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Exit Intent Popups

Exit Intent Popups

Conversion rate optimization is a very powerful marketing approach that’s not used enough.

The best marketing decisions are made using data and CRO thrives on data.

Improving the conversion of your site is perhaps the most powerful way to increase your bottom line.

A/B testing

One of the fundamental ways to improve your conversions is by A/B testing your site pages and buttons. You can simply set up a heat map to record your user’s activity and then determine which areas of the site are not used, which need to be removed or made more visible.

Exit-intent technology

By Abbey Claire Dela Cruz from Poptin

The goal of any conversion rate optimization project is to keep the user engaged, at every point of the customer journey. And one of the best places to do that is right before they are about to leave your site.

Cart abandonment is very common in the world of eCommerce.

A site user might leave for any number of reasons - found a better price somewhere else, is only comparison shopping, wants to check out if there’s a deal on Amazon, or they have to go do something else.

Cart abandonment happens when visitors enter your site, browse through the pages, add items to the cart, but then leave without buying anything or leaving any contact information.

One highly effective technique to salvage some of these abandoned carts is to use exit-intent technology, which helps in converting visitors into leads or customers before they totally leave your website.

This is how it works.

Exit-intent technology tracks mouse movements and automatically detects once a visitor leaves the frame of the site. When that happens the user gets hit by an exit pop up packed with enticing content and a product promotion.

The reasons behind why exit-intent technology is an effective conversion technique are pretty simple.

1. According to Baymard Institute, 68% of eCommerce visitors leave your site without purchasing anything. Imagine the huge chunk of potential conversions that are left behind when you don't try to stop them before they leave.

2. Visitors probably exit from your page because they didn’t see anything relevant yet, but with exit pop-ups, you have a chance to offer them something more attractive and it helps them to convert.

3. An exit-intent pop up interrupts the pattern of going through the motions of browsing for products and services. When an eye-catching offer pops up from the page, it convinces the visitor to think twice and have a second look.

Here’s an example.

A robot vacuum brand called iCleblo used exit-intent popups to cut its lead costs by 50%.

Here’s how they did it.

Initially, they ran an Adwords campaign in the 2nd quarter of 2016. For a total budget of $6,600, they acquired a total of 86 leads at an average cost of $76 per lead.

However, in 2017, with the same landing page, they decided to partner with an advanced CRO platform where you can easily create your own pop-ups - Poptin.

The robot brand implemented two exit-intent pop-ups, one was a round-shaped pop-up to capture the user’s attention and another was a timer pop-up to create urgency.

Here is an example of a circular exit-intent popup:

circular popup ecommerce poptin example

And here’s a more enticing one with a timed offer:

timed offer timer popup example from poptin ecommerce business

With the same budget, they successfully acquired over 130 leads at an average lead cost of only $36.

Compare that to their $76 per lead cost with ads.

To make your exit-intent tactics a lot more effective, here are some popular exit pop up tactics to steal.

Top exit-intent pop-up strategies

Offer discounts and freebies, especially for first-time visitors.

Whether it’s for online courses, events, or items, who doesn’t want discounts, right?

Surprising your visitors with offerings they know they won’t have at any other time increases your chances of converting them into leads or customers. Most of the time, pop-ups help them decide whether to check out the page or not.

coffee popup example from poptin ecommerce business

Promote related content. If you’re a blogger, you might want to show a downloadable ebook or a link to a related post to visitors who have read an article on your site.

Upsell. By communicating with a sense of urgency through a countdown timer, you can offer discounted items that they can easily add to their carts and encourage checkout.

Ask for feedback. You can conduct a quick survey and ask them what you missed on the site. This can drive engagement and boost email leads.

There are a lot of ways to achieve better conversion rates, and exit-intent technology has been proven to be one of them.

If you want to implement your own exit-intent pop-ups, check out Poptin.

It has a wide range of advanced tools, smart triggers, targeting options, and many other features that help improve your conversions.


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