The Ultimate eCommerce Email Audit Tool

Get a comprehensive email audit in 5 minutes without hiring an email marketer
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free audit, usually worth $3000+
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Improve overall marketing conversions

All leads flow into email. So when you improve your email marketing campaigns, you improve the conversion of all your marketing channels. Make the rest of the team look good 😉


Your Email Score

Get a quick sense of how you’re doing on your email conversions and identify quick wins that could dramatically improve your bottom line.

Improve your opens and CTR rates

Struggling to improve your open and click-through rates? Don’t remain in the dark, let us diagnose your problem, see what you’re missing, and get tips & best practices on how to improve.

Grow your email sales the right way

The answer is not to email your list more. Scale your brand smarter. Get our comprehensive email audit with personalized recommendations - for free. Built for eCommerce brands. No fluff.

⏱ Takes <5 Minutes

It’s a super simple form that takes 3-5 minutes to fill out. We ask you questions about your site, popups, checkout process, email flows, and a few more things.

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