How to Find Instagram Influencers

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How to Find Instagram Influencers

The challenge that marketers and ecommerce business owners are seeing is that the ROI is not all there when it comes to influencer marketing. It’s really hard to be ROI positive in influencer marketing for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s hard to find the right influencers.
  2. It’s impossible to know how an influencer will do on their first try.
  3. It takes many tries and a big budget to test and optimize campaigns properly.

Influencer marketing is not just another hat trick that you can throw money at and get good results every time.

The big brands out there like Nike and Adidas have extensive marketing teams, spend enormous amounts of money on some very large influencer databases like Klear or Grin, and pay their influencers thousands and thousands of dollars.

So what do you do if you don’t have the budget or the team to optimize these campaigns?

Here are a few ways that you can find influencers.

5 Ways to find the right influencer

Way 1: Look at your followers

The first thing you should do is to look within your following and your connections and see if there are influencers that follow you already.

Then you should reach out to them and ask them if they would like to promote your product or service on social media.

Way 2: Conduct a manual search

Another great way to find influencers is to search for them on social media. You can search for a topic or by using a hashtag.

If you’re looking for Instagram influencers, you could use a hashtag analysis tool like Hashtagify or to find the most popular hashtags.

And then you could check out a few and find the top influencers that post using those hashtags.

Way 3: Use influencer lists

If you are looking for a quick list of influencers on a topic you should use an influencer list.

That’s the fancy way of saying - just Google it! Search for “top home decor influencers” and you will find a few really good comprehensive lists of the top influencers.

That’s a good starting point if you are looking to identify microniches in your industry.

Way 4: Use a database tool

A database tool is a marketing tool like NinjaOutreach, that simply displays the influencers for you and grants you a way to message them all.

ninjaoutreach influencer marketing tool search ecommerce guide how to find instagram influencer

This isn’t a full-blown influencer marketing tool, it won’t let you manage campaigns, see the influencer sales and ROI stats, or message them directly through the platform.

But it’s a good start.

Way 5: Use an influencer marketing tool

If you have the budget for it ($150-$1500/month), I would highly recommend using an influencer marketing tool.

Tools like Grin or Klear are built to help you manage every part of an influencer campaign.

Use these tools to do the following:

-Find the right influencers -Send out messages directly on the platform -Launch and manage campaigns -Approve pieces of content -Pay and track payments -Set up contracts and agreements

The best part is that a lot of these networks are invite-only, so you’re getting access to the top 1-5% influencers. influencer marketing database tool ecommerce guide how to find instagram influencer

Here’s a list of influencer tools you should check out:

1. Grin
2. Klear
3. BrandSnob
4. NeoReach
6. MagicLinks
7. Julius
8. HypeAuditor
9. Trend
10. CreatorIQ
11. GroupHigh
12. InfluencerDB
13. Traackr
14. Dovetail
15. Influenex
16. Upfluence

And that's just a short list, there are probably hundreds out there.

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