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9 Top Pinterest Marketing Agencies in 2024

Looking to improve your Pinterest Ads? Need a better organic Pinterest strategy? Here's a list of the top eCommerce Pinterest agencies to hire this year.

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By Octavia Drexler
Ben Kazinik
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Updated April 10, 2024.

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Pinterest is not just where all the lists of healthy, New Year's resolutions-worthy food recipes live. It's a social media marketing channel with more than 482 million users, most of whom are primed to buy and scrolling on a platform that gives them ideas on what to buy next.

If you want to add an exciting channel to your online store's "kit", Pinterest is it. And hiring a Pinterest agency is one of the best ways to make sure you make the most out of your endeavor.

Here's a list of the top eCommerce Pinterest agencies to consider this year.

Our top picks for eCommerce Pinterest Agencies

1. SnapAdvantage - overall best

2. BlueTuskr - Best for growth acceleration

3. Hardy Digital - Best for full-service

4. 316 Interactive - Best for Camping and outdoor

5. PPC Boost - Best for Automotive businesses

6. Pixated - Best for Beauty eCommerce

7. Moburst - Best for mobile-first companies

8. Accelerated Growth Studio - Best for Home & garden

9. Left Coast Agency - Best for Food and drinks businesses

What is an eCommerce Pinterest agency? 

It's a type of eCommerce agency that focuses primarily on Pinterest. It's tasked with running social media marketing campaigns on Pinterest, running Pinterest Ads, setting up the Pinterest Ads Manager, and using promoted pins and rich pins to optimize organic traffic and increase revenue.

Overall best


Cover image for SnapAdvantage


Digital marketing agency

SnapAdvantage is a digital marketing agency focused on social media, email marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing.

SnapAdvantage has an amazing track record of happy clients. Sandra Stepan, the founder, previously built businesses and scaled them to $1M, so she has the hands-on entrepreneurial experience as well. For Pinterest Ads, they have experience in boosting ROAS by as much as 100% or driving 150,000 impressions on the platform, organically, in less than six months.

Excellent track record with spotless results

They offer other social media services too (influencer marketing, social media management)

They have hands-on experience in building businesses

They might not be suitable for a very technical business

Best for - Growth acceleration


BlueTuskr banner


eCommerce agency

BlueTuskr is a full-service marketing agency perfect for eCommerce businesses looking to supercharge their growth. They specialize in optimizing social media channels, running customer acquisition campaigns on multiple advertising platforms, and using creative strategies to boost your revenue.

BlueTuskr has a very impressive track record of working with eCommerce businesses in multiple industries, from beauty and makeup to products for children, electronics, fashion, and more. Their numbers speak for them: they have boosted ROAS for as much as 320 for brands in the eComm industry, and they have experience managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in budgets (at once.)

Full service agency (can handle strategy, copy, design, and more)

Excellent track record of boosting ROAS and lowering CPL

They can run campaigns targeting the US, UK, and Canada

Might not be suitable if you want to run an international campaign

Best for - Full-service


Hardy Digital Cover Image

Hardy Digital

Marketing agency

Formed by a group of passionate growth marketers, Hardy Digital is an agency that provides a lot of marketing services. They offer social media strategy, influencer marketing, email marketing, CRO, and more.

Why we chose: Hardy Digital proves, time and again, that passion is really the driver in marketing. At GenoPalate, for example, they lowered CPO by 50% and drove real, measurable growth for their client.

Very professional and dedicated

They offer multiple services, from performance marketing to creative

They might not be suitable for businesses that are already scaling

Best for - Camping and outdoor



316 Interactive

Digital marketing and media buying agency

316 Interactive is a digital marketing and media buying agency with experience in creating funnels and enhancing customer experience.

316 Interactive has a very human-centric approach to marketing. They offer full funnel services, with storytelling at the heart of what they do. At the same time, they are revenue-driven, so you can rest assured they’ll measure their impact correctly.

This agency knows how to use different digital channels to tell your story

They have a great track record of boosting ROAS and reducing CPO

They might not be a great fit for a business who is not ready to scale in a customer-centric way

Best for - Automotive businesses


PPC Boost Image

PPC Boost

eCommerce performance marketing agency

PPC Boost is a performance marketing agency focused on eCommerce businesses.

Very experienced

Can help with ads on other channels as well

They might not be suitable for someone looking for a full-service agency

Best for - Beauty eCommerce


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website


Paid media and web design agency

Pixated is a paid media and web design agency with a fantastic track record for beauty & fashion eCommerce businesses.

Pixated offers more than just Pinterest ads, and they work with more than just online shops. However, their expertise in Pinterest advertising is very impressive, having handled this type of ads for companies like Vitamasques and Ivy Sister.

Real numbers to back up their claims

Previous clients include Empress Mimi, Heinz to Home, Boden, Millionaire Beauty, and others

They can run campaigns that target the UK, US, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden

They might not be suitable for someone in a more technical industry or B2B commerce

Best for - Mobile-first companies


Moburst advertising agency homepage


Mobile marketing agency

Moburst is a digital agency with a focus on tactics for mobile marketing.

Moburst has an excellent track record of success with clients — they’ve worked with companies like Samsung, Reddit, Calm, and Uber, and drove excellent results in each case. For Calm, for example, Moburst helped the business get a 36% uptake in sales. For Uber, they drove 1,400% growth from downloads to social. And the list of success stories can go on and on.

A lot of experience in working with clients in many niches

Excellent metrics to showcase their expertise

A customized, client-focused approach

They focus on mobile marketing, so they might not be a great fit if you want to focus on desktop as well

Best for - Home & garden


Accelerated Growth Studio

Accelerated Growth Studio

Full-funnel agency

Accelerated Growth Studio takes pride in a full-funnel approach to paid media — and results speak for themselves. They are a full-funnel advertising and growth agency.

This agency has a unique take on paid media and how they use their experience to drive a full funnel. Their holistic approach to eCommerce marketing has a track record of boosting ROAS and reducing CPOs.

They have a very good focus on growth across the board

They don’t just set up ads and hope it goes well -- they are very strategic about it

They have a great track record to prove their expertise

They might not be suitable for someone who wants their organic side handled too

Best for - Food & drinks eCommerce


Left Coast Agency website homepage

Left Coast Agency

Performance marketing agency

Left Coast Digital Studio is a performance marketing agency focusing on helping startups scale.

hey have the performance marketing experience you need to drive excellent results with your Pinterest ads. But even more than that, they have industry and niche experience they’re ready to put to your advantage — so if you sell anything in the Food and drinks area, you’ll love working with Left Coast Digital Studio.

Excellent results in the past

They offer a range of services for TikTok ads, Facebook ads, and more

Very well-organized, with a process they follow for each client

They might not be suitable if you’re into more traditional social media marketing and management

What types of eCommerce businesses should use Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a unique social media platform. It is very visual, it has over 433 million active users globally, 77% of Pinterest audiences are female, and more customers (77%) go on Pinterest to discover a new brand or product, more than on any other social platform out there. That creates a unique opportunity for eCommerce brands to reach wider audiences, influence their purchase decisions, and acquire organic traffic fairly cheaply. 

The top five most popular categories on Pinterest are: 

  • Travel
  • Health & Wellness
  • DIY
  • Women's style
  • Beauty

So if your eCommerce business is in one of these categories, or even if you sell products that are related to these categories then you should definitely be on Pinterest.

Organic posts vs Pinterest ads

Organic marketing strategies on Pinterest work surprisingly well. Pinterest as a whole receives 52% of its traffic from search engines and that might be a clue to why it does so well organically. Business pages could receive millions of impressions on Pinterest without spending a dollar on an advertising campaign.

However, Pinterest Ads are really powerful as well, especially when you want to reach a specific target audience. Promoted pins actually earn $2 for every $1 spent, which is a pretty high return on investment, all things considered.

There are many different rich pin formats you could use organically - app, article, product, and recipe pins, and a wide range of Pinterest ad types including: 

  • Standard pins
  • Carousel ads
  • Video pins ads
  • Shopping pins
  • App install pins

What to look for in an eCommerce Pinterest agency

When looking for an eCommerce Pinterest agency, be sure to consider the following:

The right experience

Any digital marketing agency you work with should have experience in your niche and a proven track record of working with similar brands. It should know how to create ads for your target audience that get conversions, and how to connect your social media to your email marketing efforts (via retargeting).

The right Pinterest marketing strategies

There are many digital strategies you could try on Pinterest and the right advertising agency should be able to pick the ones that can get you closer to hitting your business goals. 

The best advertising strategies on Pinterest include:

  • Repurposing your blog post content into pins
  • Posting visual content + short videos
  • Retargeting your abandoned cart users
  • Retargeting specific segments of your referral traffic
  • Running advertising campaigns around holidays

Once you have the right strategy, it all comes down to nailing the process.

The right process

What's the process that the agency you're considering follows? Which person on the team will be your point of contact? How often do they come up with new ideas and create new campaigns? Do they have an internal design team or would you need to have your own designer on staff? 

Analytics and reporting

Last but not least, there's always optimization involved especially when you're running a social media campaign. Ask the agency how they go about analyzing their results, which KPIs they track, and how often they report to you. Also, ask which marketing tools they use and see if you already have some of them in your tech stack.

Questions to ask your eCommerce Pinterest agency before hiring them

  • How many happy clients do you have? 
  • Do you have expertise in my industry?
  • Do you have experience running advertising campaigns on Pinterest?
  • How do you go about creating a keyword strategy for our account?
  • Which business metrics do you regularly track?
  • Which other social media marketing services do you offer?
  • How will you reach our target audience and attract potential customers?
  • How would you structure our content? How many boards would you create?Would you focus on images or videos or both?
  • Should we run Pinterest Ads to hit our goals? Or can we just use Pinterest organically?
  • What are the seasonal or upcoming trends that we should jump on?
  • Can you create the video creatives yourself? Or would you need to use our in-house team?
  • What are the optimal times for posting?

We have over 600+ Pinterest marketers and agencies of all sizes and types, from the performance-based, full-service agency to the micro-agency that's focused on one channel. Looking for the right advertising agency to work with? Contact Mayple and we'll match you with the best agency for your niche - no minimums, no obligations.


How much does a Pinterest company cost?

It depends on the expertise you're looking for and the kind of tasks that you are hiring them for. With Mayple, it's a flat monthly retainer, flexible packages (no contract), and everything is super transparent. The pricing starts at $1,850/mo. 

Is Pinterest still good for marketing?

Pinterest is an excellent visual platform for a wide range of brands. You can post lots of different marketing content (both high-quality images and videos). It's one of the most popular search engines with over 2 billion monthly searches. It's a very effective channel depending on your target audience and industry.

Why hire a Pinterest agency on Mayple?

We have 1,000+ vetted experts and agencies with proven experience in your niche. We will match you with an agency that has worked with similar brands in your niche and can help you create an effective digital marketing strategy, create killer visual and video content, and use your advertising budget effectively.