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How to Use Klaviyo to Supercharge your Shopify Store

Here's the comprehensive guide on how to use Klaviyo to power up your Shopify store, increase email revenue, and automate your email campaigns + flows.

Rakefet Yacoby From
By Rakefet Yacoby From
Natalie Stenge
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Updated March 28, 2024.

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What do you think of when you think "email marketing for Shopify stores"? You think Klaviyo right? Klaviyo is the most popular email marketing app for eCommerce businesses. There are even hundreds of Klaviyo agencies that specialize in it and use it to help their customers.

If you're a busy eCommerce owner or freelance email marketer and want to know how to properly use Klaviyo marketing for your store then you've come to the right place. In this post, we break down what Klaviyo is, how to integrate it with your Shopify store, and which features to use to optimize your email revenue.

Let's dive in.

Why should you use Klaviyo for your Shopify store?

Klaviyo is by far the most popular email marketing platform for Shopify stores. Klaviyo serves over 70,000 eCommerce stores and has recently launched SMS marketing features that let brands send text messages to their customers.

Its Shopify integration is one of the deepest of all the apps on the Shopify store, and it has many advanced features that let stores customize and automate their email marketing campaigns.

Still considering your options? Here’s a quick Klaviyo vs. Drip comparison to help you decide on the best tool for your business.

How does Klaviyo work with Shopify?

Klaviyo syncs with your Shopify store and allows you to send email marketing campaigns to your audience based on the actions they've taken on your store.

Klaviyo allows you to send the following emails:

  • Transactional emails (shipping notification / confirmation emails)
  • Marketing emails (abandoned cart emails, retargeting campaigns, promotional campaigns)
  • Educational emails (loyalty or rewards program, content marketing)

Klaviyo also lets you segment your audience, A/B test your campaigns, email specific segments, and use their beautiful pre-built email templates.

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How to connect Klaviyo + Shopify

It's really easy to integrate Klaviyo marketing into your Shopify store. All you have to do is to go to your Klaviyo app, click on Integrations, select Shopify, and click on Add Integration. Then you will be prompted to add your store URL (ex:, configure your tracking, and select which subscribers and email metrics you'd like to sync over.


After you're done you will be brought to your Shopify store, and you just need to click Install app, and you're all done!

If you ever get an error message, then reach out to your Shopify agency or to Shopify support. They should be able to help. Need more help with the setup and the various features of the app? Head over to our step-by-step guide to Klaviyo or talk to one of our Shopify experts.

Top 5 Klaviyo features for Shopify stores

Business owners are busy people. They don't have the time to manually manage their email marketing. Klaviyo provides the easiest way to increase email revenue, improve conversion rates, retain your customers, and build an engaged community. Here are the five most useful features it offers to Shopify stores:

1. Easy segmentation

Klaviyo lets you segment your audience based on your Shopify data. So for example, you could create various segments based on your Shopify conversions, purchase frequency, the specific items bought, AOV, and which posts they've read on your blog. All of this data is stored in each customer profile and you can create these lists automatically or manually by using customer tags.


You can also use Klaviyo's Smart Sending feature that lets you send each email campaign at the optimal time for each subscriber. Klaviyo has a lot of built-in automations that let you create a lot of really useful email drip campaigns:

  • welcome series based on acquisition source
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Happy birthday messages with discounts
  • VIP emails based on AOV
  • Browse and cart abandonment based on cart value
  • Sunset flows for inactive subscribers
  • BFCM marketing campaigns to repeat customers

2. Easy templates

If you've ever used Mailchimp or another basic email tool you know what a pain in the neck it is to place your products into the email. Klaviyo lets you dynamically insert the products that each user has browsed or added to their cart with just a few clicks. So each customer will see the exact product variant they browsed in each email.


The tool has a really easy-to-use design editor that lets you drag and drop elements into each email. You don't need to mess around with complicated source code, manually upload your product images, or separately optimize each email for tablets and mobile devices. All of this is done for you.

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3. Powerful analytics

Klaviyo has a ton of pre-built reports to help you track all the important metrics.


The only thing that Klaviyo does not track is replies. It won't tell you which customers responded, so you should track that with your customer service tool.

4. SMS marketing

Shopify lets you collect phone numbers at checkout. You can use these numbers to send text message campaigns. For example, you can send automatic discount codes to customers that abandoned their cart. You can also send automatic shipping and delivery notifications to each customer. You can also send a welcome flow to your newsletter subscribers.


Pro tip: SMS provides a great way to do re-marketing at checkout. Want to learn more ways to improve your checkout experience? Check out our guide to checkout optimization.

5. Accurate omnichannel attribution

Klaviyo is a great tool to use for omnichannel marketing. It lets you know exactly how each of your campaigns, SMS messages, forms, social targeting and push notifications are performing. It lets you see the correct attribution for each and not get lost in all the data.


Klaviyo is super powerful. If you have a Shopify store you’re not already using Klaviyo you should probably drop everything you’re doing and switch to it right now. Want to learn more advanced Klaviyo strategies? Check out our interview with Chase Dimond, one of the most famous email marketing experts in the world. He has made over $100M for eCommerce brands using Klaviyo.

Need help to make sure you make the most of your Klaviyo email marketing strategy on Shopify? Contact us and hire a vetted Klaviyo expert or email marketing agency with a proven track record of success.