SMM | Email Marketing | Social Media Ads

Brief overview

Octopus Marketing is a dynamic digital marketing agency that creates comprehensive strategies for a digital-first world. Their services encompass strategic planning, crafting innovative digital identities, and delivering strong results for their clients.

Why we chose Octopus

What truly distinguishes Octopus Marketing is its strategic approach, firmly grounded in research and customized to meet each client's unique goals. They go beyond simply creating content; they're your partners in crafting a digital presence that captivates and drives conversions.

  • Industry experience: A variety of industries, including medical, cyber, automotive, and more
  • Track record: Over 7 years of experience, particularly in the B2B sector
  • Services: Social media management, email marketing, social media ads

Pros and cons

Expertise in a range of digital marketing services

Customized strategies tailored to client-specific goals

Commitment to quality lead generation and campaign optimization

Lack of specific pricing plans

Best for data analytics


Instacore Website


Social Media Marketing | Social Media Ads

Insticore offers an end-to-end solution that seamlessly blends creativity, production, media channel control, and technological expertise. From creation to monitoring, they manage and test social media marketing campaigns across influential platforms, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

With a strong focus on organic and paid marketing, Insticore's versatile approach and commitment to excellence make them an ideal partner for businesses looking for sustainable eCommerce success.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries, including eCommerce and FinTech
  • Track record: Boasting a reach of over 675,000
  • Services: Social media marketing, social media ads

Broad range of marketing solutions for all sizes of clients

Proven data-driven track record

Insightful data management tools

No clear pricing guidelines

Best for social media management




SMM | Marketing Strategy | Social Media Ads

ThinkSocial.Media specializes in strategic digital marketing services. They excel in building and maintaining online relationships with a focus on highly targeted social media marketing campaigns.

ThinkSocial.Media crafts strategies tailored to your goals, your customers, and your competition. They also deliver comprehensive end-of-month reports to track, benchmark, and optimize your social media performance.

  • Industry experience: Hospitality, fitness and health, specialty contractors
  • Track record: Over 20 years of experience
  • Services: Social media management, marketing strategy, social media ads

Offers a trusted advisor relationship with a highly experienced founder and partner

A holistic approach to digital marketing across various platforms

Personalized campaigns that cater to specific business requirements

May come at a premium price for the level of expertise

Best for PPC social media ads


Arctic Website


SMM | PPC | Social Media Ads

Specializing in PPC through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads with a whopping 6+ years of experience, Arctic's goal is to take care of your online presence while you focus on your business. Their track record speaks volumes considering they've generated millions in revenue and successfully partnered with over 100 clients.

Their impressive track record with clients spans various niches, including eCommerce, SaaS, and B2B. The fact that they've successfully generated millions in revenue and garnered satisfaction from over 100 clients underscores their proven ability to deliver tangible results.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Generated $1,000,000's with over 100 clients
  • Services: SMM, PPC, social media ads

Google partnered

Niche focus on PPC ads

Impressive client outcomes

No clear pricing on website

Best for strategic social media marketing


Mashrokit Website


SMM | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

The team at Mashrokit is passionate about transforming daily activities into compelling social media content, utilizing images, graphic design, and advanced tools to captivate your audience and achieve high click rates.

Mashrokit has attracted large brands, putting them on the map in Israel as a desired digital marketing agency, specializing in social media management.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Dozens of satisfied client testimonials
  • Services: SMM, content marketing, marketing strategy

Google partnered

Multi-lingual marketing solutions

Proven track record in social media marketing

No transparent pricing options

Best for B2B Social Media Management


Dakota Ridge Marketing Website

Dakota Ridge Marketing

Google Ads | Marketing Strategy | B2B Marketing

DRM was founded by Mark Howells, a marketing veteran who brings his 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising to help companies scale their content and online audiences. This agency is unique in that it not only publishes blog posts but specializes in creating interactive content like white papers, eBooks, infographics, checklists, calculators, and quizzes for your company.

They are focused on sales conversions, leading clients through the funnel to close-of-deal, with their unique "Results Packs" solutions.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Proven track record of success
  • Services: Google ads, marketing strategy, B2B marketing, social media management

Experience-driven approach

Comprehensive services

Emphasis on trust and familiarity

Potential dependence on offers

Best for across-the-board social media marketing


Three Beacon Marketing website

Three Beacon Marketing

Google Ads | Facebook Ads | SEO | Email Marketing

Three Beacon Marketing is a full-service online marketing agency that helps brands create and use content across multiple channels. They'll help you create a holistic content marketing strategy that syncs well with any paid ads or email marketing campaigns you may be running. They also create a custom strategy for each client and use a creative approach to scale their efforts.

They are a highly experienced digital marketing firm with many years of experience, making use of a dynamic range of marketing strategies to satisfy their clients.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 211% increase in monthly revenue, $1.5m in monthly sales, 23+ years of experience
  • Services: Google ads, Facebook ads, SEO, email marketing

Unbeatable track record

Dynamic range of social media marketing solutions

Highly experienced digital marketers

Their highly-rated experience may come at a cost to smaller clients

Best for large-scale digital marketing solutions


The Emms Website

The Emms

Social Media Ads | Marketing Strategy | SMM

The Emms believe that entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses hold the key to the future. From logo design and branding to website development, campaigns, and consulting, their mission is to help you achieve your goals.

This is a large firm with a ton of experience in multiple industries, ready to take on any social media marketing campaign thrown their way by any size of client.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Boasting multiple partnerships and a string of giant clients like ExxonMobil, Unilever and Danone
  • Services: Social media ads, marketing strategy, social media management, email marketing

Highly experienced with large-scale marketing operations

Multi-award winning agency

Large team of marketing experts

No transparent pricing

Best for direct, focused social media marketing


Trymus Group Website

Trymus Group

SMM | Content | Community Management | Branding

TryMus is your go-to content production partner. They create video, audio, and visual content for brands of all shapes and sizes. They start by developing your brand identity, creating a competitive social media and content strategy, and executing everything from A to Z. They also do influencer marketing and community management.

They are a vibrant social media marketing company ready to take clients from the very first step of marketing through to the bottom of the funnel.

  • Industry experience: Multiple, with a focus on cosmetics
  • Track record: 15+ years of experience, multi-award-winning
  • Services: Social media management, content, community management, branding, copywriting

Dynamic range of experience

They specialize in narrative-driven campaigns


Lack of pricing info

Best for organic social media reach


Delta Marketing Website

Delta Marketing

PPC | Social Media Ads | SMM | Marketing Strategy

Delta Marketing was founded to harness big-agency, big-brand know-how and make it available for all businesses across the UK & Ireland. They work to improve social media marketing ROI by delivering all aspects of digital marketing, including branding, social media, advertising, and design.

Delta is a young company with fresh ideas and a proven track record, and they position themselves as a creative and strategic partner.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 4x web traffic increase, and up to 3,075% social media uplift
  • Services: PPC, social media ads, SMM, marketing strategy

IPA approved (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising)

Impressive track record

Good option for small businesses

No available pricing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing involves using social platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand, and drive website traffic or sales. It encompasses creating and sharing content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and TikTok to engage users, increase brand awareness, and foster community.

What does a social media marketing agency do?

Social media marketing agencies usually do a whole variety of things for your business, including:

Social media strategy

First and foremost, a good social media agency would help create and execute a comprehensive digital strategy that would include all the right social media platforms and the social media marketing strategies that your business would need to follow.

Some agencies would also manage your social media accounts, create and schedule content for your social media posts, and engage with your audience.

Community management

One of the most powerful things you could do on any social media network is to build an engagement audience. That should be a goal for all of your social media efforts. This is done by engaging with your potential customers on every social platform, answering questions, replying to comments, and chatting with users on Facebook Messenger. Digital agencies that do social media often do this.

A part of this is reputation management (or brand management). It's done through social listening and can help keep the pulse on customer sentiment about the brand and customer satisfaction. It could also help diagnose problems early enough and mitigate damage to the brand's reputation.

» Want to grow your social media community? Check out our top-notch community managers for hire.

Influencer marketing

Another critical aspect of social strategy is working with influencers. Influencer marketing agencies, as well as advertising agencies, may do this as well. It involves contacting influencers, running campaigns, giveaways, and public relations. The secret is finding influencers whose audience demographics match your target customers. YouTube and TikTok agencies do this well.

Social media advertising

Performance marketing (or paid social) is an integral part of social media. A lot of eCommerce brands have grown their business through Facebook advertising. Any social media agency should also have experience setting up brand awareness campaigns and generating leads and conversions for your company.

You can always hire a Facebook Ads agency that's experienced in this channel and has a proven success record to get better results for your brand.

Are social media marketing agencies worth it?

The answer is yes, but it depends on your business objectives. Many business owners expect the agency to miraculously generate leads and sales, but sometimes, the challenge is in the other parts of the marketing mix.

It could be that the company's site doesn't convert well enough, and they should hire a conversion optimization expert to handle that first. It could be that they are not getting enough organic traffic, and they really need to hire an SEO agency to get that search engine optimization going.

Social media agencies may also have experience with one or more of those things, so you really need to diagnose your problem first and then get the right solution for it.

What to expect from a great social media marketing company?

Attention to detail

Social media work takes a lot of attention to detail. A good company has to really proofread all content and double-check every design before it's published on the various social media channels. Each social media platform should have its own style guide, content calendar, and size requirements for social media posts.

Content writing & graphic design

Social media experts should be able to create the perfect content for every social media post and create engaging designs. This could sometimes involve video production.


It's not enough to create nice-looking social media posts. They need to be creative; they need to stand out to attract potential clients.

Expertise with multiple platforms

A good social media agency should be an expert in the specific social media platforms that your business is using. They should also be able to run social media advertising campaigns when necessary and successfully execute the social media strategy on every channel. They have to be able to grow your social media presence on every channel.

Eight questions to ask your social media agency before you hire them

  • Do you have experience in the specific social media channels that we use?
  • How many clients do you have? Do you manage campaigns for clients in our niche/industry?
  • What type of social media marketing campaigns would you recommend for the business?
  • What is your process for managing social campaigns?
  • Are you a traditional Facebook ads agency, or do you focus on other channels too?
  • How many social media content experts do you have on your team?
  • Who will I be in touch with?
  • How often do you communicate with your clients?
  • What other services do you offer besides your social media services?

Top social media marketing agencies near you: