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69 YouTube Video Ideas You Need to Grow Your Audience in 2024

Want to grow your audience, get more views, and become a YouTube sensation? Here are all the types of videos you should make.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
Ben Kazinik
Edited by Ben Kazinik

Published April 12, 2024.


Long gone are the days when YouTube was reserved for vlogs capturing one's personal life and uploading songs you like. 

YouTube is as much a business channel as any other these days. Whether you sell tech gadgets, software, or handmade jewelry, YouTube can be a great platform to showcase your products and connect with potential customers.

The good news? There is a wide range of fresh ideas you can include in your YouTube plan.

Welcome / getting to know you videos

Even if you've had your company YouTube channel for a long time, you might still want to make some welcome/ getting to know your videos, for people who might be new to it. Here are some ideas you could use:

Make an introduction

Create a video that introduces your company, delineating your mission, vision, and what viewers can expect from your YouTube channel. You could also use this piece of content as your YouTube channel trailer, for example—a way to engage audience participation from the moment they land on your channel. 

Meet the team

Showcase your team members, highlighting their roles and sharing a bit about their personalities, to humanize your brand.

Explainer video

Focus on breaking down your products or services, simplifying complex processes or features for your target audience.

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Workplace tour video

Take your audience on a virtual tour of your workplace, showing where the magic happens and how it contributes to your product or service.

A day in the life

Follow a typical daily routine of one of your team members, giving insight into the daily operations and culture. From their morning routine to how they deal with stressful situations, this type of video can be a goldmine in terms of how it humanizes your brand. 

Company culture video

Highlight your company's culture, values, and what makes it a unique place to work, from team outings to office traditions.


Provide a peek behind the curtain, showing the work that goes into making your product or delivering your service.

Introduce friends or family

If relevant, introduce viewers to friends or family members who play a role in your business or support your entrepreneurial journey. This kind of content can make your YouTube channel. 

50 (or another number) facts about you

Share fun and interesting facts about your company or team members to engage and entertain your audience.

Draw your life/ day at work

Use a storytelling format, possibly with drawings, to share the history of your company or depict a typical day at work.

Product welcome/ highlights

Create a welcoming video for new products, showcasing their features, benefits, and how they can solve customer problems.

Educational videos

YouTube is a great resource for people who want to learn things: whether it's how to use a product or more general advice, you should definitely tap into this type of YouTube content Here are some content ideas you could use:

DIY video

A DIY (Do It Yourself) video could showcase how customers can create or accomplish tasks using the company's products or services. It's a practical way to demonstrate versatility and encourage interaction with your brand.

How-to or tutorial video

This would entail step-by-step guides on using specific products or services offered by the company. It aims to educate existing and potential customers on how to get the best out of what you offer.

Cooking video

For businesses in the food industry, a cooking video can showcase recipes using your products. It's a delicious way to engage viewers and demonstrate the value and versatility of your offerings. Similarly, you could also do an employment branding video where one of your employees or someone in leadership shows how they make a family recipe.

Product tutorial

Similar to how-to videos, product tutorials provide a deep dive into using a specific product, highlighting its features, benefits, and possible applications to solve customer problems.

Explaining a concept

Businesses can use these videos to demystify industry-related concepts, making them more accessible to the general public. This establishes your brand as a thought leader and a trustworthy source of information.

Fitness video

Companies in the health and fitness sector can create videos showing workout routines, health tips, or how to use fitness products effectively, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle among their audience.

Webinar or presentation

A recorded webinar or presentation video allows businesses to share knowledge, industry insights, or company updates with a wider audience, encouraging engagement and establishing authority in the field.

Infographic video

Infographic videos transform data and information into a visually appealing, easy-to-understand format, making complex information more digestible for the audience.

Whiteboard video

These videos use the whiteboard animation technique to explain services, concepts, or ideas. They are engaging and can simplify complex topics, making them more understandable.

Q&A video

A Q&A video addresses common questions from customers, providing direct responses from the company. This format helps in building transparency and trust with the audience.

Myth-busting videos

Companies use myth-busting videos to dispel common misconceptions about their industry, products, or services, thereby educating their audience with factual information.

Life hacks videos

Life hack videos provide tips and tricks that make everyday tasks easier using the company's products or services. They can boost viewer engagement by delivering value through practical advice.

Different cultures video

These videos explore cultural diversity, potentially showcasing how the company's products or services fit into various cultural contexts or celebrating diversity within the team. 

Eco-friendliness at work video

A video showcasing the company's efforts in sustainability and environmental conservation. It could cover initiatives, policies, or products designed with eco-friendliness in mind.

Community initiative video

This involves highlighting the company's involvement in or support for community projects, showcasing corporate social responsibility, and the impact of these initiatives.

Small business educational video

Aimed at providing small businesses or entrepreneurs with valuable information or tips related to the industry, thereby supporting business growth and development.

Job hunting video

These videos can offer advice on job hunting, spotlight career opportunities within the company, or share tips on becoming more employable in the industry.

Customer case study video

A detailed showcase of how a customer successfully used the company's product or service to solve a problem, underscoring the value and effectiveness of the offering.

Online course on how to use your product

An extensive series teaching customers everything they need to know about a product, from basic operations to advanced features, enhancing user experience.

Product or feature announcement video

A video unveiling new products or features to the audience, highlighting their benefits, uses, and the value they add to the customers' lives.

Live webinar

A live, interactive session where the company shares insights, information, or demonstrations with the audience, allowing for real-time engagement and feedback.

Employee or leadership interviews

Interviews with company employees or leaders provide a human face to the brand, sharing insights, visions, and personal stories that resonate with the audience.

Product review

If your customers have left product reviews or if you are working with influencers or individual creators to create these for you, definitely upload them on the company's YouTube channel too! They can be a goldmine for people considering your product(s) - social proof is one of the best ways to win potential customers on your side. 

Fun YouTube Videos

Even in B2B, the best companies' marketing blends a bit of fun with educational content. While not every business has the resources or creative capabilities to produce viral videos, there are still ways to inject some humor or lightheartedness into your YouTube strategy.

Comedy skits 

Skits and comedy sketches inject humor into your brand’s messaging, making your company more relatable and human to the audience. As long as it's all connected to your brand, it's perfectly fine to do a funny video, at least every now and then. 

Music videos

Music videos can creatively feature your products or company culture, offering a type of entertaining content to engage with your audience. For instance, you could have some of your team members band up to play their favorite songs (or just a popular song, for that matter.)

Gaming video

Gaming videos aren't reserved for gaming channels only - you can have a business channel and organize regular gaming sessions for your employees, as a team-building activity, for example. 

Movie reviews

Similarly, if you want to humanize your brand and make yourself more appealing to both customers and employers, you could ask your team to do movie reviews of their favorite movies. This kind of content can attract new talent, show how great your team is, and connect with your audience at a very human level. 

Prank video

Prank videos are not a type of content you see a lot on business YouTube channels -- and there's a reason for it, of course. Yet, a prank video, when done tastefully, can showcase your brand's playful side, encouraging shares and discussions among viewers. This is a perfect way to tap into April 1st, for example, as long as your video connects to your brand and audience.

Cute and/or funny baby videos

Leveraging cute and/or funny baby videos can humanize your brand and appeal emotionally to your audience, promoting shareability. This could be, for example, about the employees' babies and kids, if they agree to it.

Cute animal videos

Similar to baby videos, cute and funny animal videos can capture hearts, often going viral and attracting a broad audience. For instance, if you have a pet-friendly office, this video could be a compilation of the funny things the furry friends do at work.


Engaging in popular or brand-created challenges can boost audience interaction and participation while showcasing your products in action.

Parody video

A parody video offers a humorous take on popular culture or industry norms, demonstrating your brand's creativity and wit.


Sharing bloopers from your video shoots can humanize your brand, showing the audience the fun and authentic side of your business operations.


Creating singing or lip-syncing videos can be an entertaining way to feature your team, building a friendly brand image.

Walkthrough video

Walkthrough videos provide a step-by-step guide or tour of a product, service, or content, offering value through insight and demonstration.

Speed-run videos

In a business context, speed-run videos could showcase quick completion or efficient use of a product or service, emphasizing its ease of use.

Highlight reel

A highlight reel presents the best moments or features from your content, products, or events, summarizing your brand’s achievements engagingly.

Time-lapse video

Time-lapse videos can visually demonstrate progress or transformations related to your product or service, offering mesmerizing insights into processes.

Commentary videos

Commentary videos allow you to share expert opinions or insights on relevant topics, establishing your brand as an authority in your field.


Mashups combine elements from various videos to create new, engaging content, showcasing creativity and possibly highlighting product features.

Show your collection video

This type of video can showcase a range of products or achievements, reinforcing the variety and depth of your offerings.

Unboxing video

Unboxing videos reveal the process of opening and exploring a new product, building anticipation and excitement among potential customers.

Shopping haul video

Shopping haul videos, though more consumer-oriented, can be adapted to showcase bulk uses or purchases of your products in a business context.

What’s in my bag video

Translating this into a business context, revealing what's in an employee's bag could humanize the brand and share tips about personal productivity, skill growth, and other career-focused topics. 

What’s on my phone video

Showing the essential apps or tools on an employee's phone can provide insight into the company’s operations and share tips with the audience. 

Top videos

Top videos highlight the best products, features, or moments of your brand, summarizing value for new or potential customers in an engaging way.

Special skills videos

Showcasing special skills, whether related to your product or the talents of your employees, can entertain and inform your audience uniquely.

Employee hobby video

Featuring employee hobbies can personalize your brand, building a connection with your audience by sharing common interests.

Employee “choir” video

An employee “choir” video would be a fun and engaging way to showcase your team's spirit and togetherness, lending a voice to your brand literally.

Restoring an old product

A video about restoring an old product demonstrates the durability and long-term value of your offerings, instilling trust in your brand.

Miscellaneous video ideas

Need more YouTube channel ideas? Here are some more that you could try:

Promo video

A promo video is a commercial-style video primarily used to introduce or highlight the features of a product or service, aiming to boost sales and awareness.

Opinion video

In an opinion video, a company representative shares insights or perspectives on industry trends, products, or company values, potentially influencing viewers and establishing thought leadership.

Response video

A response video is created to address feedback, questions, or popular topics within the community, showing the company's engagement and attentiveness to its audience.

Reaction video

Reaction videos feature individuals from the company watching or responding to external content, such as industry news or user-generated content, providing a personal touch to the brand’s digital presence.

Event recap

An event recap video summarises the highlights and key moments of a company-hosted or attended event, helping share the experience with those who could not attend.

Live streaming

Live streaming allows businesses to broadcast events, Q&A sessions, or behind-the-scenes looks in real-time, enhancing viewer engagement and transparency.

Contests & sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes videos promote special campaigns where viewers can participate to win prizes, fostering community interaction and excitement around the brand.

Your YouTube, your playground

When it comes to YouTube content for businesses (B2B or B2C), you make your rules. As long as your video content is actually connected to your business and as long as it provides value and engages your audience, feel free to think outside the box and have fun with it!

Remember, YouTube is all about creativity and authenticity, so don't be afraid to experiment and see what works for your brand. Act like a content creator rather than a "business"—connect to your audience, showcase your values and your people, and build the kind of reputation people want to come back to again and again. 

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