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Hire talents getting harder

More than 57 million employees, about 36% of the US workforce, are freelancers. If this trend continues, most of the US workforce will be independent by 2027!

Omer Farkash
By Omer Farkash
Ben Kazinik
Edited by Ben Kazinik

Published November 18, 2023.

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We are at an interesting point in time in history regarding the future of work. Did you know that more than 57 million employees, about 36% of the US workforce, are freelancers?

If this trend continues, most of the US workforce will be independent by 2027!

Why, you ask? Because the real talents, millennials, want to decide which clients to work with, choose their working hours, work from anywhere, etc. As a result of their abandonment, your company is less successful, less efficient and less profitable. So, if you can not beat them, roll with them. Go ahead to the future of work.

What it would look like? Marketers, for example, will start working in a distributed team - people who work in the same group but are separated by geographic location. The benefits of working in a decentralized team begin with the ability to open doors to talented people who live in different parts of the world, or who need to work from home, thereby capitalizing on global talent. In addition, it helps to retain workers over time longer - successful workers generally appreciate the lack of travel and control of working hours.

Mayple is just the thing you need to get there. It offers a solution for frustrated company owners who fail to keep those marketing talents, in their company. Mayple’s platform provides businesses with continuous optimized marketing service, fueling their growth. Companies can streamline their workflows by recruiting marketing experts who fit their niches, as well as comparing their rates and performance – all in one platform.

Mayple will match the world's top marketers with with the brands that need them the most, and will monitor the work being done, every step of the way. Mayple allows constant monitoring and optimization of marketing campaigns, as well as testing and comparing several marketers simultaneously and retaining sole possession of digital assets (even when changing marketers). As for marketers, Mayple will provide them with a complete package of services so they can concentrate solely on their work.

Omer Farkash, the co-founder and CEO of Mayple, said:

"The marketing sphere is just the beginning for Mayple. We thought it was a good place to start with because it is measurable and it’s easy to show the performance of our suppliers. In the not too distant future, the future of work will go towards decentralized teams. We are prepared for this, and we will help all the talents and companies who work with us to upgrade to the next stage and not to be left behind.

Mayple already has hundreds of customers who have picked the ones who best fit their niches. You probably have not yet heard about Mayple's customers, because it provides a solution for growing businesses with a budget of up to tens of thousands of dollars a month. This is exactly the right response to the "blue ocean" that no one is currently addressing. Among its recognized customers are: Nitsba, Homestyle, Jolt, iStore, Avatrade, Terrano System and more.