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7 Best B2B Email Marketing Agencies in 2024

Want to enhance your B2B email marketing in 2024? Get better results with help from these Mayple vetted B2B email marketing agencies.

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Updated April 30, 2024.

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We all know how important effective email marketing is. It's the linchpin of any successful B2B strategy. But, to thrive in this competitive arena, your business needs expert guidance and support. Here are seven best B2B email marketing agencies known for their expertise in crafting compelling campaigns, managing complex databases, and harnessing automation to drive engagement and growth.

Our top picks for the best B2B email marketing agencies

1. Pixated - Best overall

2. SnapAdvantage - Best for scaling B2B social media marketing

3. HiFlyer Digital - Best for eCommerce customer retention

4. The Email Marketers - Best for driving substantial revenue growth

5. Taken Digital - Best for data-driven email marketing

6. DIDO Agency - Best for hands-off email marketing

7. Hardy Digital - Best for experiment-driven email marketing

What is a B2B email marketing agency?

B2B (Business-to-Business) email marketing agencies are experts at creating and running email campaigns that specifically target other businesses as their main customers. They know all the ins and outs of B2B email marketing, from crafting killer emails to managing your contact lists and using smart automation to keep things running smoothly.

Essentially, a B2B email marketing agency serves as a strategic partner for businesses seeking to optimize their communication and lead generation efforts within the B2B landscape through email marketing strategies.


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website

Build sustainable and scalable growth

Pixated is a paid media and web design agency with a robust email marketing arm, taking care of everything from your audience segmentation to your automations. They provide specialist services to startups, SMEs, and brands that want to increase ROI from online channels.

Pixated goes beyond basic metrics, focusing on crucial growth indicators like Revenue Per Email and List Growth Rate. Their comprehensive approach, including automated sequences and brand-aligned campaigns, ensures that no potential revenue is overlooked and helps you turn first-time buyers into loyal customers.

  • Industry experience - Legal, finance, SaaS, accounting
  • Track record - Operating since 2018
  • Services - PPC, web design, branding, video, social media

Automated sequence builds

Ongoing KPI analysis

Creation & send management

In-house copy & creative design

No clear pricing info available


Cover image for SnapAdvantage

High performance social media marketing

Brief overview

SnapAdvantage specializes in facilitating collaboration between small B2B businesses and leading creators and influencers to craft high-performance social media marketing campaigns with measurable results.

Why we chose SnapAdvantage

Their motto is "digital marketing that brings in dollars and not just likes," and their goal is to provide scaling opportunities through social media management, email marketing, reputation management, and more. This means you'll have an email marketing agency on your side that delivers actionable results.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries, but especially social media
  • Track record - Established track record dating back to 2016
  • Services - Social media, email, and text marketing

Pros and cons

Offers a wide range of services

Increased customers' marketing ROI by 20-40x every month

Balanced AI and people approach

Data-driven campaigns

No immediate pricing options available on the website


a man holding a tablet next to a book

Transform one-time buyers into lifetime customers

Inspired by the strategies of the world's leading eCommerce brands, HiFlyer Digital employs a comprehensive approach that covers everything from precision email strategies to smart automations, meticulous campaign planning, and engaging creatives that ensure a seamless customer experience.

They put your customers at the center of your marketing efforts, crafting strategies that nurture leads across multiple channels.

  • Industry experience - Multiple industries
  • Track record - 300% revenue growth year-on-year
  • Services - Email & SMS marketing

High-converting email campaigns with visual appeal

Complete planning, segmentation, personalization, and automation

Recover abandoned cart sales with custom emails, SMS, and retargeting strategies

No clear pricing structure on website


a screenshot of The Email Marketers website

Increase revenue & loyalty

The Email Marketers works to grow your revenue and customer lifetime value while building deep, connected relationships with your customers through email marketing.

The Email Marketers has unparalleled expertise in email (and SMS) marketing. Their remote team of skilled professionals offers a unique and comprehensive approach to email services, ensuring they truly understand your brand and deliver exceptional results. Their proven track record shows they can drive substantial revenue growth for their clients and build lasting customer relationships.

  • Industry experience - Saas, eCommerce
  • Track record - Operating since 2017
  • Services - SMS marketing, design & copywriting, campaign management

Lifecycle automations

Creative design & copywriting

Campaign management

Focuses on email & SMS only, so might not be best if you're looking for extra services


Taken Digital Cover Image

Data-driven email marketing

With over 15 years of consulting and marketing experience, Taken Digital helps eCommerce stores profitably scale to 8 figures by developing email marketing strategies and implementing them successfully.

Taken Digital prioritizes data-driven decision-making over vanity metrics, and their commitment to custom solutions that address your specific needs—rather than offering pre-packaged services—sets them apart in a saturated market.

  • Industry experience - eCommerce, Shopify
  • Track record - Grow client revenues by 50%
  • Services - SMS marketing, paid ads, CRO

Data-driven approach

Customized solutions

Personalized engagement

Might be less suitable for non-Shopify stores


a screenshot of Dido Agency website

Amplify brands' connections to consumers

DIDO Agency is a done-for-you email marketing agency for eCommerce businesses everywhere. With their cross-industry experience and data-driven email marketing strategies, they help eCommerce businesses boost their total online revenue by 22% to 65%.

DIDO Agency is committed to crafting personalized and innovative email campaigns, taking a data-driven approach to help you drive an average increase of 35-55% in online sales.

  • Industry experience - Advertising & marketing, eCommerce
  • Track record - Generates $8M+ returns from email/month
  • Services - Email audit, design & copywriting, SMS marketing

Comprehensive email services from design to strategy

Customer-centric approach

Proven industry experience

May be too expensive for smaller businesses

Most affordable plan restricted to 1 campaign


Very Good
Hardy Digital Cover Image

Experiment-driven marketing

Hardy Digital is a digital growth agency that uses "experiment-driven marketing," emphasizing the importance of testing marketing strategies in the real world.

Hardy Digital's commitment to testing and data-driven decision-making means you'll get measurable results and meaningful insights. With their experienced team and diverse range of extra services, Hardy Digital can help you make a significant impact with your email marketing campaigns.

  • Industry experience - Delivery & transport, eCommerce
  • Track record - Increase clients' bottom line 10x
  • Services - Social media & influencer marketing, copywriting, CRO, web design

Experienced team

Range of extra services that support email marketing

Data-driven decisions and strategic insights

No clear pricing or detailed services info on website

Key factors that define a top-notch email marketing agency

  • Specialization—matching the business From huge event organizers to info marketers to content producers, an agency should specialize in its clients' specific industry or business type. This specialization ensures a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities. For example, Mayple uses an AI altgorithm to match business owners with experts possessing the knowledge and competence they need.
  • Proven track record An agency should have a consistent and successful case study portfolio that matches the client's business. These case studies demonstrate the agency's ability to deliver successful email marketing campaigns for businesses like yours.
  • Content-centric approach As email marketing evolves, agencies now prioritize content over technical aspects. A top agency must excel in producing high-quality, creative content, including email copy, design, and visuals, to effectively engage and convert subscribers.
  • Design excellence As the standards for email design continue to rise, a top-tier agency must deliver outstanding creative work. The emails they design should not only be visually appealing but also optimized for mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

Selecting an Email Marketing Agency FAQs

What do effective agencies rely on to inform their strategies and decision-making?

Effective agencies rely on data to inform their strategies and decision-making. They should have a strong grasp of data analytics to continuously optimize campaigns.

What should the agency provide in terms of campaign performance reporting?

The agency should provide detailed and transparent reporting on campaign performance, allowing clients to track key metrics and measure the return on investment (ROI) of their email marketing efforts.

What kind of team should a reliable agency have for various aspects of email marketing?

A reliable agency should have a team of specialists with expertise in various aspects of email marketing, including copywriting, design, automation, and data analysis. Access to a diverse skill set ensures well-rounded campaign execution.

How can agencies stay updated on the latest trends and best practices?

Agencies that invest in internal research and actively participate in industry conferences are more likely to stay updated on the latest trends and best practices, which can benefit your campaigns.

What is considered a poor deliverability rate for email campaigns?

A deliverability rate below 83% is considered poor. Ensure that the agency has a strong track record of achieving high email deliverability rates to maximize campaign reach.

What is essential for effective campaign segmentation?

Effective campaigns should be highly segmented based on audience type and interests. The agency should demonstrate proficiency in audience segmentation to deliver targeted and relevant content.

How important is automation in an agency's email marketing strategy?

Automation capabilities should be fully set up in the account and play a significant role in driving results. Aim for an agency where automation powers 40-50% of overall email-attributable sales, showcasing their expertise in leveraging this powerful tool.

What does integration with eCommerce platforms and third-party tools enable in email marketing?

Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms and third-party tools, such as CRM systems, allows you to send emails right away when users take action on a website, which is a game-changer for personalized and timely communication. Klaviyo is highly recommended in this regard.

What is essential in terms of email template customization?

The ability to customize email templates to align with your brand's style and messaging is essential. Look for services that offer user-friendly template editors.

What can you achieve with A/B testing capabilities in email marketing?

A/B testing capabilities allow you to experiment with different email elements to optimize open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Ensure the service provides easy-to-use A/B testing tools.

Why does user-friendliness matter in email marketing services?

User-friendliness matters because the ease of creating and launching campaigns, managing lists, and analyzing results can significantly impact your efficiency and productivity.

Narrowing down your B2B email marketing options

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing, having the right agency by your side can help you hone in on the best strategies for your business. If you're still unsure which B2B email marketing service will suit your business best, Mayple can help you find the right email marketing expert or B2B marketer.

Meet the experts

  • Aaron Parnes has over 16 years of marketing experience and specializes in crafting advanced marketing strategies for online stores.
  • Isaac Hyman is the founder of HiFlyer Digital and is an award-winning eCommecre email and SMS expert, known for his book, The Ultimate E-commerce Email & SMS Playbook.
  • Sandra Stepan, a seasoned digital marketing and eCommerce expert, is the founder of SnapAdvantage.

Our methodology: How we reviewed the best B2B email marketing agencies

To find the best B2B email marketing agency options, we compared several key factors including:

  • Email marketing expertise (years and scope of experience)
  • Available email marketing services (list building, ROI, etc.)
  • Additional services (social media, SMS, etc.)
  • Proven track record

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