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6 Anniversary Email Ideas That Convert (+ Examples)

Put a smile on your customers' faces with anniversary emails that show you care.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
Ben Kazinik
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Updated April 4, 2024.

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Sending an anniversary email may seem futile, but in a world where AI generates everything – from breakup texts to contracts, a simple "Happy Birthday" or "We got this far because YOU exist" can go a long way in eCommerce email marketing.

Anniversary emails are a great way to show appreciation and tell customers you appreciate them. It's not only about celebrating but also about recognizing the special milestones in a person's life. Personalized messages that include details like the customer's name or how long they have been with your service build connections and set your business up for success.

So how do you send good anniversary emails?

First things first: What qualifies as an anniversary email?

An anniversary email is a message sent to customers or subscribers to celebrate a significant event, such as a birthday, brand anniversary, or major life event. These emails provide businesses with an opportunity to connect on a personal level with their audience, creating a sense of appreciation and loyalty.

Why should you consider anniversary email campaigns?

We're used to very transactional interactions online – but email marketing can go way beyond that. An anniversary email automation can

Boost engagement

An anniversary email workflow is an excellent way to boost engagement with your audience. Acknowledging important milestones shows that you value and recognize the individuals behind the email addresses. This personal touch goes a long way in establishing a positive and memorable brand experience.

Build customer relationships

Building strong relationships with your customers is crucial for any business. Anniversary emails enable you to foster a deeper connection by showing your customers that you care about their journey with your brand. Acknowledging and celebrating their milestones reinforces the bond between your business and the recipient, ultimately leading to increased loyalty.

Create sales opportunities

Anniversary emails offer an effective avenue for generating sales opportunities. By including special offers, discounts, or coupon codes in your anniversary emails, you entice customers to make a purchase or take advantage of exclusive deals. This can drive immediate sales and encourage repeat purchases and referrals.

Underline shared achievements

Celebrating milestones is about the individual customer and acknowledging the collective achievements of both the customer and your brand. Anniversary emails provide an opportunity to highlight shared successes, showcasing the progress made together. By emphasizing the mutual benefits gained from the relationship, you reinforce the value your brand brings to the customer's life.

Anniversary email best practices

If you want to create anniversary messages your target audience relates to, you need to keep in mind some anniversary email strategy best practices:

Collect the right information

Collecting relevant information about your customers is essential to send personalized anniversary emails. This can include their birthdate, purchase history, subscription start date, or any other milestone-specific data. Feeding this type of info into your email software will help you improve your email marketing by creating the right segments and personalize your messages.

Include coupon codes

Incorporating coupon codes in your anniversary emails adds a touch of exclusivity and incentivizes recipients to take action. Offering a discount code or a special deal tailored to their anniversary creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to purchase or engage with your brand.

Pro tip: Looking for the right email tool that integrates with your coupon software? Check out our guide to the best email tools for eCommerce.

Personalize your email

Email Personalization is key to the success of every newsletter anniversary email. Use the recipient's name in the greeting and email to create a more intimate connection. Additionally, leverage your collected data to tailor the content, recommendations, or product suggestions based on the customer's preferences and purchase history. The more personalized the email, the more impactful it will be.


Highlight key moments

Make the anniversary email memorable by highlighting key moments and achievements shared with the customer. Whether it's showcasing their first purchase, their journey with your brand, or milestones they have reached, remind them of their progress and your brand's role. This shows appreciation and strengthens the emotional connection between the customer and your business.

Include a unique subject line

To grab your recipients' attention, craft a unique anniversary email subject line that stands out in their crowded inbox. Mention the occasion or use intriguing language that piques their curiosity. A compelling subject line can significantly increase the open rate of your anniversary emails.

Create an interesting email design

The best and most effective anniversary emails have engaging and attractive designs. Use colors, graphics, or animations that evoke a sense of joy and festivity and align with your brand's visual identity. Ensure the email is mobile-friendly and visually appealing across different devices to maximize engagement.

Run a contest

Adding an element of excitement to your anniversary emails can be achieved through contests or giveaways. You can encourage recipients to participate by entering a contest or sharing their own success stories. This fosters engagement and generates user-generated content that can be shared on your social media platforms.

Choose the right timing

The perfect anniversary email is not only well-crafted and engaging – timing plays a crucial role in the success of these emails too. Send the email a few days before the anniversary to allow recipients time to plan and take advantage of any offers or promotions. Also, avoid sending anniversary emails too frequently, as it may dilute their impact. Striking the right balance ensures your emails are well-received and appreciated.


Keep a warm, personal tone

Maintain a warm and personal tone throughout your anniversary email. Express genuine appreciation for the customer's support and loyalty. Use conversational language that resonates with the recipient and fosters a feeling of being valued by your brand.

Keep it short and sweet

In today's fast-paced world, attention spans are limited, so the most successful anniversary automation are concise, focused, and put a smile on their recipients' face. Deliver your message clearly and succinctly to ensure the recipient reads and absorbs the content without feeling overwhelmed. If necessary, provide links to additional information or resources for those who want to delve deeper.

Anniversary email examples

Not sure what anniversary message to send – or how others are doing it? Here are some actual anniversary examples:

Birthday emails

A birthday anniversary email is a great opportunity to celebrate your customer's special day. Wish them a happy birthday and offer a special discount or a free anniversary gift to make their day even more memorable. Personalize the email by using their name and consider including product recommendations based on their purchase history or preferences.

Brand anniversary

Celebrate your brand's birthday by sharing the journey and milestones your business has achieved. Reflect on the growth and success you have experienced together with your customers. Take the time to thank your customers for being there for you – and maybe even consider offering a limited-time promotion or hosting an event to engage your audience and make them part of the celebration.


Employee anniversaries

Whether it's their 1-year anniversary or their 30th work anniversary, reminding your employees of their commitment to the company is a meaningful way to show appreciation and thank them for their hard work. Include a special message or gift, share stories from colleagues, or even mention their accomplishments – anything that celebrates their unique contribution to the business. Even the simplest "happy work anniversary" email can go a long way in building employee loyalty.


First-purchase anniversaries

Send a purchase anniversary email to customers who purchased a year ago or reached a significant milestone in their buying journey. Thank them for their continued support and offer an exclusive discount or an upgrade to reward their loyalty. This encourages repeat purchases and strengthens the customer's connection to your brand.


Major life events and special occasions

Acknowledge your customers' and employees' significant life events, such as weddings or birthdays. Send heartfelt congratulations and consider offering a relevant product or service that aligns with the occasion. This demonstrates your brand's attentiveness and care for its milestones. Some of the most incredible anniversary emails are equally surprising and candid – so remember to aim for honesty, not sales tactics.

Subscriber anniversary

Recognize the anniversary of a customer's subscription to your newsletter or loyalty program. Thank them for their continuous engagement and loyalty by offering exclusive content, early access to promotions, or personalized recommendations based on their preferences. This reinforces their sense of belonging and incentivizes ongoing interaction with your brand.


Anniversary emails: an asset for your company branding

There are many kinds of anniversaries – and they all deserve to be celebrated! If you want to drive customer engagement and customer loyalty and if you want to build a customer experience everyone will rave about, sending anniversary emails is what you need. This is a candid, efficient way to feed into different customer segments and maximize your personalization capabilities.

Look at this as more than just another email marketing strategy – anniversary emails are not your typical marketing emails. They are meant to create real, human connections with customers- beyond anything, be genuine. Your anniversary email marketing campaigns are only as strong as your sincerity in wanting to build meaningful connections.