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5 Best Klaviyo Agencies for Email Marketing in 2024

Want to take your Klaviyo campaigns to new heights? These top Klaviyo agencies can create personalized and targeted campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated March 28, 2024.

Klaviyo agencies for email marketing

Email marketing has been around since the early days of digital advertising, and for good reason. It's a proven, flexible way to connect with people. Since emails allow you to communicate directly and personally, you can customize campaigns to boost results, and Klaviyo is particularly suited to this. Make the most of this tried and trusted email marketing platform with the help of these vetted Klaviyo agencies.

Our top picks for the best Klaviyo agencies

1. The Email Marketers - Best overall

2. Aspekt - Best for combining SMM with email marketing

3. Adventure Digital - Best for start-ups in eCommerce marketing

4. King Pixel Digital Marketing - Best for women-focused email marketing

5. HiFlyer Digital - Best for customer retention-focused email marketing

What is a Klaviyo agency?

A Klaviyo agency is a company or a team of professionals specializing in using Klaviyo, an email marketing platform, to help your business create and manage your email marketing campaigns. These agencies are well-versed in utilizing Klaviyo's features and tools to optimize email marketing strategies for their clients.

Services offered by Klaviyo agencies may include email campaign setup, email template design, automation workflows, analytics, and overall strategy development to enhance your customer engagement and drive conversions, improving your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Best overall


a screenshot of The Email Marketers website

The Email Marketers

Email marketing experts.


Custom price per project scope

Free trial

Free demo call

Standout features

Data-driven approach, Klaviyo automation expertise, creative storytelling

The Email Marketers leverages the power of email marketing to help fast-scaling eCommerce brands grow their revenue and customer lifetime value while building deep, connected relationships.

The Email Marketers believe that every brand owner deserves to have someone in their corner who cares about the success of their business just as much as they do. They are the ultimate outsourced email team catering to all of your email marketing needs.

  • Industry experience: SaaS and eCommerce
  • Track record: Over 78,000% subscriber growth in one week and 835% increase in revenue from emails for clients | Est. 2017
  • Services: Email and SMS marketing | Campaign management | Design and Copywriting

Klaviyo Gold, Privy, and Postscript partnerships

Strong track record of various client achievements

Strong focus on email and SMS marketing, which often go hand-in-hand

Limited digital marketing services may mean you need to substitute other marketing options with various agencies

Best for combining SMM with email marketing


ASPEKT ecommerce email marketing agency website homepage


Facebook Ads | X Ads | Email marketing


Custom quotes based on project scope

Free trial

Free retention initiative call

Standout features

Multi-platform Klaviyo integration, conversion optimization, reporting and insights

Aspekt helps eCommerce store owners scale exponentially by systemizing their Facebook Ads and email marketing. They're more than just an "ad agency"; they see themselves as your eCommerce growth partners and are committed to finding the best strategies for you.

They are a passionate agency focusing mainly on direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands across a broad range of industries in the eCommerce sector, with a strong track record featuring awe-inspiring achievements.

  • Industry experience: eCommerce and DTC
  • Track record: History of success with large brands like Montserrat, Mark Ingram, and more | $10+ million generated in email revenue
  • Services: Email marketing | SMS marketing

They offer a retention service for clients needing long-term, stable campaign management

Tailored pricing packages per client and per campaign

Guarantees money back on all services

Free auditing services

Strong focus on DTC may be disadvantageous to other industry types

Best for start-ups in eCommerce marketing


Adventure Digital cover image

Adventure Digital

Email marketing | Social media marketing | SEO


Project-based pricing with various packages available

Free trial

14-day free trial

Standout features

Klaviyo migration & setup, template design, ongoing campaign management

With over 13 years of experience, Adventure Digital is an agency built from the ground up to support brand needs and growth. They specialize in scaling digital advertising campaigns for acquisition, especially for start-up and key growth phase eCommerce brands.

Thanks to their extensive experience helping successful growth brands launch and prosper, they have all the tools and expertise needed to help your business grow.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 13+ years of experience
  • Services: Email marketing | SMS marketing | SEO | Meta Ads management

They're a beginning-to-end marketing firm, assisting from planning through launch and optimization

Fully transparent and comprehensive pricing plans online

Lacking information regarding a track record, though some testimonials are present online

Best for women-focused email marketing


King Pixed Digital Marketing Agency website homepage

King Pixel Digital Marketing

Email marketing | Facebook Ads | Copywriting


Hourly rates or custom packages

Free trial

No; free discovery call

Standout features

Klaviyo API integration, training & workshops, performance-based pricing

With over 20+ years of marketing experience, King Pixel brings a wealth of retail marketing expertise from global brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. Their focus is on female business owners selling to female customers. They specialize in SMS campaigns, push notifications, ESP migrations, and customer loyalty programs, with industry-leading experience in eCommerce.

They're experienced and renowned for using ingenious funnel strategies that drive more leads, resulting in higher sales achievements. They utilize shopper experience optimization, leading to a high customer retention rate.

  • Industry experience: Retail, fashion and beauty
  • Track record: 7x revenue increases within 90 days and 400%+ increases in ROAS
  • Services: Email marketing | SMS campaigns | Facebook Ads | Copywriting

They offer more than just SMS or email marketing, making them a good fit for a more expansive marketing strategy

Strong conversion-rate focus

Free training offered for social media advertising models

They mainly focus on specific industries that may not suit your target market

Best for customer retention-focused email marketing


a man holding a tablet next to a book

HiFlyer Digital

Email marketing


Custom quotes based on project scope

Free trial

Free expert email audit; free demo call

Standout features

Global Klaviyo expertise, omnichannel marketing, Klaviyo automation consulting

Specializing in building customer-centric email & CRM strategies for eCommerce brands, HiFlyer has powered millions in revenue growth for the top eCommerce brands in the world. They are a Klaviyo agency partner and specialize in email content, SMS content, list cleaning, browser abandonment campaigns, and custom strategy. They are a team of email experts that are committed to your long-term growth.

They specialize in helping eCommerce brands build better customer relationships using email, SMS, and CRM. With two billion+ emails sent and $300 million generated annually, they know their stuff.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries, including consumer products, tech, fashion and beauty
  • Track record: 300%+ revenue growth YoY
  • Services: SMS marketing | email marketing

They offer a completely automated strategy from planning and personalization to segmentation

Strong focus on cart abandonment reduction and retargeting strategies

Lacking transparent pricing or packages online, which may indicate high costs to smaller clients

What does a Klaviyo agency do?

A Klaviyo agency usually consists of email copywriters, designers, and developers who create and optimize your email marketing campaigns to grow your business. Their work could be broken down into the following:

Klaviyo setup and optimization

The first thing a Klaviyo email marketing agency would do for a new client is ensure they have their Klaviyo account set up correctly. That's the bulk of the work for Klaviyo experts.

Then comes the campaign strategy, which includes a content calendar for each email flow, setting up each email campaign, and creating email automation for each step of the customer journey.

Other aspects of a campaign strategy include:

  • Monthly custom reports on all the email campaigns
  • Monthly optimization, A/B testing, and analytics
  • Design and development of campaigns
  • Email marketing tactics (user-generated content + giveaways)
  • Detailed email strategy designed to hit your business goals
  • Marketing automation across the customer lifecycle (welcome flow, post-purchase flow)

Complimentary services may include SMS, push notifications, omnichannel marketing strategies, lead generation, and upgrading your tech stack.

Klaviyo consulting and management

Businesses with a robust email marketing strategy sometimes need a quick consultation to ensure they're optimizing and taking advantage of the platform's various features. A Klaviyo expert or agency could also recommend other changes to improve the conversion rates of your emails or website.

Conversion rate optimization is tied to how many leads you get and how big your email list is, so it greatly affects email marketing revenue. The right Klaviyo expert could also look at your customer data and recommend other marketing efforts you haven't thought of.

» Looking for a more traditional approach? Explore the best email marketing agencies.

What's a Klaviyo partner vs a Klaviyo master?

Klaviyo has a partnership program for its agency partners and individual Klaviyo specialists. Klaviyo Partner is the regular level of certification. Klaviyo Master is a higher level of certification designed for agencies and consultants that provide superior services and deliver great results on a regular basis.

Questions you may want to ask your Klaviyo agency

  • What is your revenue model? (Per project or commission.)
  • Have you helped similar eCommerce businesses in my niche grow their revenue from email marketing?
  • What other marketing channels do you specialize in (influencer marketing, search engine optimization)?
  • Does your service include a monthly campaign calendar? And how many months do you plan in advance?
  • Would you handle the email design and content creation for each email campaign?
  • What type of campaign cadence would you recommend?
  • What would your automation strategy look like?
  • How often would you send reports of your progress?
  • Who will be my main point of contact at your agency?
  • How many Klaviyo customers do you have?
  • What kind of strategy would you recommend for my business?
  • What type of email campaigns would you focus on (abandoned cart, welcome series, post-purchase flow)?
  • Which eCommerce platforms do you have experience in?

Why not work with a regular email marketing agency?

You could always work with a regular email agency, but not all email marketing agencies have the specific Klaviyo expertise you want. Working with a digital marketing agency that has experience working with this platform and companies in your niche or industry can yield much better results.

Hire a Klaviyo agency to elevate your email marketing

Partnering with a Klaviyo agency unlocks a wealth of expertise to boost your email marketing efforts, driving brand growth. With their in-depth understanding of Klaviyo's tools and strategies, these agencies can empower your business, enhance customer engagement, optimize campaigns, and drive conversions.