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17 Best Labor Day Marketing Ideas: Delight, Promote and More

Marketing for special events like Labor Day is a great opportunity to inject some fun and meaning into your message. Check out these data-backed ideas + tips.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
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Updated December 17, 2023.

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Nothing like the last hurrah of the summer, right? As the temperature winds down and the days get shorter, Labor Day is a great opportunity for everyone to run the last round of BBQs and spend quality time with their loved ones.

...Which also means it's also a great chance for you to run a Labor Day marketing campaign. According to research, nine out of ten consumers in 2023 were expected to shop for Labor Weekend deals.

If you don't want to leave money on the table, then tap into this opportunity. Keep reading and get inspired by some of the best Labor Day marketing ideas.

The best Labor Day marketing ideas

One of the best parts about Labor Day is that it's the kind of holiday that allows you to be creative with your promotions. Here are some ideas that can help get your business noticed via email marketing campaigns and social media posts:

Labor day promotions

Promotional offers are one of the most straightforward types of marketing efforts for Labor Day. Be it discounts on your products, seasonal services, giveaways, or buy one get one free offer – this is your chance to get creative with promotions that entice buyers into making a purchase.

Examples of promotions you could plan for on Labor Day include:

  • Giving away percentage discounts on store items
  • Offering free shipping with certain purchases
  • Discounts on bundled products or services
  • Introducing exclusive Labor Day deals for loyal customers
  • Running a loyalty program for current customers

Here are some subject line examples you could use as well:

  • "Say goodbye to summer with these Labor Day savings!"
  • "Ready for your Labor Day discounts?"
  • "Labor Day deals (you don't want to miss)!"
  • "Don't miss out on our Labor Day sale!"
  • "This Labor Day, we're giving shipping costs some time off!"


If you're looking for a great way to reward loyal customers and attract new ones, consider offering giveaways such as free products or services. Doing this on Labor Day will be the perfect way to show your appreciation while also giving your customers something to look forward to.

Here are some subject line examples you could use for Labor Day marketing emails:

  • "It's time for our Labor Day giveaway!"
  • "Win big this Labor Day with our exclusive giveaway!"
  • "Your chance to celebrate with a free [product or service]!"
  • "Take a break and win something amazing this Labor Day!"
  • "Labor Day giveaway alert! Check inside for 🎁"

Labor Day-themed contests

Contests and sweepstakes are another great way to boost interest in your brand and attract more customers. Plus, they're a good idea if you don't have a very generous marketing budget too.

For example, you can send an email campaign and add a banner to your website and social channels about the Labor Day-themed contest you're running. You can even give away vouchers or gift cards as prizes to the lucky winners.

Examples of contests you could run on Labor Day include:

  • Best BBQ photo
  • Labor Day-inspired recipes
  • Most creative Labor Day story
  • Best Labor Day look

You can run these contests on social media or via email, with subject lines like:

  • "Labor Day contest alert: [prize] up for grabs!"
  • "Who's ready to win this Labor Day?"
  • "Enter now & stand a chance to win big!"
  • "Celebrate Labor Day with our fun contest!

Running a weekend-long sale

Why limit the celebration to just a day? Extend the excitement by hosting a weekend-long sale. Customers love feeling like they're getting a special deal, and this extra time will give them a chance to shop at their own pace.

Plus, a weekend-long sale can create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly and take advantage of the offer before it disappears (similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

Not sure how to entice people into clicking your Labor Weekend marketing emails? Here are some subject line ideas:

  • "Weekend-long Labor Day savings!"
  • "It's time for the biggest flash sale of the year"
  • "Extended: get extra savings this Labor Day weekend!"
  • "Bonus hours alert! [Percentage] off everything today & tomorrow!"
  • "Discounts end in at midnight on Labor Day!"

Team up with influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way to get the word out about your Labor Day promotions. Reach out to influencers in your industry or target niche and have them promote your product on their channels.

Offering special discounts to followers of an influencer has been shown to be very effective in getting people to make a purchase. And with Labor Day being the perfect occasion for discounts, there’s no better time to start reaching out to influencers.

Here are a few ideas on how to do this:

  • Offer influencers exclusive discount codes to share with their followers.
  • Create a social media contest where influencers encourage their followers to enter for a chance to win your product or service.
  • Have influencers create content around Labor Day that promotes your product or service in an organic way.

And here are some email campaign subject line ideas you could get inspiration from:

  • "Labor Day special: [influencer name] has an exclusive deal for you!"
  • "This Labor Day, [influencer name] is working side by side with you!"
  • "Time off! [influencer name] is in the house!"
  • "[influencer name] x [brand name] special for Labor Day only!"

Organize a Labor Day event

Organizing a special Labor Day event is a great way to boost interest in the holiday and tap into more (foot) traffic. Hosting an online or in-person event is a great way to get people excited about the upcoming holiday and give them something fun to do. Our favorites include:

  • Movie marathons
  • Themed cooking classes
  • Themed crafting classes
  • Labor Day trivia contest
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
  • Special podcast or webinar editions
  • Large barbecue parties (if you run a business where community plays a huge role, for example)
  • Concerts

Here are some subject lines you could include in a Labor Day event-based campaign:

  • "Join us for our Labor Day celebration!"
  • "Celebrate Labor Day with us"
  • "Get ready to party this Labor Day weekend"
  • "Make the most out of your summer with our Labor Day event"
  • "Time off. Let's get together at [location] (drinks on us)"

Summer clearance sale

Say farewell to summer by clearing out your seasonal stock. A summer sale boosts your online sales and makes way for exciting new arrivals. Your customers will appreciate the chance to snag those summer must-haves at a steal.

Depending on what your business sells, you could include the following items in your summer sale:

  • Summer clothing
  • Pool toys and accessories
  • Beach towels and sandals
  • Picnic baskets and outdoor furniture
  • Gardening tools and garden decorations
  • Barbecue equipment
  • Camping gear

For a business focusing on services or software as a service, you could offer "back to work" discounts on subscriptions and other digital products.

When running this campaign via email, here are some subject lines to inspire you:

  • "Get ready for next summer"
  • "Last chance for summer deals!"
  • "Time to say goodbye to summer - and hello to savings!"
  • "August 35th? YES please!"
  • "Who said you can't wear white after Labor Day? 30% off on all white items"
  • "Our summer sale is ON"

Fall promotions

Labor Day may not be the best time to pull out flannel shirts and pumpkin spice just yet – but why not invite your shoppers to fall coziness a bit earlier?

If you sell apparel, for example, you could start gearing up your store for the upcoming fall season by offering discounts on sweaters, boots, and other items in line with the changing weather.

Such promotions encourage customers to shop more while also getting their wardrobes ready for colder days ahead!

Some subject line ideas that could help you connect Labor Day with the beginning of Fall include:

  • "Welcome fall in style"
  • "Ready, set, fall!"
  • "Let's celebrate Labor Day and welcome fall together"
  • "Say hello to the new season. Celebrate Labor Day with us"
  • “Bring On The Chills & Thrills Of Fall!”

Partner with other businesses

Team up with complementary businesses for a joint Labor Day event. This broadens your reach and adds a fun twist to the usual shopping experience. Plus, it's a great way to improve your open rates and give your business a boost in terms of traffic.

For instance, if you sell beauty products, you could partner with a local spa to offer special Labor Day packages, including discounts on their services and products.

Examples of how you could run this campaign include:

  • Collaborate with complementary businesses and offer special discounts on different products/services.
  • Create a limited-edition product bundle featuring items from both partners.
  • Offer customers who spend over a certain amount (e.g. $50) an extra gift or discount from one of the collaborators

The subject line ideas we liked best for this type of Labor Day marketing campaign are

  • "Shop our Labor Day bundles"
  • "Unlock extra savings this Labor Day"
  • "Double the fun: celebrate with [Partner Name]"
  • "Labor Day = double the savings!"
  • “A Special Partnership For A Special Day!”

Create a Labor Day playlist

Set the mood with a Labor Day playlist featuring upbeat and nostalgic tunes. Share it with your customers as a way to infuse some extra spirit into their celebrations while subtly highlighting your products.

Here are some fun subject lines you could use for this exciting Labor Day marketing idea:

  • "Summer's in the air – play our Labor Day tunes!"
  • "Find your Labor Day groove"
  • "Say goodbye to summer with our special Labor Day playlist"
  • "Celebrate with us: summer vibes all around!"
  • “Take A Musical Break This Labour Day!”
  • "Summer's over, but the fun isn't. Here's your 2024 Labor Day music!"

Close your store for the holiday

Sometimes, less is more. Closing your physical or online store on Labor Day can create a sense of anticipation, and you can announce a surprise sale or special offer when you reopen.

Plus, it's a great opportunity to show the world you really care about your employees and that you encourage them to have time off with their families on Labor Day. The best branding speaks through actions, and nothing says you have great company culture more than giving your people time off.

Here are some subject lines you could use to let your customers know about your Labor Day schedule:

  • "Come back soon for Labor Day surprises"
  • "Our store is taking a break on Labor Day"
  • "We'll be back in time for the celebrations!"
  • “Our team is taking a break to celebrate Labour Day!”
  • “Rest your way into the holiday and we’ll see you soon!”

Promote freebies

Who doesn't love a freebie? Offer a limited-time free gift with every purchase over a certain amount. It's a small investment that can lead to big returns in customer loyalty. For instance, you could offer a free Labor Day-themed phone wallpaper or a mini-guide on how to make the most of the holiday weekend.

These subject lines could help you promote your Labor Day freebies:

  • "Get a free gift to celebrate Labor Day"
  • "Make the most of Labor Day with our special free gift!"
  • "Surprise! Get something extra on us this Labor Day"
  • “Free gifts for Labour Day – what’s not to love?”
  • “Grab your Labor Day goodie before they run out!”

Inspire your audience with customer tips

Tap into the power of user-generated content. Encourage customers to share their Labor Day tips, recipes, or traditions on social media. Highlight the best submissions and create a sense of community around your brand.

Here are some subject line ideas:

  • "Mom's best: share your Labor Day recipes with us!"
  • "Share your Labor Day traditions and inspire our community"
  • "What's cooking this Labor Day? Show us your favorite recipes!"
  • “Celebrate Labor Day with us - share your stories!”

Start your Halloween campaign

With Halloween less than eight weeks away, it might be time to start your Halloween promotions. Send out a newsletter with sneak peeks of upcoming collections and seasonal products, or launch a special Instagram series featuring spooky-themed looks and activities that usher in the fall season.

Here are some subject lines you could use to get customers excited about Halloween:

  • "Let's kick off the spooky season"
  • "Halloween is almost here! Get inspired with our new collections"
  • "Prepare for Halloween with us!"
  • “Start your hauntingly fun Halloween celebration!"
  • "Boo! Halloween deals are haunting us already"

Refer to traveling tips

If your target market is likely to travel over the Labor Day weekend, you can create content around tips for having a safe and memorable trip. This could be anything from packing advice to local attractions and great restaurants in the area.

These subject line ideas could help you promote your traveling tips:

  • "Planning a Labor Day getaway? Here's how to make the most of it"
  • "Tips for a safe and unforgettable trip"
  • "Make sure you don't miss these great attractions!"
  • “Travel responsibly this Labour Day!”
  • “Discover the world this Labor Day weekend!”

Run a post-Labor Day campaign

Keep the momentum going after the holiday. Launch a post-Labor Day campaign offering exclusive deals to those who might have missed out or want to continue the celebration. For instance, you could offer an extra 10% off on Labor Day leftovers or bonus points with every purchase.

Here are some subject lines you could use for this type of social media campaign or email flow:

  • "Labor Day's over, the deals are ON!"
  • "It's not over yet - get more savings with us!"
  • "Double the celebration: get an extra bonus on Labor Day leftovers"
  • “Say goodbye to summer with a bang!"

Create back-to-school offers

With school starting soon after Labor Day, many parents and students will be looking for back-to-school essentials. Offer special discounts on items like notebooks, stationery, or backpacks to get them in the shopping spirit.

Here are some subject lines you can use for back-to-school offers:

  • "School's in session! Get ready with our special deals"
  • "Make this school year the best one yet - shop now!"
  • "Get your school supplies before it's too late!"
  • "Is your school backpack ready? Last-minute sale on supplies!"
  • “Let’s get organized for the new school year!”
  • "Say hello to the school year with our special discounts!"

Labor Day marketing best practices

You want the resources you invest in your Labor Day marketing to be well-spent. To be successful, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

A/B test

Experimentation is key, and not just for Labor Day. A/B testing is important for most campaigns you might run, from Mother's Day emails to winback campaigns.

Test different offers, graphics, or subject lines to see what resonates best with your audience. A/B testing helps you fine-tune your approach for maximum impact. Be sure to only test one variable at a time for more accurate data.

Segment and personalize

One size doesn't fit all. Use your customer data to segment your audience and tailor your Labor Day promotions to different groups. Personalized offers show that you understand and value your customers' unique preference, it helps you increase open rates, conversion rates, and even response rates for campaigns where you need your customers' feedback.


Use enticing subject lines

People receive more than 120 emails daily, so, unless important, most of your customers are likely to just skim through their inbox. That means catchy subject lines are your ticket to a customer's inbox. Get creative, use emojis, and spark curiosity to ensure your Labor Day emails aren't lost in the shuffle.

Pro tip! Hire a professional email copywriter specialized in crafting subject lines that get people's attention and make them click.

Create a sense of urgency

Limited-time offers, and countdown timers create a sense of urgency that can nudge customers into making a purchase decision. The "fear of missing out" is a strong motivator that can be used to your advantage during the Labor Day weekend – as well as other drip marketing campaigns you may plan along the way, including, but not limited to:

Test the ideal time for your emails

There's no such thing as the "perfect time" to send campaign emails (or publish content on other marketing channels). However, you can research industry benchmarks and test things out with your own audience and see what works best for them.


Include social proof

Sending emails or SMS marketing messages to potential customers? Take care to include social proof. This could be reviews of your business, customer testimonials, or even a simple "featured by" section. Whatever type of social proof you choose to include, it will help you gain trust with your target audience – particularly among nervous buyers who may not know your business and products yet.

Labor Day, an opportunity not to be missed!

Labor Day isn't just another day off. It's a chance for your brand to shine. By mixing and matching creative ideas and marketing strategies, you can build Labor Day marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

So, roll up your sleeves, pull out your marketing calendar, and get ready to make this Labor Day your most successful one yet. Just remember: your Labor Day campaign should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan, with objectives, timeline, and budget.

Need to make sure your Labor Day marketing is on point? Hire an email marketer vetted by Mayple! The entire process only takes a couple of days and we'll make sure to match you with the best email pro in your industry and niche.

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