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sms marketing best practices

sms marketing best practices

Before you send any text message campaigns, you need to have a list of subscribers.

With eCommerce, it’s easier to do than with other businesses because your customers actually want (and expect) to hear from you after the purchase.

Strategy 1: Automate customer communication with SMS

Here’s the minimum communication that customers expect to get from you:

  • An order confirmation
  • A shipping notification with a tracking number
  • A delivery notification
  • A reminder to leave a review 2-3 weeks after purchase

These are the standard touchpoints for any eCommerce store and customers love to receive these on their mobile phones, as notifications or text messages.

So you should ask for the customer’s phone number during checkout and explain what you will be using it for (the above-mentioned touchpoints).

Here’s an example of an SMS shipping confirmation from Omnisend:

omnisend sms marketing best practices shipping confirmation

Launch a referral program

Another great way to get phone numbers is by launching a referral program.

A great example is Robinhood’s referral program, where they offer their users a chance to win a free stock if they refer their friends.

robinhood referral program via sms marketing best practices text messaging ecommerce

Robinhood’s robust and enticing mobile referral program is certainly one of the reasons the company has grown to be valued at $11.2B in only 7 years after its founding in 2013.

Launch an SMS giveaway

Another great way to grow your SMS list is by running a giveaway.

You could post about it on your various social media channels, offering people to enter the giveaway by sending you a text message, or by putting in their number on your landing page.

A great example of this is a text giveaway that Chipotle launched back in 2014. The brand has seen a TON of success with SMS marketing since then, and it continues to be a successful marketing channel for them.

Chipotle text message campaign giveaway example ecommerce

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