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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Here’s a great influencer marketing strategy that really captures some of the best practices and trends you should jump on.

STRATEGY: Monetize influencers more efficiently with an influencer agency

Some of these influencers are hard to reach.

And you have to work with an influencer agency to contact them.

The advantage of using an agency is that they have an extensive database and the data on which influencers are right for your business and industry.

One of our favorite influencer agencies is Magiclinks.

Magiclinks is an exclusive database of around 20,000 influencers that work to promote over 5,000 brands in various industries.

They’ve worked with some of the top brands like Lululemon, HP, Everlane and more.

The advantage of working with Magiclinks is that they create and manage your influencer campaign from start to finish.

They have the data on their thousands of influencers and unlike the conventional tools out there they are exclusively focused on the ROI and not on vanity metrics. Much like what we do here at Mayple, Magiclinks picks the top influencers for your industry, with the best ROI numbers, to maximize your influencer campaigns.

So you don’t have to shoot in the dark.

These folks have made over 175K influencer videos and made more than $500M in sales for ecommerce brands.

magiclinks influencer marketing strategy agency stats
magiclinks features influencer agency marketing strategy for ecommerce brands

Here’s an example - MagicLinks worked with a company called Tatcha, which is a luxury beauty brand from Japan.

They got 5 large YouTube influencers with a 3.3 million reach to create videos in which they feature some of the brand’s products.

The videos were published during the months of October - April started strategically right before the holiday season in the US.

The results were astounding - a $3:1 ROAS, 5M+ YouTube views, 9%+ engagement rate, and Tatcha became one of the top 10 ranking skin care brands in the US.

Here’s one of the videos that they did for Tatcha:

So the advantages of using an exclusive influencer agency like Magiclinks are:

  1. They know which influencers are going to get you the ROI that you need
  2. They have the data on which campaigns are successful
  3. They only use the top influencers (they deny 95% of all the influencers that apply to the platform)

Here’s a video that they’ve done with the influencer Emily Grace for Urban Outfitters:

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