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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategy

We’ve talked about the top ways to find the perfect influencer for your campaign, and the steps required to set up a campaign and get it going.

Now let’s talk about some of the top influencer marketing strategies.

Remember, any influencer campaign needs to fit within your broader marketing strategy for your entire business.

Let’s dive in.

1. Run a Giveaway

Who doesn’t like winning free swag?

One of the best ways to promote your product is to run a giveaway, especially using an influencer or a group of them.

Here’s what a giveaway campaign without an influencer looks like:

birchbox instagram giveaway campaign influencer marketing strategy

And here’s a giveaway with an influencer:

influencer marketing giveaway campaigns using gleam

It’s a campaign that Cannon ran with an influencer and used Gleam, the awesome giveaway tool. As a result, they got over 47k entries which is a ton of leads.

Working with an influencer to either run the entire campaign or even just announce it is a great way to get more engagement. It makes it more personal and powerful for the audience.

2. Run a UGC Campaign

Another great way to work with influencers is by setting up a user-generated content (UGC) campaign.

UGC is content made by regular users and loyal fans of the brand but it becomes even more powerful when a brand gets a group of influencers to promote the campaign.

The influencer’s job in this case is to tell their audience to create their own content and feature the brand in it.

The brand should offer some kind of reward or recognition for the best UGC shots.

Here’s an example from Adidas, where the company launched a campaign to promote its products to a younger audience. Adidas launched the #MyNeoShoot campaign back in 2015 and got Selena Gomez to make a video about it.

Here are some more shots from the campaign:

adidas myneoshoot campaign UGC influencer marketing strategy

The results - Adidas’ sales increased by 24% while their top competitor Nike saw a drop of 9% in sales. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

It’s hard for bigger brands to isolate the data from just that one campaign, as Adidas could have had several other campaigns going on at the same time.

It should be no problem to measure the effects of an influencer marketing campaign for a smaller eCommerce brand.

This next strategy is even more extreme.

Check it out.

3. Social Media Takeover

A social media takeover is when a brand lets an influencer take over their social media account, for a limited amount of time. The influencer then creates content and posts on behalf of the brand.

It’s a really fun way to engage the audience because they don’t know what to expect.

For example, Sony Alpha gets photographers to take over their Instagram and post pictures they take with the Sony Alpha camera.

sony alpha instagram take over influencer marketing strategy
Source: Instagram

Another great example is from the influencer DJ Khaled. He was hired by the city of Las Vegas to take over their social media accounts and to travel around the city taking shots with fans.

DJ Khaled influencer social media takeover las vegas
DJ Khaled in Las Vegas

4. 10X your results by using an influencer agency

Here’s a great influencer marketing strategy that really captures some of the best practices and trends you should jump on.

Some of these influencers are hard to reach.

And you have to work with an influencer agency to contact them.

The advantage of using an agency is that they have an extensive database and the data on which influencers are right for your business and industry.

One of our favorite influencer agencies is Magiclinks.

Magiclinks is an exclusive database of around 20,000 influencers that work to promote over 5,000 brands in various industries.

They’ve worked with some of the top brands like Lululemon, HP, Everlane and more.

The advantage of working with Magiclinks is that they create and manage your influencer campaign from start to finish.

They have the data on their thousands of influencers and unlike the conventional tools out there they are exclusively focused on the ROI and not on vanity metrics. Much like what we do here at Mayple, Magiclinks picks the top influencers for your industry, with the best ROI numbers, to maximize your influencer campaigns.

So you don’t have to shoot in the dark.

These folks have made over 175K influencer videos and made more than $500M in sales for eCommerce brands.

magiclinks influencer marketing strategy agency stats
magiclinks features influencer agency marketing strategy for ecommerce brands

Here’s an example - MagicLinks worked with a company called Tatcha, which is a luxury beauty brand from Japan.

They got 5 large YouTube influencers with a 3.3 million reach to create videos in which they feature some of the brand’s products.

The videos were published during the months of October - April started strategically right before the holiday season in the US.

The results were astounding - a $3:1 ROAS, 5M+ YouTube views, 9%+ engagement rate, and Tatcha became one of the top 10 ranking skin care brands in the US.

Here’s one of the videos that they did for Tatcha:

So the advantages of using an exclusive influencer agency like Magiclinks are:

  1. They know which influencers are going to get you the ROI that you need
  2. They have the data on which campaigns are successful
  3. They only use the top influencers (they deny 95% of all the influencers that apply to the platform)

Here’s a video that they’ve done with the influencer Emily Grace for Urban Outfitters:

5. Promote your biggest fans & brand ambassadors

One of the best strategies is to promote your biggest fans.

Every business has its top customers that are the most passionate about the brand. A great way to get more engagement is to launch an influencer marketing campaign around them.

For example, Galya is one of our marketing experts here at Mayple.

When she joined our community we matched her with an awesome fitness equipment brand called Precor.

Here’s a shot of some of their products.

Precor fitness equipment brand

When she started working with them she was only in charge of their marketing campaigns in Israel only. We continued supporting her and she quickly became their Marketing Manager and in charge of 8 new markets across Europe.

This is a kind of success story that we are going to feature on our social media pages.

Our Mayple marketers are our biggest fans and we try to feature them at every opportunity.

mayple expert hailey friedman banner headshot profile pic

Here’s a post from Adam Lewis, where he shares the interview we did with him.

adam lewis mayple expert influencer marketing strategy

These are just some of the marketing strategies you could try out with your influencers.

Now, remember, don’t just pick one strategy and try it one.

Launch several influencer marketing campaigns, analyze the results of each one, and optimize as you go.

When you find that perfect strategy for your business, then you’re golden.

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