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What is an Instagram Comment? +150 Sizzling Comment Ideas

An Instagram Comment is one of two ways that people engage with your content on the platform. Here are 150+ ideas to inspire you to leave spectacular comments.

Ben Kazinik
By Ben Kazinik

Updated May 5, 2024.

what is an instagram comment?

An Instagram comment is a user's response or reaction to a post on the Instagram platform, offering a way for users to engage directly with content beyond just liking it. Comments on Instagram can range from simple emojis and single-word responses to detailed feedback, questions, or conversations.

They serve as a form of social interaction and community building, allowing users to express opinions, share thoughts, and initiate dialogue with content creators and other followers.

For brands and Instagram experts, comments are a valuable metric of engagement, indicating a higher level of interest and interaction from the audience than a mere like.

How to leave an Instagram comment

Commenting on Instagram is super simple. To comment on an Instagram post do this:

  • Open the app
  • Pick an image or video you want to comment on
  • Tap the comment icon or the comment field directly.
  • Type your comment in the text field that appears
  • Hit the Enter button

On Instagram videos, you might need to tap the screen to bring up the comment section. Comments can be a way to engage with the content, share your thoughts, ask questions, or interact with other commenters.

How to edit or delete an Instagram Comment

If you’ve made a typo or changed your mind about a comment you posted, you can easily edit or delete it. Simply swipe left on your comment to reveal the delete option, and tap the Trash symbol to remove it.

To edit a comment, tap the three dots next to your post and click on Edit.

To hide an offensive or hurtful comment someone else leaves on your page, go to your Instagram profile and tap the Gear icon. Go to Settings and tap Comments.

Toggle "Hide Inappropriate Comments" off, and Instagram will automatically hide comments that contain phrases that are considered offensive. You can also add keywords in there that you don't want to see.

Strategies to encourage more Instagram comments

Engagement rate is one of the most critical KPIs on Instagram, and it takes a focused strategy. You can't just spam the world and expect authentic Instagram engagement. Here are a few ways to improve your chances of comments:

  • Post compelling content that invites feedback or opinions. This could be in the form of social proof, inspirational quotes, selfies, group photos, and other unique pieces of Instagram content.
  • Ask questions in your captions to prompt responses. Optimize your Instagram captions to include mentions of influencers or other team members, and test out giveaways and hashtags.
  • Respond to comments to foster conversation and show that you value your audience’s input. Respond with genuine comments (and messages) on popular posts in your niche.
  • Post at peak times - find out the best times to post on Instagram when your audience is online. This should increase your reach and impressions.

Remember to always follow community guidelines and never leave a hurtful or negative comment.

150 Instagram comment ideas

Running out of things to say? "That's an amazing post!" is not going to cut it. Here are some ideas that could help.

30 Ideas for commenting on a friend's outfit

  1. "Looking fabulous! Where did you get that stunning dress? 😍"
  2. "Wow, that outfit is perfect on you! 🔥"
  3. "Style icon alert! 🌟"
  4. "That outfit is a 10/10! 🔥"
  5. "Slaying as always!"
  6. "Fashion goals right there! 👌"
  7. "Absolutely stunning look! 😍"
  8. "You must be the reason for all this global warming!"
  9. "Can I borrow this outfit sometime? 😅"
  10. "You're the definition of style!"
  11. "Rocking those colors like a pro! 🌈"
  12. "That look deserves its own magazine cover."
  13. "Who needs models when I have you as a friend?"
  14. "Turning heads everywhere, I bet! 😎"
  15. "I need a shopping spree with you ASAP!"
  16. "Your style is always top-notch!"
  17. "How do you manage to look this good every day?"
  18. "Setting the bar high for fashionistas! 🙌"
  19. "Your wardrobe must be a dream!"
  20. "Looking like a snack and a half! 🍫"
  21. "Every outfit you wear is my new favorite."
  22. "You should be illegal for looking this good! 😜"
  23. "That outfit just screams confidence!"
  24. "Can we talk about how amazing you look?!"
  25. "Leaving a little sparkle wherever you go, aren’t you? ✨"
  26. "This outfit deserves its own parade!"
  27. "Making casual look chic!"
  28. "Stealing your look in 3, 2, 1…"
  29. "You and that outfit = perfect match! ❤️"
  30. "Love your vibes!"

30 Comments to hype up a friend

  1. "You’re killing it in every way! 🙌"
  2. "Is it just me, or are you getting more awesome every day? 💥"
  3. "This post just made my day better! ✨""You’re the epitome of greatness!"
  4. "Your energy is infectious!"
  5. "You da man!"
  6. "Born to stand out!"
  7. "Keep shining, the world needs your light! 🌟"
  8. "You’re a whole vibe!"
  9. "Your strength is admirable!"
  10. "Keep on slaying, queen/king!"
  11. "Brb, sending this to NASA because you’re a star! 🌟"
  12. "Your creativity blows my mind!"
  13. "Is there anything you can’t do?!"
  14. "You’re like a walking masterpiece!"
  15. "Legends are made of this kind of greatness!"
  16. "You’ve got that winning glow! 🏆"
  17. "You light up any room you walk into!"
  18. "The world’s not ready for your greatness!"
  19. "Nothing but respect for MY president!"
  20. "Leading by example!"
  21. "You're the real MVP! 🏅"
  22. "Can’t tell if this is Instagram or an epic movie with you as the lead!"
  23. "Dominating in every way!"
  24. "Your potential is limitless!"
  25. "Trailblazer alert! 🔥"
  26. "You own this space like a boss!"
  27. "You’re not a snack, you’re the whole darn meal!"
  28. "This is more than awesome, it’s awe-YOU!"
  29. "Can you be any more amazing? Seriously!"
  30. "Breaking the internet, one post at a time!"

30 Things to Comment on a Friend's Instagram Selfie

  1. "Selfie game strong! 📸"
  2. "Glowing as always! ✨"
  3. "This is why you're my favorite notification! 🚨"
  4. "Selfie king/queen alert! 👑"
  5. "How do you look this good?"
  6. "Stop, you’re making us all jealous!"
  7. "This picture just stole my heart! ❤️"
  8. "Is it legal to be this cute?"
  9. "I see the 'like' button, but where’s the 'love' button?"
  10. "Can we swap faces for a day?"
  11. "With a face like that, you’re going places!"
  12. "I’m not crying, you’re just cutting onions in my heart!"
  13. "This selfie should be framed!"
  14. "If looks could kill, you’d be a serial killer! 🔥"
  15. "You’re redefining what it means to be cool."
  16. "A whole mood right here!"
  17. "This should be illegal, it’s too good!"
  18. "Making my day brighter with your smile! ☀️"
  19. "Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at your photos, everyone else disappears!"
  20. "Alert the authorities, we’ve got a stunner here!"
  21. "Your glow is not of this world! ✨"
  22. "This selfie just hit different."
  23. "Your vibe is unmatched!"
  24. "You’re serving looks, and I’m here for all of it!"
  25. "Why isn’t this in a museum?"
  26. "Elevating the selfie game to new heights!"
  27. "Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cooler!"
  28. "Damn you looking good bro!"
  29. "Love the outfit, where did you get it?"
  30. "Loving the look!"

30 Funny Things to Comment on a Friend's Instagram Post

  1. "Did you steal this from a museum? Because it's a masterpiece! 😂"
  2. "Are we in the presence of a celebrity?"
  3. "This post is my spirit animal."
  4. "I almost scrolled past this thinking it was an ad for a high-end brand!"
  5. "You’re too cool, the sun’s gotta wear shades. 😎"
  6. "I’d double-tap this a thousand times if I could."
  7. "You’re single-handedly keeping Instagram alive!"
  8. "This post just added five years to my life."
  9. "I’m not a fan of drama but this post deserves an Oscar! 🎭"
  10. "Keep this up, and you’ll end up as an internet legend."
  11. "Excuse me, but this level of awesome is not allowed."
  12. "Warning: This post may cause extreme jealousy!"
  13. "This is the content I signed up for!"
  14. "Are you a professional meme creator or something?"
  15. "This post is more refreshing than a cold drink on a hot day!"
  16. "Why aren’t there more likes? I need to call Instagram support!"
  17. "Someone call the fire department because this post is 🔥"
  18. "Your posts are like potato chips, can’t have just one!"
  19. "If there were a ‘love’ button, I’d spam it on this post."
  20. "Thanks for making everyone else on Instagram look bad."
  21. "Your posts should come with a warning label: too much awesome!"
  22. "I don’t need coffee when I have your posts to wake me up."
  23. "If laughter is the best medicine, your posts are curing the world!"
  24. "Is it possible to frame an Instagram post? Asking for a friend."
  25. "You must be a wizard because every post is magical."
  26. "I scrolled past this, then scrolled back up to like it because it’s that good!"
  27. "This post is the comfort food of Instagram."
  28. "Stop making everyone else look bad! 😆"
  29. "Did you mean to make us all jealous? Because it’s working. 😏"
  30. "Can you teach a class on how to be this amazing? Asking for a friend. 🤣"

30 Flirty Things to Comment on a Friend's Instagram Post

  1. "Is it hot in here or is it just your post? 😍"
  2. "How do you manage to look this good every day? 🌹"
  3. "I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together. 😉"
  4. "If we were in a movie, you’d be the lead role. 😘"
  5. "Is there an airport nearby, or is it my heart taking off?"
  6. "I'm not a photographer, but we can picture us together. 📸"
  7. "Are you a time traveler? Because every moment with you seems perfect!"
  8. "If looks could kill, you’d definitely be a weapon of mass attraction!"
  9. "Was that an earthquake, or did you just rock my world?"
  10. "Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes. 🌍"
  11. "If you were a vegetable, you’d be a ‘cute-cumber.’"
  12. "You’re like a fine wine. You get better with every post."
  13. "If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up."
  14. "You’re the ping to my pong."
  15. "Seeing your post is the highlight of my day."
  16. "Not sure what’s brighter, your smile or my feelings. 💡"
  17. "This post is sizzling, or is it just you?"
  18. "You’re not just a snack; you’re a full-course meal! 🍲"
  19. "Can I tie your shoes? I don’t want you falling for anyone else."
  20. "Your cuteness is distracting."
  21. "Do you have Wi-Fi? Because I’m feeling a connection."
  22. "You must be a magician because every time I look at your posts, everyone else disappears."
  23. "Your beauty is out of this world. 🌌"
  24. "You turn my worst days into the best ones with your posts."
  25. "If you were words on a page, you’d be the fine print."
  26. "Is it hot in here, or is it just your post?"
  27. "You’re not just a star, you’re the whole galaxy."
  28. "If flirting was a sport, you’d be world champion. 🏆"
  29. "I’m not a believer, but you might just have turned me into a faithful follower of your posts."
  30. "You make my dopamine levels go all silly."

30 Funny Things to Comment on a Group Picture

  1. "Squad goals right here! 🏆"
  2. "Which one of you is causing the trouble tonight? 😄"
  3. "Looks like the next hit band’s album cover! 🎸"
  4. "Which one of you is the main character today? 😆"
  5. "This squad is better than any superhero team! 🦸‍♂️"
  6. "Friends who slay together, stay together! 💪"
  7. "Why do I hear theme music when I see this group? 🎶"
  8. "This pic is giving me major FOMO vibes! 😢"
  9. "Looking like the cast of the next hit sitcom!"
  10. "Can I get an autograph now before you all become famous? ✍️"
  11. "Not sure if this is a friendship circle or a model squad! 😍"
  12. "You guys must be the reason for global warming because this pic is hot! 🔥"
  13. "Are you a basketball team? Because you all are nailing that group shot! 🏀"
  14. "I’m getting some serious envy looking at this dream team! 😌"
  15. "This is the ‘before’ photo of when you all become legends, right?"
  16. "Who needs influencers when this group exists?"
  17. "If there’s a best group picture award, you just won it hands down! 🏆"
  18. "The vibe of this group is off the charts! 📈"
  19. "Each one of you could be a cover of a magazine. Together, you’re the whole editorial! 📸"
  20. "Serving looks, friendship goals, and squad envy all at once!"
  21. "Is this the new lineup for the coolest band in town? 🎤"
  22. "You all look like you stepped out of a magazine shoot!"
  23. "Found the people who stole all the coolness from the rest of us! 😎"
  24. "This group pic is so epic, it needs its own soundtrack."
  25. "Is it just me, or does this photo scream 'iconic'? 🌟"
  26. "I see the group, but where’s the movie deal? 🎥"
  27. "You guys are the reason we have the term ‘squad goals’."
  28. "Next time, invite me to the party so I can photobomb this perfection! 🎉"
  29. "Warning: This squad may cause extreme awe and admiration! ⚠️"
  30. "Clearly, the ‘cool kids’ aren’t just a high school myth!"

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