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19 Best Ecommerce Courses You Should Try in 2024

Learn eCommerce marketing with these best-selling eCommerce courses. Our list includes both free and paid options. Udemy, Hubspot, and more.

Daniel Madrid Spitz
By Daniel Madrid Spitz
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Updated January 16, 2024.

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Imagine you’re an eCommerce owner. And you’ve been really successful at Facebook ads. They are working really well, they're bringing sales and bringing you a steady source of revenue.

Your Facebook marketer comes to you and says that you should try Pinterest ads. Problem is, you don’t know anything about Pinterest. How would you be able to tell if your team is going in the right direction?

Any person in this situation would want to go get more info.

You can learn about Pinterest ads from blog posts, YouTube videos, by asking colleagues or by taking a quick crash course.

If you’re in a time crunch and don’t have the mental energy to go sift through hundreds of blog posts and videos and try to make sense of it all, then your best bet would be taking an online course. A comprehensive course that has all the information in one place.

After a week or two, you’d know everything you need to know about Pinterest ads and you’ll be able to confidently manage a Pinterest expert, in-house.

Whether you’re an eCommerce owner or marketer, just starting out, or looking to sharpen your skills, eCommerce courses will help you keep up to date with the latest eCommerce trends and help grow your business.

Before we jump into our list of recommended courses, let’s cover the basics.

Why Take an Ecommerce Course?

There are several benefits of taking an eCommerce course. Here are some of our favorites:

Learn new skills

You can find a course to learn more in the eCommerce space no matter your skill level. Beginners can find plenty of eCommerce 101 classes to get started. Level up with advanced courses to master concepts like online marketing and SEO. Then further learning courses will help to stay on top of the latest trends and the future of eCommerce in an ever-evolving industry.

Discover new tools

New tech seems to come out every day, and the same goes for eCommerce. Online resources will keep you informed of the latest tools. Plus, you can learn how to use features already available on popular platforms like WordPress or MailChimp and take full advantage of your eCommerce tools.

Expand into new channels

Looking for new revenue streams? (Who isn't?!) Ecommerce courses will show you potential new markets to boost sales and promote your business. You'll get ideas to network and expand your contact list.

Online eCommerce courses will teach you tricks to boost sales, the latest eCommerce tools, and ways to expand your network and revenue streams.

3 Factors to Choose the Perfect Ecommerce Course

There are three factors you should look at when choosing the perfect eCommerce course: the instructor, how much it costs, and the resources and tools included with the course.

1. The instructor

Before signing up, research the eCommerce course instructor and their credentials with a quick Google search. Consider if they have documented experience, degrees from accredited universities, and relevant certifications. Make sure that they have concrete industry experience, don’t just settle for book smarts.

2. The price

Don’t overpay for online education. You can find online e-commerce courses for any budget. There are many free or low-cost resources that can help you master a new channel or get a quick overview of a particular e-commerce strategy. You may need to pay a little more for more advanced or specialized knowledge.

3. Tools + Examples

Look at the resources and tools that the instructors mention. Do they give concrete tips? Do they mention relevant examples? You want to make sure that the course isn't just theoretical and actually provides practical information that you can implement.

The tools and examples will act as great points of reference later when putting your education into action. Look for terms like "lifetime access" in course descriptions.

Now that you know what to look for, here are the top eCommerce courses you should try in 2024. We’ve divided them into five main categories - general, dropshipping, ads, email marketing, and customer lifetime value.

Let’s dive in.

General Ecommerce Courses

The term "eCommerce" covers many different areas that include market research, eCommerce platforms, creating online stores, and more. The following courses will help you build a foundation for your knowledge of the eCommerce realm, and give you a general overview of a variety of topics.

1. The Royal Blueprint

the royal blueprint

Course description: This course will teach you how to start an e-commerce business from scratch and eventually make six figures. The Royal Blueprint helps those new to eCommerce and current online business owners looking to improve and grow their operations, but it currently doesn't cover email marketing.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $497

2. How to create, make, and build an online eCommerce store: (Udemy)


Course description: Udemy's eCommerce store building course will show you how to create a website in WordPress in minutes and how to start selling products at no cost. It has a lot of the basics of starting an online business that you need to know like Google Analytics, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, payment gateways, and much more.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $99.99

3. eCommerce Website: Shopify, Dropshipping, Amazon, and more (Udemy)


Course description: This course is way more comprehensive than the last one. It includes strategies for how to sell on online marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and Alibaba. What you won't find here is the tactical aspects of eCommerce strategy for your site, like retargeting, Shopify apps, and the like. It’s a great course for store owners and budding Shopify experts.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $129.99

4. Introduction to Ecommerce (Alison)


Course description: Alison's eCommerce course covers eCommerce essentials and teaches you how technology impacts the online marketplace.

Difficulty: beginner

Price: free, certificates start at $11/mo

5. Digital Marketing Specialization (Coursera)

Digital marketing illinois course

Course description: This course is part of the MBA program at the University of Illinois, and is offered on Coursera (for free). This course doesn’t specifically focus on eCommerce marketing but it provides a really great overview of digital marketing analytics in eCommerce.

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate.

Price: Free to enroll

6. eCommerce Marketing Training Course (Hubspot)


Course description: Hubspot is a great platform to learn the basics of any subject. This course in particular talks about inbound marketing and how to use content to attract, engage and retain customers for your online store. It’s best for eCommerce entrepreneurs that are new to content and want to get a good handle on the type of content pieces they should publish for their target audience.

Difficulty: Beginner

Price: Free

7. eCommerce Marketing Mastery (Digital Marketer)


Course description: This course takes a deep dive into all things eCommerce, from building your online store to using email automation to drive sales. This course is best for eCommerce business owners and marketing professionals who want to master their skills and get certified in eCommerce marketing.

Difficulty: intermediate-advanced

Price: $495


Many entrepreneurs start an online store using dropshipping because of the low startup and overhead costs. Although a simple concept, running a successful dropshipping business takes work. These eCommerce dropshipping courses can help you start and scale a dropshipping operation.

8. Oberlo 101

oberlo 101 course

Course description: Oberlo's Dropshipping 101 course teaches those without experience how to start their first dropshipping store. This course is similar to any other comprehensive eCommerce course, except it has a few more modules that deal with dropshipping, fulfillment, and eCommerce logistics.

Difficulty: beginner

Price: free

9. The Product Winner Blueprint

product winner blueprint

Course description: This course is more comprehensive and practical than anything we’ve covered so far. Tristan Broughton teaches how to source best-selling products and use Facebook Ads to boost sales.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $997

10. The Dropship Club

dropship club course

Course description: The Dropship Club is more than just a course - it's an entire suite of solutions designed for people who want to own and operate an eCommerce business. It has an online community, a section for case studies, and a built-in mentorship program.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: free

11. Build an Ecommerce Dropshipping Empire From Scratch (Udemy)

Build a Dropshipping Empire From Scratch [Proven Blueprint]

Course description: Use this step-by-step system to create a successful dropshipping business with little investment upfront. This course is best for dropshipping novices on a tight budget.

Difficulty: beginner

Price: $109.99


Running a profitable online store requires knowledge of online advertising. You need to know ads inside and out and have experience with several ad platforms (Google, Facebook, Taboola, etc). Here are some of the best advertising courses for eCommerce.

12. Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click (Udemy)

Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020- Profit with Pay Per Click

Course description: This course teaches how to drive consistent traffic to a website or landing page using Google Adwords. It has virtually everything you need to know about Google ads. Isaac Rudansky is one of the top instructors on Udemy and teaches in such a crystal clear way, it’s easy to understand and filled with insights.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $129.99

13. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2021 (Udemy)


Course description: Facebook ads is another area that you need to master in eCommerce advertising. Hundreds of brands have been built on Facebook advertising. The challenge is that the platform is constantly changing and it’s hard to keep track of all the new ad types, new ad formats, and audience targeting settings. This course has everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $169.99

14. Social Media Marketing MASTERY | Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms (Udemy)


Course description: If you’re like me and want to learn everything in one class then this course is for you. It includes things like YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, and Instagram ads. It covers the best advertising strategies of each of these platforms.

Difficulty: all levels

Price: $149.99

15. Facebook Ads Training Course (Hubspot)

Facebook advertising course on Hubspot

Course description: Here’s another great course from Hubspot that focuses on Facebook advertising. This course teaches how to generate leads, how to create Facebook ad campaigns, and how to target the right audiences for your business.

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Price: Free

16. Facebook Marketing Course: How to Develop Effective Organic and Paid Strategies (Hubspot)

Facebook Marketing Course: How to Develop Effective Organic and Paid Strategies

Course description: This course helps you create a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy using organic and paid advertising strategies. It’s not super in-depth and just gives a broad overview of the best practices. So if you’re looking for something more comprehensive, then this course is not for you.

Difficulty: beginner

Price: Free

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps target potential customers and drive sales. These courses will educate you on how to effectively use email marketing for your online business.

17. eCommerce Email Marketing Course by Chase Dimond

chase dimond email course

Course description: Chase Dimond is one of the world’s leading experts on email marketing for eCommerce brands. He has grown several of his own brands and now has a stellar email marketing agency. He’s sent more than 1 billion emails and has made over $50 million in attributable revenue. This class will show you how to increase your email revenue using tips and tricks from an expert email marketer.

Difficulty: intermediate-advanced

Price: $749

18. Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

advanced email marketing course by chase dimond

Course description: Every good book needs a sequence, and the same is true about eCommerce courses. This is the advanced version of Chase’s course, in which he introduces advanced segmentation and flow creation strategies.

Difficulty: advanced

Price: $129

Customer Lifetime Value

Courses on creating customer value will teach you how to leverage advanced customer service strategies to improve your business.

19. Customer Value Optimization for eCommerce

omniconvert customer value optimization course

Course description: Omniconvert is a Shopify app that was started to help brands improve retention and actually grow in the long term. The company has seen so many brands blow up and then disappear off the scene because they didn’t know how to retain their customers.

This course has it all - email marketing, customer support, RFM segmentation, and customer experience strategies. The best part - the instructors include some of the biggest names in the digital world.

Difficulty: intermediate-advanced

Price: $749


If you are an auditory learner, then online courses are your go-to. Whether your team is struggling with making a specific marketing channel profitable or you’re not sure where you want to expand to, and you really don’t know how to drive traffic to your Shopify store, we’ve got a ton of eCommerce courses online to help you make the right decisions.

Taking online courses is a great way to invest in yourself while at the same time investing in your business. Learning a new skill or mastering the strategies of a new channel will allow you to communicate more knowledgeably with your team to improve the overall operations of your digital business.

Have courses that you like that we should add to the list? Hit that chat button and leave us a message :)