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Top 18 Amazon PPC Software and Tools to Try in 2024

Check out our Top Amazon PPC Software list with the best tools for optimizing your Amazon Ads campaigns. The list includes Adtomic, Quartile, Sellics and more.

Mina Elias
By Mina Elias
Natalie Stenge
Edited by Natalie Stenge

Updated May 31, 2024.

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Ever wonder what Amazon marketing agencies and Amazon Ads experts have up their sleeves? They seem to be able to optimize campaigns much faster and better than your own in-house team.

And the answer is simple. They have AI tools and specialized software to help them automate a lot of the research and optimization that goes into each campaign.

Meet the Expert

Mina is a multiple seven-figure seller in the supplement industry, investor, Amazon PPC consultant, and founder of the Trivium Group, an Amazon Advertising agency. He has consulted over 400 brands and 3 aggregators worth $1.2 billion combined.

As an Amazon Ads agency owner and a multiple 7-figure seller, I’ve used numerous tools to grow my businesses, and today I’m going to share the best ones I’ve found.

What is Amazon PPC software?

Amazon PPC software helps Amazon sellers to manage and optimize their Amazon advertising campaigns, beyond Seller Central. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these tools streamline day-to-day operations with the use of automated and rule-based functions.

From campaign management to ads insights, PPC software is a great tool for sellers who want to get the most out of their Amazon advertising campaigns.

What to look for in an Amazon PPC tool

If you're looking for the right PPC software tool, there are a range of features you should prioritize

  • Strong keyword research tool and harvesting functions
  • Budget management
  • Amazon US and multi-marketplace capabilities
  • In-depth analytics dashboard and reporting options
  • Bid management automation
  • Free trial period
  • Customer support
  • Training and resources

What are the benefits of using Amazon PPC software?

Amazon PPC software is an invaluable resource for sellers looking to maximize their sales on Amazon. With the help of AI and machine learning, automated software offers a higher level of performance than manual operations.

  • Customizable reports and dashboards for performance overview
  • Efficient use of daily campaign budgets
  • Improved ACOS (advertising cost of sale) for increased profitability
  • Save time and money with campaign creation, keyword bid optimization, and keyword harvesting

Top Amazon PPC management tools

There are a lot of Amazon PPC management tools you can use, but some of the best ones include:

1. Sellozo

Sellozo is an Amazon PPC advertising platform to automate and optimize your Amazon PPC advertising for growth. It uses AI to help Amazon sellers increase sales, lower ACoS, automate campaign optimization, and increase profits. All offered at flat-fee pricing without long-term contracts.


  • Ad automation
  • Keyword discovery
  • Keyword management
  • Bid optimization
  • Campaign and ad launch automation
  • Negative keyword automation
  • Dayparting feature
  • Crystal-clear analytics with downloadable data
  • Monitor and track Amazon fees
  • Custom and pre-made campaign algorithms
  • Machine learning-driven search term tools

Pricing: Although pricing isn't publicly available for Sellozo, you can contact them for a demo and quote.

Tool level: All levels

2. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a tool suite consisting of keyword and product research tools as well as a PPC management function. It’s designed to save you time by streamlining your PPC management with the option of automated or manual campaign creation, management, and optimization.


Top features:

  • AI-powered advanced optimization & automation
  • Pre-defined campaign templates and custom bid algorithms
  • Flexible rule applications based on actionable analytics
  • Automated or manual capabilities
  • Precise keyword bidding suggestions to maximize product visibility
  • Potential keywords or negative targets
  • A comprehensive video training library

Pricing: Helium 10’s pricing model is simple with a fixed price of $249/month. However, an additional cost of 2% applies if the monthly advertising spend exceeds $20K/month.

Tool level: all levels.

3. Sellics/Perpetua


Sellics recently joined forces with Perpetua to offer a powerful software solution for Amazon ad management of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

It offers automated campaign management with customizable rules and its proprietary AI algorithm will do all the heavy lifting from campaign structure to keyword management.

Top features:

  • Easy-to-use interface with detailed campaign performance visibility
  • Conversion-based bid strategies to hit your ACOS target and desired daily budget
  • Ads Campaign setup with pre-set automation rules
  • Automate keyword research
  • Automate removal of non-converting search terms
  • Dayparting feature to effectively reach your target audience

Pricing: starts at $250/month for the starter plan and go up to $550/month for the Pro.

Tool Level: medium-advanced

4. Teikametrics

Teikametrics (known to some by the name of its famous product Flywheel 2.0) is an all-in-one platform. It’s powered by AI and helps you build, optimize, and analyze your ad campaigns. The Campaign Optimizer feature removes the burden of manual campaign management with automated campaign creation, keyword targeting, and bidding processes.


Top features:

  • Customizable dashboard and reporting
  • Goal-based automated campaign creation
  • Algorithmic bidding optimization
  • Product and account level profitability insights

Pricing: Free for sellers under $10K/month in sales. For sellers above $10K/month, the plan charges 3% of monthly ad spend. There is an additional cost of $0.30 per search term if you’re using the Market Intelligence tool.

Tool Level: beginner-advanced, with a user-friendly platform and a free subscription for small sellers.

5. Zon.Tools

Here’s another powerful Amazon PPC optimization tool that helps you automate your campaigns, saving you time and increasing your product visibility. Zon.Tools helps you enhance your campaign performance and implement campaign strategies to outperform your competition.

It aids in getting clear insights on ad performance, with reporting capabilities, and an automation log that keeps you up to date with all your campaign events.


Top features:

  • Continuous, automated optimization of bids for maximum sales and profitability
  • The Explorer Engine continually seeks out high-converting keywords and product targetings based on your strategy
  • The Phrase Match Engine removes any poorly performing search terms.
  • Continuous campaign monitoring to increase ad spend on high-converting keywords and reduce spend on poor performers

Pricing: starts at $9/mo and goes up from there.

Tool Level: beginner

6. PPC Ninja


Unlike most Amazon PPC software companies, PPC Ninja works by automating a recommendations-based optimization system rather than a machine learning approach. As an alternative for sellers that want more control of their Amazon ads, PPC Ninja supports reporting, analytics, and bid optimization for all ad types based on target ACOS.

Top features:

  • Daily bid optimization recommendations give you more control of keyword bids
  • 50+ bulk campaign operations
  • An excel like interface to efficiently process large volumes of data
  • Automatic keyword & match types suggestions

Pricing: Pricing depends on the number of SKUs on your Amazon Seller Central account with a base pricing of $49/month and a top level of $399/month

Tool Level: With a more manual approach, users would benefit from some PPC experience

7. BidX


BidX continuously analyzes the performance of your PPC campaigns and automates optimizations. While it doesn’t offer as many key features as some of the other automation software tools available, it helps automate the more tedious tasks, such as campaign creation, and bid optimization with targeting rules for ACOS set at the SKU level.

Top features:

  • Campaign creation with the ability to apply campaign settings as presets
  • Sophisticated keyword harvesting and negative keyword automation.
  • Customizable dashboard and reports
  • Continuous, automated bid adjustments based on keyword performance metrics

Pricing: Tier-based pricing ranges from $149 to $499/month based on monthly advertising spend

Tool Level: built for more advanced sellers

8. Intentwise


Intentwise is a rules-based and AI-powered platform with two modes - complete automation or the option to define your own optimization rules.

The Ad Optimizer tool can control bid management and competitor insight as well as provide recommendations about account structure, keyword targeting, and more.

Top features:

  • On-demand training videos through Intentwise Academy
  • Analytic dashboards
  • Performance diagnostics to help you achieve your business goals
  • Competitor tracking
  • Customizable rules for bid management and campaign profitability

Pricing: Tier-based pricing starts at $500/month

Tool Level: With a hefty price, Intentwise is a good option for more advanced sellers.

9. RevenueWize


RevenueWise is an ad management tool that uses AI-based algorithms for Amazon campaign management, eliminating wasted ad spend and identifying areas of potential.

With advanced PPC analytics, RevenueWize helps you get the most out of your advertising budget. With an intuitive interface and a range of features, you can optimize your campaigns in less time and much more efficiently.

Top features:

  • PPC analytics data suite
  • An ads management tool that relies on AI to make bid suggestions to achieve your ACOS goals
  • More control with no automated campaign creation or negative target optimization
  • Continual keyword performance analysis and bid recommendations
  • Placement optimization

Pricing: Tier-based pricing based on monthly advertising spend. Starting at $119/month for sellers up to $10K in ad spend to $299/month for sellers with over $30K in monthly ad spend.

Tool Level: all levels

10. Downstream

Now part of the Jungle Scout family, Downstream is an AI-driven, PPC advertising software tool that works 24/7 to help you reach your business goals. It has campaign automation features, customizable reports, competitor intelligence, an intuitive interface, and advanced analytics.

Top features:

  • 24/7 automation
  • Customizable reporting with dashboards to keep track of performance
  • Automated keyword management and keyword discovery
  • Machine learning for budget and bid settings of targets based on key metrics
  • Dayparting feature
  • Competitor intelligence provides insight into product rank relative to competitors
  • Long-term data storage

Pricing: Enterprise

Tool Level: Suited to help large brands and enterprises, Downstream is best suited for more advanced users.

11. AdBadger


Ad Badger is another great eCommerce tool for improving your Amazon ads. It uses a proprietary algorithm and offers various automated features designed to reduce the cost of advertising. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy for sellers to manage, optimize and automate their PPC campaigns in less time and with increased performance.

Top features:

  • Automated and manual bidding system
  • Ad Manager tool for campaign creation
  • Bid Optimizer automates daily micro-bid optimizations
  • Automatically makes negative keyword adjustments based on rules and profitability
  • A keyword tool that scans and creates a list of keywords for converting search terms

Pricing: Enterprise

Tool Level: With its ease of use and customer service, Adbadger is a good option for beginner and medium-level sellers on Amazon

12. Quartile


Quartile’s Amazon PPC advertising tool consists of six proprietary, machine learning technologies to efficiently optimize your PPC. Establish your optimization goals and the patented technologies will take care of the rest, optimizing your campaigns down to the product and keyword level.

Top features:

  • Unified measurement and attribution reporting
  • A dedicated client manager ensures the system is working for you at no extra cost
  • Combined AI and current performance data, hourly, for automatic optimizations
  • Campaign creation optimized for high Amazon conversions
  • Operates across all 11 Amazon marketplaces

Pricing: Enterprise

Tool Level: Quartile is best suited for medium to advanced sellers

13. Pacvue


Pacvue offers a range of features for sellers looking to manage and optimize their advertising on Amazon. With recommended actions and automation tools, it aims to help sellers of all sizes grow their businesses.

Utilizing AI-based technology, Pacvue enables brands to create bidding strategies and budget targeting-based rules at the keyword, product, ad group, or campaign level.

Top features:

  • Access to custom dashboards and reports
  • Pre-built templates and a wizard for guided set-up
  • AI or rules-based bid automation feature
  • Search term and negative search term harvesting
  • Dayparting feature
  • Automated budget management
  • Competitor insight

Pricing: Enterprise

Tool Level: Suitable for all levels of sellers from beginner to advanced

14. PPC Entourage


PPC Entourage’s Amazon PPC software tool manages and optimizes your campaigns to reduce ACOS and improve profit margins. Complete with reporting, optimization, and campaign management, this tool combines plenty of features with the option to use as much or as little automation as you like.

Top features:

  • Advertising automation based on target ACOS (advertising cost of sale) at the ad group or campaign level
  • Automated search term and negative search term harvesting
  • Dayparting feature
  • Bulk Optimizer tool for bulk campaign optimizations
  • A dashboard offering visibility into underperforming products, targets, search terms, and ASINs

Pricing: A simple pricing model of 2.9% of the monthly advertising spend across your accounts.

Tool Level: Packed with features it is the ideal solution for advanced Amazon sellers.

15. SellerApp


SellerApp relies on AI and machine learning to automate your PPC advertising. Based on your objectives, automated bid and campaign modifications ensure you are making the most of your advertising budget and not overspending. With customizable rules, you can manually set your bids and change your ad budget to meet your target ACOS.

Top features:

  • Automate campaigns and bids based on your profit objectives
  • Machine learning to streamline campaign optimization
  • Dayparting feature
  • Automatically discover customer search terms from automatic campaigns and transfer them to manual campaigns
  • Negative search term detection

Pricing: Seller App’s automated software plans have a base pricing of $39/month or $79/month for the professional plan

Tool Level: Seller App is suited for medium to advanced users as the dashboard may be too comprehensive for beginners.

16. Seller Labs Pro


Seller Labs Pro is an all-in-one Amazon PPC management platform with a smart PPC algorithm designed to automate your ad campaigns.

The Seller Labs Pro software enables you PPC campaigns optimization on autopilot, making the most of your ad spend, optimizing your conversion rate, and increasing your profit. If you prefer a more manual approach the software also offers an intelligent suggestion feature.

Top features:

  • Automated AI-driven campaign optimization based on target ACOS and budget limits
  • Seller Labs Pro stores up to two years of data
  • relevant keyword and bid suggestions for your Amazon campaigns
  • automated campaign creation tool, based on targets and budget

Pricing: Based on annual sales, pricing for Seller labs Pro ranges between $49/month to $999/month

Tool Level: Newbies as well as expert sellers can benefit from using Seller Labs Pro.

17. Kinetic PPC by Viral Launch


Kinetic PPC is a complete tool suite for all your PPC requirements. Unlike other PPC management software tools, its advertising optimization is not reliant on AI. It gives you more authority and customizable rules, that help you know precisely the status of your PPC campaigns.

It also has integrated research tools that enable you to action a strategy to discover and add the most suitable keywords to your campaigns.

Top features:

  • Automated, customizable pre-made templates or customize your own rules
  • Built-in safety checks to manually approve each action
  • PPC management at an ASIN level
  • Keyword tracking for PPC and organic

Pricing: Pro Plus Ads plan costs $199/month or $166/month with an annual subscription.

Tool Level: High volume data output and customized automation rules, makes Kinetic PPC best suited for medium to advanced-level users.

18. Sellerboard


With a software suite of tools, Sellerboard offers support with Amazon PPC management for more sales and profit. With its unique algorithm, Sellerboard’s Hero feature calculates both profit and breakeven ACOS at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level and makes precise keyword bidding suggestions based on set targets.

Top features:

  • A PPC profit and loss dashboard
  • Bid automation feature allows the option for slow, moderate, or fast optimizations
  • High-performance keyword harvesting and negative keyword optimization
  • Automated negative search terms and moving of keywords across campaigns
  • Manual, by approval, or automated optimization

Pricing: Sellerboard offers 4 levels of plans ranging from $15/month to $63/month billed annually, with a one-month free trial

Tool Level: Targeted at beginner level but is also ideal for medium and advanced sellers.

Our recommendation for the best Amazon PPC software

We looked at and studied all of these tools and the one that stands out is Adtomic By Helium 10.

With Helium 10’s Adtomic, all levels of Amazon sellers can confidently approach paid advertising and maximize their returns. Its AI-powered PPC solution and additional tools offer the most effective and efficient ad campaign optimization ever.

The Helium 10 platform provides detailed insights into organic sales and paid sales, making it a great choice for all sellers.

With pre-set campaign templates and strategies, that help create and manage ads based on the desired objectives, users can streamline operations using the automation capabilities. In addition, Adtomic stores up to two years of data, helping you track your progress over time.

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Which software is used for PPC?

Software used for PPC is AI-powered, computer software that is able to process large amounts of data to perform actions that would otherwise require manual input. Using both data input and machine learning, PPC software is capable of automating campaign optimizations, analyzing search trends for keyword harvesting, and identifying areas of opportunity.

What are the 3 Amazon PPC campaigns?

The three Amazon PPC campaign types that are available to sellers on the platform are

  1. Sponsored product ads that appear in search results and product listing pages
  2. Sponsored brand ads
  3. Sponsored display ads

Does PPC work on Amazon?

PPC works extremely well for sellers on Amazon to drive traffic and sales to their products. With PPC advertising it is possible for sellers and brands to create and strengthen brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

What is Amazon PPC management?

Amazon PPC management is the process through which sellers on Amazon operate and optimize pay-per-click campaigns in order to improve their performance. With the goal to increase profitability, PPC management is directed at driving more sales at a lower advertising cost. This includes targeting the best-performing keywords, negating non-profitable search terms, and bid management.

What skills are required for PPC?

Skills required for PPC comprise a blend of knowledge of how PPC advertising works, eCommerce experience, and an understanding of what is required to achieve advertising goals and maximize ROI.

Why is it important to have a powerful PPC tool or software?

It is important to have a powerful PPC tool or advertising software not only to improve performance but to reduce the time spent managing ads manually through Seller Central. PPC management tools allow you to automate and streamline the management of PPC campaigns as well as assist the efficiency of ad spend.