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Top 10 eCommerce Branding Agencies in 2024

Want to redesign your eCommerce brand? Need a boost in brand awareness? Here's our list of the top eCommerce branding agencies to hire in 2024.

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Updated March 11, 2024.

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Successful eCommerce is about more than just having an online store. Standing out in a crowded online marketplace requires a strong brand identity, effective marketing strategies, and a clear understanding of your target audience. But where do you start, especially when juggling inventory, website management, and customer service?

This is where top eCommerce branding agencies and brand managers come in. These specialized firms go beyond generic logos and cookie-cutter campaigns. They are your partners in crafting a unique brand identity that resonates with your customers, drives sales, and fosters brand loyalty.

Our top picks for the best eCommerce branding agencies

1. Offset Marketing - Best overall

2. Conversion Media - Best for content creation and marketing

3. Defy Creative - Best for establishing brands on marketplaces

4. Firmative Media - Best for branded video marketing

5. Omnis Digital Agency - Best for boosting user experience

6. Sensters - Best for branded email marketing

7. ThinkSocial.Media - Best for social media brand building

8. Reach Digital - Best for data-driven brand results

9. The Emms - Best for crafting visual brand assets

10. Trymus Group - Best for influencer marketing

What is an eCommerce branding agency?

These eCommerce agencies are focused on helping you elevate your brand. There are more marketing platforms than ever and brands need to work harder to convince customers to shop on their site and interact with them natively. An eCommerce branding agency can help you stand out from the crowd, look unique, and creatively display your products in a way that attracts and reaches your target consumer.

Best overall


Offset Marketing banner

Offset Marketing

Custom branding for busy business owners

Offset Marketing is a business marketing agency that offers brand identity, web design, and content marketing services.

Offset Marketing is your eCommerce branding powerhouse, tailored for both startups and seasoned sellers. They offer a holistic brand experience, from stunning websites and targeted email campaigns to compelling content marketing. Their brand identity packages include logo design and brand strategy and values development.

Suited for startups and established businesses


Website design

Email marketing

Content marketing

No social media or SMS marketing

Best for content creation and marketing


Conversion Media Website

Conversion Media

Content marketing that drives traffic

Conversion Media is a media agency that advocates personalized experiences, not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. They offer content marketing, link building, eCommerce SEO, and web design services.

Conversion Media makes it a priority to understand your industry and competitors to create data-backed content that resonates and fuels organic growth. They can assist with a variety of content, including blogs, core pages, interactive content, sales collateral, tutorials, and knowledge bases to help you get more organic traffic and achieve your growth goals.

Content creation

Content marketing


Strategy and analysis

No logo design or brand styleguide services

Best for establishing brands on marketplaces


Defy Creative banner

Defy Creative

Increase your Amazon and Walmart conversion rate

Defy Creative is a creative and performance eCommerce agency. Their main focus is building marketing assets through SEO, PPC, social media, email, SMS, CRM, and website and marketplace development.

Defy Creative has mastered the art of marketplace design and development, creating storefronts that convert and elevate your brand presence. Through strategic product listings, informative content, and data-driven optimizations, Defy Creative can help you turn browsers into buyers.

Marketplace setup & launch

Storefront & infographic design

Listing CRO

SEO & advertising

Various pricing plans for different needs

Some clients have reported a lack of responsiveness

Best for branded video marketing


a screenshot of Casa Media homepage

Casa Media

Visually encapsulate the essence of your brand

Casa Media is a creative digital marketing agency in Montreal that offers branding, web development, social media, and digital advertising services. They were founded in 2017 and have been helping eCommerce businesses and in-house teams improve advertising campaigns, increase customer engagement, better reach your target market, and unlock real growth.

Casa Media strives to turn your ideas into visual and pragmatic assets that tell your brand's story. Their video production and marketing capabilities help promote your brand's essence and your products on all relevant platforms, including your website, social media, and paid ads. What's unique about them is that they also offer SEO services - so they can create an eCommerce SEO strategy, help you improve your product descriptions, create relevant content, and grow your traffic both on search engines and online marketplaces.

Video production and marketing

Brand identity devlopment


Paid advertising

Social media management

No email or SMS marketing services

Best for boosting user experience


Omnis Digital Agency banner

Omnis Digital Agency

UX/UI design and development for brands

Omnis Digital is an eCommerce marketing services provider that helps companies and startups with business and marketing plans, branding, UX design, web and app development, conversion optimization, and other marketing solutions.

Omnis Digital crafts user-friendly, visually stunning digital experiences. Their holistic approach seamlessly integrates UX and UI, turning brand ideas into engaging products. They excel in high-end design and development, ensuring both functionality and elevated aesthetics. Their expertise in UX guarantees intuitive experiences, while meticulous UI design creates visually appealing products. They are a full-service agency and can help bring your business to the next level.

Holistic UX and UI approach

Brand strategy

Web and mobile app development

Products launches

Consulting for startups

No social media, email or SMS marketing

Best for branded email marketing


Sensters. digital marketing | paid advertising agency | company logo


Email marketing strategy development for eCommerce

Sensters is a digital marketing and creative solutions agency that offers email marketing, brand identity and positioning, and various digital marketing services.

Sensters craft bespoke email marketing campaigns that resonate across devices and work seamlessly with your website and CRM. Targeted digital marketing campaigns, A/B testing, and data-driven insights ensure your brand gets high engagement and measurable results.

Email marketing

Brand identity and positioning

Social media management

Digital ad campaigns

Graphic and motion design

No SMS marketing services

Best for social media brand building




Personalized brand social media campaigns

ThinkSocial.Media is a full-service digital agency based in Geneva, Switzerland, and London, UK, that specializes in delivering high-performing digital campaigns. They offer a range of services to help you craft the right eCommerce marketing strategies to grow your business.

By deep-diving into your business goals, this agency puts a personalized social media strategy together for your brand, designed to make maximum impact. Their expert team will produce engaging content, targeted ads, and a thriving social community. Plus, ThinkSocial.Media also offers social media training, helping you upskill in the process.

Social media management

Digital marketing audit

Ad and community management

Analysis and reporting

Social media training

No email or SMS marketing services

No brand logo, identity or styleguide development

Best for data-driven brand results


a screenshot of Reach Digital homepage

Reach Digital

Get measurable digital campaign results

Reach Digital helps DTC brands navigate the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape, through profit-driving customer acquisition. Their services include growth plans and audits, learning roadmaps, and marketing implementation across digital platforms.

Reach Digital fuels growth with data-driven results. They specialize in performance marketing and growth for eCommerce and lead generation, boasting impressive results: 162% growth for Humankind and 4.5x ROI for Goldie Locks. Their revenue-optimized tests, creative ads, and bottom-line-focused campaigns deliver.

Performance marketing

Paid advertising

A/B testing

Brand audits

Focused on the bottom line

No email marketing or brand identity services

Best for crafting visual brand assets


The Emms Website

The Emms

Expert logo design and visual identity

The Emms is a full-service eCommerce agency that delivers a vast variety of work across the marketing spectrum, from logo design and branding to website design and development, marketing campaigns, consulting, and training.

With the right visual brand assets, The Emms help SMEs weave impactful brand stories. They start with thoughtful logos and build a visual foundation that resonates with your ideal customer. Through workshops and meticulous design, they create logos, fonts, colors, and even your brand voice. Get detailed guidelines for consistency and watch your brand flourish.

Logo design and visual identity

Branding guidelines

Brand name and tagline development

Branded templates for online and printed materials

Search engine marketing

Paid advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads)

Might be unsuitable for companies bigger than SMEs

Best for influencer marketing


Trymus Group Website

Trymus Group

Building narrative-driven brands

Trymus Group is a team of digital marketing experts that do social media and influencer marketing, building narrative-driven brands through strong storytelling, community management, and compelling content. They can help you boost eCommerce growth through your social media channels to bring more qualified traffic to your eCommerce website without having to pay for advertising.

They strategically partner with relevant voices who align with your brand and make a connection with your audience. Their meticulous selection ensures authenticity and impact. They even manage relationships and collaboration, making influencer marketing seamless. They can create a custom strategy and get you started today!

Influencer marketing and management

Community and social media management

Content development

Brand development

No SMS or email marketing management

No PPC or website optimization

What do branding agencies do for eCommerce stores? 

There are four elements of an eCommerce brand that need to be developed:

  • Logo
  • Imagery
  • Typography
  • Brand identity


Branding companies develop these elements, establish the brand story, study the customer data, and try to create the most engaging customer experience.

Branding services could involve creating various design assets for a wide range of marketing channels such as social media marketing, content marketing, product packaging, and any printed materials the brand has. They could also include copywriting and creating the brand voice.

What is eCommerce branding?

Your eCommerce brand is not just your logo, brand name, and catchy tagline. It's how people perceive and talk about your business and the emotional connection that potential customers feel towards your brand. It's the impression left on people by an eCommerce company after they interact with it.

The way to develop your eCommerce branding is to start with your purpose and values. Then you develop your story, your style guide, and the various attributes of the brand. Finally, you take all of that and use graphic design and creative online marketing to make it come to life.

Why should you hire an eCommerce branding agency?

There are many benefits to hiring a creative agency to work on your branding.

Cut costs

Working with a professional branding agency or a branding freelancer on a website redesign or a brand refresh is often cheaper than having your in-house team do it. Also, a re-brand may require some animation and video marketing, and you might not have that expertise on your marketing team.

Get an outside perspective

eCommerce businesses tend to get siloed in their own little industry bubble and often need a fresh perspective. That's when a digital design agency could come in handy. They could give guidance on the various elements of the brand and help steer it in the right direction to improve conversion rates, create more memorable experiences, and improve your sales funnel in creative ways.

  • Get a competitive advantage by working with an expert
  • Improve your digital strategy with unique insights
  • Develop the right eCommerce strategy to grow your online business

One point of contact

Creative branding agencies often have one point of contact that each client communicates with. So you don't have to deal with a whole team of experts. Our eCommerce marketing agencies often have a very structured and easy way to communicate with customers.

Unlock growth for all of your marketing channels

Improving your branding has an effect on all of your marketing channels and your entire eCommerce strategy. Better-looking sites that have higher engagement with their audiences get a boost from search engines like Google.

They can also improve the conversion rate optimization of your checkout process, search engine optimization, social advertising, Amazon SEO, search advertising, and affiliate marketing campaigns you have running and all the various digital marketing strategies you may be using to acquire and convert your traffic.

  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing budget
  • Identify the right touchpoints along the marketing funnel
  • Use inbound marketing to its fullest using a broad range of winning tactics
  • Get more than just an agency partner - get a real VP of marketing on your side

Work with real experts

Work with eCommerce consultants who have experience with your specific eCommerce platform (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Adobe commerce) and have grown similar businesses in your niche.

Our vetted eCommerce marketing companies have the experience to create an effective strategy for each of your marketing efforts and use data-driven strategies to increase your organic traffic, improve the user experience, and hit your growth goals.

Find the best eCommerce branding agency on Mayple

We have a community of over 600+ eCommerce marketing agencies and freelance branding strategists. We hand-pick and vet all of them and match the right one to your business. Our community offers a wide range of digital marketing services including search marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising, content strategy, design services, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and branding campaigns.

On top of your expert, you would get a digital strategist who is a Mayple rep and is there to help find new digital channels for your business, improve your strategy, and help you hit your business goals. Schedule a call with us to learn more.