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The 6-Pack Guide To Father's Day Emails (+ Almost 200 Ideas)

Find out why you need to add Father's Day email marketing to your calendar, and how to do it in style. With almost 200 ideas inside, this is the ultimate guide.

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By Octavia Drexler
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Updated March 28, 2024.

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Why did Dad open the Father's Day email?

He heard it comes with great attachment!

...And likely, it was written and designed by email marketing pros who know what a powerful connection heartfelt emails can build.

If you're an email marketer and you're not tapping into Father's Day opportunities, you're likely leaving your target audience hanging. Three-quarters of Americans celebrate the holiday and planned to spend no less than $22 billion for their dads in 2023 alone.

Not sure where to start? Lost for inspiration? Keep reading and learn more about:

  • The best practices to keep in mind for your Father's Day email campaign
  • The top 30 email campaigns to stir your creativity up for this holiday
  • The 160 email subject lines to inspire you – and drive dads to click

Why send a Father's Day email campaign?

Father's Day is more than just another shallow holiday; it's an opportunity to forge personal connections with your audience (the same goes for Mother's Day emails!). Sure, you can think of Father's Day as another promotional campaign to add to your holiday marketing calendar. And with more than 72 million fathers in the United States, it would definitely offer you a very wide net to cast for your email messages.

But it's more than that. Think of Father's Day as a chance to strengthen your relationship with your customer base, showing them that you support them and understand and appreciate their unique roles in life.

Building this kind of emotional relationship with your audience can benefit you long-term. Here are a few stats to consider:

  • Research shows that 31% of all emotional marketing campaigns are successful.
  • Studies also show that the emotional side of the human brain processes information 20% faster than the cognitive one.
  • Consumers are twice as likely to share content that drives emotions.
  • 71% of customers recommend a brand based on their emotional connection to it.

How to write Father's Day emails that get attention

It isn't easy to write Father's Day emails that stand out in crowded inboxes, drive clicks, and convert readers into buyers. It isn't impossible either, especially if you keep in mind the following tips:

Incorporate emotion

Stories that touch the heart and anecdotes that resonate are the keys to a memorable Father's Day campaign. Whether it's a heartwarming memory or a relatable dad-themed joke, tapping into emotions helps your email stand out.

Help readers with gift ideas

If you run eCommerce email marketing, use your Father's Day campaign to introduce readers to a curated list of ideas from your site. This takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift and provides thoughtful and unique suggestions. Show your subscribers that you understand their needs and are there to simplify their lives during this celebratory season.

Embrace the holiday spirit

Transport your readers into the joyful atmosphere of Father's Day through your email. Use colors, imagery, and language that embody the celebratory essence of the occasion. Pictures of dads and their kids, fun imagery worthy of the celebration, and playful and humorous language all contribute to a successful Father's Day campaign.

Include a discount or offer

Sweeten the deal by offering exclusive discounts or special offers. This encourages your subscribers to partake in the Father's Day festivities and gives them a reason to purchase.

Promote a cause

If your brand aligns with a charitable cause related to fatherhood or family, use this time to shine a spotlight on it. Many customers are drawn to businesses that are committed to giving back to the community.

Include product images

No matter what dad products you may sell, including images will make your entire offer more attractive. Help your audience picture their dads (or themselves) enjoying your products to make them more enticing for your shoppers.

Pay special attention to your post-purchase emails

Your customers want to stay in touch, so make sure your post-purchase emails build on your connection to your buyers, keep them in the loop regarding their order, and answer any questions they may have.

Top 30 Father's Day email examples

We curated a collection of exceptional Father's Day emails that showcase a range of effective strategies. From heartwarming narratives to clever design concepts, these emails beautifully capture the essence of the occasion (and we're more than sure they performed very well too).

Here are some of the best Father's Day email examples:

This reminder that loving your dad is universal

A lesson on how to speak to everyone in their own language – literally!


This irresistibly quirky and funny DADimals campaign

You can't not love how creative and humorous this is!


This simple email that hits home

We're not crying, you're crying!


This minimalist, limited-edition chocolate campaign

Because nothing says "Dad" more than a tacky tie and good chocolate.


This fun and heart-warming Dadventure email

So many can relate to these colorful illustrations!


Probably one of the best Father's Day hashtags ever

And it's seamlessly embedded in an email campaign too!


This email copy that taps into FOMO so well it hurts

(Although you should definitely, absolutely, never forget about Father's Day!)


This beautiful & inclusive message from Nokia

Frankly, breaking a Nokia 3310 is easier than ignoring just how on point this email is.


This simple yet effective gift buying guide

Because Dad deserves the best, right?


This actionable email you can't resist

The idea is amazing for dads who love a good video game!


This email, inspired by dad jokes so good you can't ignore

Father's Day and dad jokes are like burgers and fries: you can technically separate them, but you'll feel like something's missing.

This witty and classy email that fits you better than your best pair of shoes

A snappy combination that goes well for a more upscale product line:


This simple, yet sentimental email from Postable

That picture says more than a million words, doesn't it?


This incredibly thoughtful approach to Father's Day

Your audience should 100% have this option.


Stylish and geeky met for this email

You don't think you could ever see something geeky that looks as classy as this email, but here we go!


This email gets straight to the point

...And doesn't miss the mark by one bit.


This pragmatic, enticing email from Google

Because when you're looking for a higher-end gift for dad, a good discount's an offer you can't refuse.


This email yells luxury from the very first pixel

You don't sell a premium product in a farmer's market, so why would you sell a high-end car in an unstylish email?


This email's exactly the message you want to see

...Especially if you're running out of time.


This sneak peek into a product your dad will love

Because personalized gifts are always a great idea!


This practical (and hunger-inducing) email

You can never go wrong with a gift card, and Hestan knows this.


This endearing header image

Dads and daughters having fun is one of the finest and most beautiful things ever.


You can never ignore a good pun

And this email's got two plus a disclaimer that allows you to opt out of Father's Day emails.


Another great dad-joke-infused email to inspire you

You really can't have enough of these, honestly!


This beautiful, inviting design (and enticing CTA)

Less can be more on Father's Day, too!


This hot email for cool Father's Day gifts

(Heatonist did it better than us, for sure!)


This email is top-shelf, for sure

Whoever said repetitions should never be used?


This email that's so Apple-like you couldn't mistake it for another brand

Simple, effective messaging will always win the day.


This engaging AllTrails offer you can't ignore

The message, the enticing imagery – they're all just perfect!


This email is an invitation for fun (and healthy!) times with dad

Plus a great offer you'll want to grab right away!


Top 160 Father's Day email subject line examples

Writing excellent subject lines that get your audience's attention is crucial. That's why we've compiled a few of our favorites to inspire you:

Gift idea subject lines:

  1. Celebrate Dad with thoughtful gift ideas
  2. Heartfelt gifts to honor your dad
  3. Dad deserves the best present in the world
  4. Not sure what to get Dad? Here's your gift guide
  5. Curated selection: thoughtful gifts for Dad's day
  6. Build lasting memories with Dad: gift ideas he'll love
  7. Thoughtfully chosen presents for a special dad
  8. This Father's Day, show Dad your love with these gifts
  9. The Ultimate Guide to Father's Day gifts has landed
  10. Personalized presents to show Dad you care
  11. Tokens of appreciation: gift ideas for Dad
  12. These Father's Day gift ideas are simply unforgettable
  13. Get Dad the gift he's been dreaming of
  14. The A to Z Father's Day Guide you need this year
  15. Make him smile: unique Father's Day presents inside
  16. Special deliveries: thoughtful presents for Dad
  17. 10 meaningful gifts you can get Dad this year
  18. Treasured moments: gift ideas for Father's Day
  19. Gifts that speak love: Celebrate Father's Day with these ideas
  20. Personalized picks: gift ideas straight from the heart

Free shipping & deal-driven subject lines:

  1. Surprise Dad: Free shipping on Father's Day gifts
  2. Ship love for free: Enjoy Father's Day shipping
  3. Your gift, our treat: Free shipping for Dad
  4. Seamless gift buying: Free shipping for Father's Day
  5. Sending love, shipping free: Gifts for Dad
  6. Delight Dad with free shipping gifts: Offers inside
  7. Ship smiles to Dad: Free shipping for you
  8. Ship love, ship free: Father's Day delivery
  9. Ring the alarms, it's free shipping for Father's Day gifts!
  10. Unlock free shipping: Celebrate Dad with gifts
  11. Special deliveries, no cost: Free Father's Day shipping
  12. Gifts for Dad, shipping's on us: Free delivery
  13. Dad-approved deals you won't deny
  14. Ship love to Dad: free shipping on gifts
  15. Ship joy, ship free: Father's Day deals
  16. This Father's Day, shipping's on us. You bring the love.
  17. Thoughtful gifts, free shipping. Happiness guaranteed!
  18. Father's Day cheers to free shipping: shop now!
  19. Send love, ship free: Easy Father's Day gifting
  20. Your gift, their smile: Free shipping now

Urgency-driven subject lines:

  1. Last chance: Father's Day offers end at midnight!
  2. Time is running out: Father's Day gifts on EXTRA discount
  3. Act now: Secure your Father's Day gifts today
  4. Final hours: Shop Father's Day presents
  5. Our special Father's Day bundle offer is almost gone
  6. Act fast: Limited time for Father's Day shopping
  7. Hurry, Father's Day approaches: get gifts now
  8. Countdown to Dad's Day. Grab these gifts now!
  9. Order now, celebrate soon: Father's Day's near
  10. Quick, shop for Dad: Last-minute rush
  11. Limited stock: Get Father's Day gifts today
  12. This Father's Day gift card is on sale
  13. Final call: Secure Father's Day presents now
  14. Rush in for Father's Day joy: Clock's ticking!
  15. Act now: Father's Day gifts ready for delivery
  16. Last-minute shopping alert: Father's Day is here!
  17. Tick-tock: Father's Day gifts need your attention
  18. Swift shopping: Father's Day countdown
  19. Quick reminder: Time's almost up for gifts
  20. Personalized gifts for the best Dad in the world

Sentimental subject lines:

  1. Show Dad how much you love him
  2. Celebrate Dad's wisdom: Sentimental picks inside
  3. Fond memories with thoughtful Father's Day gifts
  4. From heart to heart: Meaningful Father's Day gifts
  5. Celebrating him: Dad gifts for the upcoming holiday
  6. Cherish Dad's legacy: Heartfelt gifts await
  7. For the one who raised us: Gifts of love
  8. He taught you everything you know
  9. Dad's Day of Appreciation: Gifts filled with love
  10. For the childhood memories he built for you
  11. Sharing stories of love and affection: Father's Day gifts
  12. Celebrate the bond between you and Dad.
  13. We love you, Dads!
  14. For the man we look up to. Special gifts for Dad!
  15. Express gratitude for Dad: heartfelt gifts inside
  16. Here's to a lifetime of shared memories with Dad
  17. Sentimental tributes to say "I love you, Dad"
  18. Your heart deserves a gift this Father's Day
  19. Make your dad smile with warm wishes
  20. Dad, you mean the world to us: Gifts galore!

Funny subject lines

  1. 101. Dad jokes & gifts: a match made in laughter
  2. Your dad won't tell you to turn off the heating for this one
  3. This Father's Day, make dad chuckle
  4. For the King of Dad Jokes, {Name}'s Dad!
  5. Celebrate Dad's quirkiness with gifts as fun as he is
  6. The only time your dad will let you get away with puns
  7. It's p(f)unny time! Make Dad smile with this gift selection
  8. 'Tis the season to make Dad smile
  9. Knock your Dad's (old) socks off with fun Father's Day designs
  10. Get Dad gifts that make him smile
  11. Share the chuckles: Hilarious Father's Day ideas
  12. Grin-worthy gifts: Make Dad laugh out loud
  13. Dad-bod approved: Funny Father's Day surprises
  14. Put a smile on his dial: Hilarious Father's Day gifts
  15. The offers are da(d)ncing inside this email!
  16. Breaking! Don't miss this gift guide for Father's Day!
  17. Give Dad the most LOL-worthy Father's Day gift ever!
  18. It's the laughter ride your Dad deserves this Father's Day!
  19. Knock, knock! Dad's gifts are here!
  20. Five Father's Day gifts more hilarious than his jokes

Product or product category-centered Subject Lines

  1. Elevate Dad's style: Fashion essentials for Father's Day
  2. Tech-savvy Dad Delight: Gadget gifts for Father's Day
  3. For the grill master: BBQ gear for Father's Day
  4. Cheers to Dad: Beer enthusiast gifts for Father's Day
  5. Game on, Dad: Gaming gear for Father's Day
  6. Dapper Dad's Day: Grooming & style gifts await
  7. Adventure awaits: Outdoor enthusiast gifts for Dad
  8. Father's Day in the kitchen: Culinary essentials
  9. Music to his ears: Audio & entertainment for Dad
  10. Fit Dad, Happy Dad: Fitness gear for Father's Day
  11. Creativity unleashed: Artistic gifts for Father's Day
  12. Bookworm's paradise: Reading gifts for Dad
  13. Road trip ready: Travel essentials for Father's Day
  14. Home improvement hero: DIY gifts for Dad
  15. Pamper Dad: Self-care treats for Father's Day
  16. Gentleman's choice: Luxury picks for Father's Day
  17. Nautical nods: Maritime-themed gifts for Dad
  18. Get sporty: Athletic gear for Father's Day
  19. Collectibles galore: Hobbyist treasures for Dad
  20. Car enthusiast heaven: Auto accessories for Father's Day

Miscellaneous Subject Lines

  1. Celebrate all dads: Father's Day festivities await
  2. Toast to Dad: Father's Day celebrations in full swing
  3. Reflecting on fatherhood: Meaningful Father's Day moments
  4. Unveil the joy: Father's Day surprises for every dad
  5. Cheers to father figures: Memorable Father's Day gifts
  6. A day for dads: Father's Day festive vibes inside
  7. Joyful cheers: Father's Day celebrations & gifts
  8. High-value Father's Day bundles inside!
  9. Bundle pricing on all Father's Day items [ends tonight]
  10. Unwrap happiness: Father's Day festive offerings
  11. A toast to Dad: Code DAD15 and DAD20 are ON
  12. Time to celebrate: Father's Day joy unleashed
  13. Love & celebrations: Father's Day happiness galore
  14. Cheers to the men who shaped us: Father's Day festivities
  15. Special day for a special person: Father's Day's festive delights
  16. Raise a glass: Father's Day celebrations & surprises
  17. Family bonding: Father's Day festive moments await
  18. Here's your custom promotional code for Father's Day, {Name}
  19. Heartfelt cheers: Father's Day joy in abundance
  20. Celebrate with love: Father's Day's festive selections

Father's Day email best practices

If you want to improve your email marketing campaign's odds of success, keep the following best practices in mind:

Use blank spaces wisely

Avoid overwhelming your readers with an avalanche of information. Strategically employ white space to allow your content to breathe and make your email more visually appealing.

Your brand's logo is its visual signature. Incorporating it into your email reinforces brand recognition and authenticity, building trust among your subscribers.

Create engaging CTA buttons

Craft clear and compelling Call to Action buttons that incite action. Whether it's directing readers to explore gift options or directing them to claim a discount, make your CTAs enticing.

Avoid large images

Opt for optimized images that load quickly and maintain email performance. Large images can lead to slow loading times, potentially deterring readers from engaging with your content.

Stay on-brand

While embracing the holiday spirit, ensure your brand's unique identity remains intact. Consistency in branding fosters familiarity and reliability among your subscribers.

Use humor

Injecting a touch of humor can leave a lasting impression. However, ensure that your humor aligns with your brand's tone and resonates positively with your audience.

Make dads the heroes of this story

Center your narrative around fathers and father figures as regular people turned superheroes for your audience. Position them as the protagonists to underscore their importance and your brand's appreciation for their roles.

Test your emails before sending

Before you hit the send button, rigorously test your emails across different devices and platforms. This guarantees a positive customer experience for all the people in your email list, regardless of their device or email client.

Be inclusive and kind

Recognize that everyone's relationship with their father is unique. Approach your messaging with sensitivity, inclusivity, and kindness to accommodate diverse perspectives. In the same vein, consider offering your audience a Father's Day opt-out email, as it might be a very sensitive subject for some people.

Segment your audience by location

Not all countries celebrate Father's Day on the same day. Segment your audience by location to ensure you are sending appropriate messages to the right region at the right time. This is particularly important if you want to avoid confusion.

Campaigns for the unsung heroes: marketing efforts that make a difference

Putting some extra effort into your Father's Day emails is worth it. Not only will it allow you to tap into a huge market, but it will also build the kind of brand affinity every business needs. Stronger relationships with your customers will improve your conversion rate, customer lifetime value, and your over-arching marketing efforts.

Remember that, beyond anything, your Father's Day campaign should be about all the amazing roles fathers have in our lives. They should feel like a genuine celebration of fatherly figures, from A to Z.

Discounts, vouchers, super offers are enticing and might drive sales, for sure. But when you're aiming for the long-term game, remember to make sure your Father's Day emails resonate in the fullest sense of the word!

If you need someone to lend you an experienced hand, contact Mayple, and we'll match you with vetted email marketing agencies for your industry!

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