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5 Thank You Email Templates & Examples for Ecommerce

Learn how to craft the perfect thank you email using these templates + examples from some of the top eCommerce brands.

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One of the most powerful automated email campaigns is the "Thank You" email campaign. Brands use them for a variety of purposes - to welcome a new email subscriber, a new customer, a new ambassador, and to tell their brand story.

Studies show that thank you emails have 65.7% higher open rates than other emails and click-through rates of 7.5%.

Source: Moosend

Thank you emails are powerful but they need to be built for your audience. In this post, we break down what you should write in your thank you emails, and how to combine that gratitude with upselling and cross-selling to better meet your business goals.

But first, a few definitions.

What is an automated thank you email?

A "Thank You" email marketing campaign is a campaign that is triggered by a specific user action. The user could be just signing up for your email list, they could have just bought something on your site, or referred a friend to get something extra.

Thank you emails are amongst those that are most expected - along with order confirmations and transactional emails - because they're automated and triggered at the perfect points along the customer journey to establish a good relationship with your actual or potential customer.

Triggered emails such as thank you emails and automation can also streamline your functions and allow you to send a valuable message right at the moment when the user expects it. This is why email automation is one of the main functions of modern and robust email marketing platforms.

Why should you send a thank you email?

Think of the thank you email as your second interview. The customer or lead may have converted or signed up for your email list, so they liked the first impression. And now is your chance to really wow them.

Thanking someone for signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase on your eCommerce store is a very effective way to improve your conversion rate and retention rate. This small act of gratitude can show prospects how much you value them and lead them gently further down the sales funnel.

Include a discount code or a freebie in your email message that the user could redeem on their next purchase. Also, make these emails shareable so that leads and customers can share them on social media and generate traffic and referrals for your business. Make sure to create email templates that are highly personalized and relevant to the particular customer segment that you’re targeting.

But what should those entail?

Best practices to follow for your thank you emails

Here is a list of some of the top best practices to follow.

  • Use templates that are responsive. Your users should be able to view your emails on any device.
  • Use personalized and dynamic content for each user, based on their user behavior and preferences, for that personal touch.
  • Use branded content, colors, and design elements that make sense for your brand to boost the authority and the user's trust in your brand voice.
  • Always A/B test everything. What works well in a blog post may not work in an email. So make sure you test different subject lines and body copy so that your content makes sense to your audience and converts well.
  • Make sure to showcase your brand and company culture.
  • Always include 3-4 follow-up emails to that first thank you email.

5 thank you flawless email template examples

Here are some of our favorite thank you email examples.

1. Supergoop! - “Welcome to the Bright Side”


Here’s a great welcome email. It’s inviting, has a nice picture on top, and is addressed by the CEO. The header “Welcome to the Movement” makes it seem that the customer is joining a cause, and not just purchasing a product. Just look at the first line - "help change the way the world feels about sunscreen".

You can see the brand's excitement straight away. This, combined with the discount code at the end, is the perfect example of what to do to keep customers returning to your eCommerce store.

2. ProFlowers


Thanking customers for purchasing serves a double purpose. On the one hand, you showcase that you have received the order and you're about to go through with it. On the other hand, it contains a more personal note. "We'll get started right away" states that there's a dedicated team that is all set and ready to work on what the customer has requested.

It's a nice touch to what could have been a bland attempt at an order confirmation email. And check this out as well:


They add an extra discount at the bottom of the email, which is a great touch.

3. Allergy Buyers Club - product instructions

Here’s a great example of a thank you email that starts out with some instructions on how to set up and use the product.


This is not a typical "Thank You" email that aims to thank the customer for their purchase. The subject line doesn't give away everything, and for a good reason.

This email aims to solve any potential problem that could arise by giving the customer all of the details about setting up the product. They also post their customer service contact info - their phone number and email - to show that they go the extra mile for their customers, and add a nice non-intrusive upsell.


4. Allbirds - “thank ewe”


Allbirds is one of our favorite brands, no surprise there. What we like about this email is how clean it is, the title is super creative and quirky, and there is a gif of a dancing sheep. What else would you want in a thank you email?

5. Mack Weldon - "You Already Started Earning."

Here’s an example of a thank you email for a loyalty program.


Loyalty programs are a great way to improve retention and lower your customer acquisition costs with an influx of referral leads.

Encourage your audience to refer their friends and loved ones through word-of-mouth and turn them into ambassadors, you'll create a better customer experience for your brand. You can also incentivize the process and allow them to boost their earnings or give them a special discount code every time one of their referrals makes a purchase.

The Takeaway

Thank you emails are a fantastic way to open a dialogue with your customer. Depending on where they are in the sales cycle, you can thank them for signing up, thank them for making a purchase, or thank them for taking part in your referral program or survey.

Being thankful that your audience is growing, expanding, and engaging with your brand is something that all eCommerce brands should do. Combine that with some kind of offer, upsell, and helpful valuable information about the product and automate it in a sequence.

Once you do that, then you can be everywhere for every customer, meeting them with personalized content and helping them move forward with your marketing funnel.


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