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Uncover the Hidden Truth Behind Hiring: Are Interview Pitches Enough?

Here's what hiring managers and recruiters have been missing all along. The future trends are here - AI-based matching, and industry-experience #advertorial.

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By Omer Farkash
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Updated November 20, 2023.

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The Quest for Proven Expertise

Traditional interview-based hiring still works, or is it time to prioritize talent based on demonstrated skills and rigorous vetting?

In today's fast-paced business landscape, interviews can sometimes determine hiring decisions more than skills. The pursuit of genuine expertise has evolved into a complex puzzle, requiring a revolutionary shift in talent acquisition.

Traditional Hiring Processes Are Broken


Recruiters and HR agencies acknowledge that interviews are insufficient, and a new method of hiring must be implemented. A method of vetting talents based on skills, proven results, and measurable KPIs.

Even though these requirements are clear, vetting them without the right technology is difficult.

AI & Hiring Opportunities


Elite tech companies are driven to find solutions to the traditional hiring challenge of finding professionals with proven skills. Integrating AI models with traditional hiring methods can provide a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of a candidate’s skills and abilities.

The Rise of Industry-Specific Hiring Platforms

Even though technology ensures efficiency, one technology does not fit all. Hiring a developer is not the same as hiring a marketer. Hiring talent from companies with sector-specific expertise can increase efficiency, accuracy, and economic viability.


Mayple: Using AI capabilities and industry expertise to vet marketing talent

Companies such as Mayple (for hiring marketing professionals), CloudDevs (Developers Recruiting Platform) and Prolucent (recruiting healthcare professionals) are great examples for industry-focused companies with robust HR capabilities.

Mayple, for example, has developed an AI model that uses 25 matching factors to find a marketer who meets your business goals based on their niche, budget, and size - and even their personality., on the other hand, learns your preferences for more personalized results after each review so you can surface the best candidates tailored for your specific needs.

A new era of hiring capabilities has begun.

A new generation of hiring platforms uses technology, AI and industry expertise to provide recruiters and hiring managers with a whole new set of talent acquisition capabilities. You will find the following capabilities and services in the leading platforms for hiring talent today.

  1. Talent skills proofing and evaluation
  2. Monitoring and measuring talent performance
  3. Vetting based on AI and executives screening
  4. Quick 1 on 1 Video interviews
  5. AI-based matching
  6. Automated payments

Recruiters Speak Out: Testimonials on New Platforms

Client testimonials show the impact of hiring platforms. Jack Benzaquen, Founder of Duradry praises Mayple's metric-focused approach, which led to exceptional results.

“Mayple understands the industry and vets marketers based on metrics, not by how friendly or good talking. So far, whatever Mayple gives you is above average. You can't go wrong with Mayple." - Jack Benzaquen, Founder of Duradry

According to BeatBread CEO Peter Sinclair, new AI capabilities are beneficial.

“Choosing Mayple means selecting a refined pool of elite marketers through AI-powered vetting.” - Peter Sinclair, CEO of BeatBread

Adapt or Remain Behind: Embracing the Future of Hiring

In a swiftly evolving job market, the imperative is clear: Adapt or Remain Behind. Embracing the Future of Hiring is no longer a choice but a necessity to secure top talent. Traditional methods fall short; innovative platforms like CloudDevs, Mayple and Prolucent are reshaping the recruitment landscape.

Don't lag behind—embrace the Future of Talent Acquisition now.