Text Message (SMS) Marketing
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What is SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing

Text messages are a super powerful marketing channel for eCommerce businesses.

The average open rates for text messages are around 98%.

It’s predicted that 48.7 million consumers have opted in to receive SMS messages from businesses (99Firms).

Also, SMS response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates.

So text messages are super powerful for eCommerce brands.

And here’s how you create a campaign.

How do you send out SMS messages?

If you are already using email software for your eCommerce store, chances are you might have the SMS features already built-in.

For example, Klaviyo offers a full suite of SMS features.

Here’s how you go about creating a text message campaign.

Step 1 - Create the campaign

Go to your Klaviyo dashboard and create a new campaign. Name it, choose the right tags, and choose SMS.

Then click on the button that says “Create Campaign”.

create a SMS marketing campaign using Klaviyo

Step 2 - Select your recipients

Select the specific list that you want to send your text message campaign to.

Make sure that you’ve gathered their phone numbers in the checkout or through other marketing campaigns.

It could be that you have an extensive list of email subscribers, but none of them have a phone number. In that case, you would have to first collect that information and then create your SMS campaign.

list of text SMS recepients sms marketing

Step 3 - Write your text message

Here is where you would write the body of your message.

how to start a text message campaign SMS marketing

Step 4 - check the settings and send

Next, check the settings and make sure that everything looks correct.

Make sure that the tracking is right, that you’ve selected the right list (see screenshot below), and that the cost looks right.

ready to send sms text message campaign

Different providers will charge you different rates per text, so it’s a good idea to shop around if you’re not set on using a specific tool.

When everything looks right, click to schedule or send your campaign.

correct tracking settings sms text message klaviyo campaign

Now that you know how to set up your SMS marketing campaign, let’s talk about the different ways that you can grow your list of SMS subscribers.


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